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Variosystems, Switzerland, Acquires Manufacturing and Distribution Rights for The Universal Walkway Tester.

STEINACH, Switzerland -- Variosystems, AG, Switzerland announced that they have acquired exclusive manufacturing and distribution rights for the Universal Walkway Tester (UWT) for the North American market. Originally developed by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), the UWT is a fully robotic walkway testing device used by manufacturers of floor coverings, floor maintenance products, and the insurance industry and has quickly become the best selling walkway testing device in the U.S. Prior to the acquisition, the UWT was manufactured for the NFSI by Elcon GmbH. Russell J. Kendzior, founder and executive director of the NFSI, states, "This new acquisition will be a big plus for the safety industry and in turn help us on focusing on our mission of slip-and-fall accident prevention via education, training, and research." The UWT is the only device currently recognized by the NFSI and serves as the basis for the NFSI's "High-Traction" walkway standards.

Variosystems is a Switzerland-based electronics manufacturer serving such customers as Siemens, Daimler Benz, and Honeywell. The company employs over 500 people in their European, Asian and U.S. facilities.

This acquisition comes shortly after several recently released studies, including that by 3M Worldwide which demonstrated nearly identical results to the current industry standard James Machine. However, unlike the James Machine, the UWT is portable, therefore allowing for on-site or "real-world" testing of walkways making it an ideal auditing tool for property owners and insurers.

Variosystems has chosen to work with a partner company solely dedicated to servicing, distributing and supporting the Universal Walkway Tester in the United States. This newly created company has been established under the name "Universal Walkway Testing, LP" (UWTLP) and is based in Southlake (Dallas), Texas. UWTLP's General Manager, Larry Gallant, anticipates a Feb. 2005 launch of the American made UWT.

"Variosystems" is a world-class engineering and manufacturing organization which has earned an international reputation for manufacturing products to world class standards. The UWT is a unique testing instrument that they believe will be playing a major role in the insurance and legal industries to which slip-and-fall lawsuits continue to be a problem.

To learn more about Universal Walkway Testing L.P., call Larry Gallant at 817-673-9372 or visit For information about the National Floor Safety Institute, call Russell Kendzior at: 817-749-1700 (office) or 817-368-1909 (cell) or visit
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Date:Nov 15, 2004
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