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Vatican: "safe" sex immoral.

Vatican City. In a new 60-page handbook on sex education compiled by the Pontifical Council for the Family, the Catholic Church re-iterates its age-long moral teaching on the immorality of sex before marriage, abortion, contraception and masturbation (a grave disorder, characteristic of immaturity). On homosexuality, it reiterates the Church's blanket ban, saying it is "against the law of nature." (Globe, Dec. 21, 1995)

The 60-page booklet now in Italian, will also appear in other languages. Address: Pontifical Council for the Family, 16 Piazza S. Calisto, Vatican City, 00120, Europe.

The (Montreal) Catholic Times, Sept. 1995, reports that La Salle Catholic high school was the first English Catholic School in the Montreal area to host a safe-sex demonstration sponsored by the Farha Foundation (Le Ruban en Route, Ribbon on the Road). The 75-minute presentation, held June 7, included instruction on the correct use of a condom.

The Times editorial of the same edition, written by Dr. Richard Haber, a permanent deacon, recognized that the presentation was unsatisfactory ("in danger of overlooking the moral question"), but then endorsed "safe-sex" as a second best solution (to abstinence).
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Date:Jan 1, 1996
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