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Vasanthapiriya's death was caused by hanging, forensic specialist tells court.

The Coroner's Court was told that the death of M. Vasanthapiriya, the Form Two student accused of stealing a teacher's smartphone, was due to suicidal hanging.

The matter was informed by Penang Hospital Forensic Specialist Dr P. Chandroth Navin at the inquest proceedings today.

Dr Chandroth, 35, who is the 11th witness of the inquest proceedings to investigate the cause of death of the student also said there was a parchmented ligature abrasion mark around the neck.

He said the mark was seen at the anterior part of the neck which then appeared to move posteriorly towards the sides of the neck in an upward direction to behind the ears.

'The visible mark around the neck measures 22cm with a width of 1cm,' he said.

Dr Candroth also added that there was also an abrasion at the centre of the chest, a linear abrasion at the upper aspect of the right chest and abrasion at the posterior aspect of the left and right side of the chest.

He said an internal examination conducted on the girl's skull showed no evidence of a fracture.

'However, the right first, third, fourth and fifth anterior ribs and the left first to third anterior ribs were fractured,' he said.

Hearing before coroner Norsalha Hamzah continues on July 27.

Vasanthapiriya died at the Seberang Jaya Hospital Intensive Care Unit at 3.35am on February 1.

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Publication:Malay Mail Online (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia)
Date:Jul 20, 2018
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