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Various ways to well-being.

At this year's Vitafoods, Frutarom will showcase a wide range of ingredients, each of which addresses one of the latest health trends, be it anti-ageing, bone health or even cognition. Amongst them are wild green oat extract, Neuravena, the soy isoflavone ingredient, SoyLife, and BroccoRaphanin, a natural extract derived from broccoli that shows remarkable detoxification effects. For anti-ageing, BroccoRaphanin, one of Frutarom's SelectLine, is a broccoli concentrate containing standardized glucoraphanin. This phytochemical is considered to provide a potent protective effect; it has been shown to promote cellular health, acting as an antioxidant, and has anti-inflammatory properties. BroccoRaphanin plays a role in body detoxification and immune protection by stimulating the body's natural defences. It is suitable for tablet and capsule applications.


SoyLife comprises soy isoflavones derived from soy germ. In contrast to soy products based on soy molasses, SoyLife contains a relatively high amount of daidzein. Out of the three soy isoflavones, daidzein has been shown to be most effective in osteoporosis prevention. Recent study results will be available at the Frutarom stand. The wild green oat extract, Neuravena (EFLA 955), has been shown to influence brain activity and to support learning and stress coping abilities. With the bioactivity-tested extract, Frutarom offers food supplement manufacturers and functional food products a patented and science-based health ingredient. New study results will also be available at the stand. The discovery that LinumLife improves skin appearance has already elicited a response from the industry--several new LinumLife- containing products, targeting skin beauty, are now successfully on the market. To find out more about these ingredients and other "trend categories," visit Stand 125 and

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