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Articles from Variety (September 25, 2006)

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'Betty' discovers America. Lowry, Brian Television program review 670
'Grease' is still the word. Horowitz, Lisa D. Brief article 111
'Queen' scribe treated like a king. Dawtrey, Adam 606
'Wicked's' ways to keep flying. Cox, Gordon Brief article 166
10 Items or Less. Koehler, Robert Movie review 849
1984. Bows, Bob Theater review 576
A Crime. Nesselson, Lisa Movie review 551
A Star and Two Coffees. Scheib, Ronnie Movie review 528
AFI launches Dallas event. Speier, Michael; McClintock, Pamela Brief article 180
Amazing Grace. Cockrell, Eddie Movie review 781
Arrivederci Silvio, ciao Santoro. Vivarelli, Nick 322
Away from Her. Harvey, Dennis Movie review 688
B'way realtors pass up plays: tuners grab all the houses. Stasio, Marilyn 1318
B.O. dips; 'Wicked' $1.3m. 822
Backstage drama: new management, mandate goose Galicia pubcaster. 776
Barnes steps to Irish gig. Fricker, Karen 327
BBC Entertainment to bow in Asia. Clarke, Steve Brief article 127
Belle Toujours. Young, Deborah Movie review 644
Biz draws map for the future: local filmmakers find solutions for growing pains in co-prods, toons and tyros. Hopewell, John; Rilla, Maria Alvarez 787
Biz up, 'Drowsy' 913g. Statistical table 1559
Blame It on Fidel. Nesselson, Lisa Movie review 650
Box office report. D'Alessandro, Anthony Statistical table 1891
Brits swooning over Moonves: CBS boss boosts broadcasters by predicting bright future for networks. Clarke, Steve 664
Can't stop the musicals: investors pony up to pay the piper despite $10 million-plus budgets. Cox, Gordon 758
Crix' picks. Table 307
Czech fests stand in for art distribs. Paletz, Gabriel M. 580
Digital players push demand. De Pablos, Emiliano 731
Disney retools its 'School'. Hofler, Robert 425
El Cantante. Koehler, Robert Movie review 895
Empress of India. Fricker, Karen Movie review 845
Face off for Viacom? Goldsmith, Jill Brief article 182
Feast. Harvey, Dennis Movie review 685
Fisherman's Daughter. Scheib, Ronnie Movie review 549
Flyboys. McCarthy, Todd Movie review 1122
Fragments of Antonin. Scheib, Ronnie Movie review 551
Frears' master class given auteur tribute. Grey, Tobias 487
French DVDs fall. Brief article 166
Gardens in Autumn. Nesselson, Lisa Movie review 324
Gaul warms to its winter pix. James, Alison 605
Gerard Brach. Nesselson, Lisa Obituary 294
H'w'd growing weary of slob story. Bart, Peter 464
Haute auteurs walk the beach: fest nabs names in bid to restore lineup's luster. Holland, Jonathan; Hopewell, John 990
Have You Another Apple? Young, Deborah Movie review 364
Heroes. Lowry, Brian Movie review 603
How Arnold got the Dems: liberals jumping ship to Republican Governator. Snyder, Gabriel 447
Hunting for 'Hunter': Irwin's a tough act to follow at Animal Planet. Boland, Michaela In memoriam 445
I Don't Want to Sleep Alone. Weissberg, Jay Movie review 639
I Remember. Harvey, Dennis Movie review 288
Indie distribs adapt to the future. De Pablos, Emiliano 903
Italy opening propels 'Pirates' back to top. Mohr, Ian Statistical table 3042
Jackass Number Two. Leydon, Joe Movie review 722
Japan high on local pix. Schilling, Mark Brief article 128
King Lear. Oxman, Steven Theater review 785
Lake of Fire. Felperin, Leslie Movie review 724
Lebanese shake off mortar fire at Beirut fest. Jaafar, Ali Brief article 286
Maestros mano-a-mano in a retuned 'Amadeus'. Benedict, David Theater review 909
Media coin drifting to right. Triplett, William; Learmonth, Michael 589
Media locals think global. Hopewell, John 355
Mickey Hargitay. Obituary 289
MP3 stores download new tune. Fritz, Ben 389
Mr. Pilipenko and His Submarine. Cockrell, Eddie Movie review 313
My Best Friend. Koehler, Robert Movie review 639
N. Korean festival draws int'l crowd. Elley, Derek 705
NBC spins the wheel with 'Deal': net hinges ratings recovery on gameshow. Schneider, Michael; Adalian, Josef 1184
Nielsen ratings report. Statistical table 2239
Nykvist was master of light. McCarthy, Todd In memoriam 653
Oz TV fete gets a shot of H'wood. Chai, Paul Brief article 133
Paprika. Felperin, Leslie Movie review 560
Patients required. Lowry, Brian Movie review 523
Pix in the pipeline. Hopewell, John; Mayorga, Emilio 1261
Pleasant Moments. Cockrell, Eddie Movie review 411
Presenters turn into major drama queens. Hofler, Robert 725
Primetime players start dialing for dollars. Martin, Denise; Adalian, Josef 750
Private Property. Weissberg, Jay Movie review 633
Queens for a day. Higgins, Bill Brief article 214
Race, religion and resistance. Lowry, Brian 712
Reviews on the web. Table 224
Risk aversion: Madison Ave. placing added value on values. Dempsey, John 820
Robert Earl Jones. Brief article 287
Round House boosts rep. Harris, Paul 585
School for Scoundrels. Koehler, Robert Movie review 789
Scribes back tough talk. McNary, Dave Brief article 229
Seaworthy 'Guardian' goes back to basics. Leydon, Joe Movie review 815
Seraphim Falls. McCarthy, Todd Movie review 889
Sisters. Blankenship, Mark Theater review 536
Snow in the Wind. Cockrell, Eddie Movie review 414
Son of Man. Fisher, Mark Movie review 712
Spain sails for new world: pic, TV exports on the rise, but producers need to up prod'n ante. Hopewell, John; Mayorga, Emilio 957
Spain, 'Scotland' on display. Hernandez, Martha; Hemaratanatorn, Olivia Brief article 141
Spaniards love their local 'Betty'. Hopewell, John; De Pablos, Emiliano 414
Suddenly, next summer: can road uptick be just around the corner? Jones, Chris 1054
Summer and Smoke. Rooney, David Theater review 919
Tenpercenteries on 'Treasure' hunt. LaPorte, Nicole Brief article 162
Thai leader loses media ties in U.S. Frater, Patrick 332
The Alchemist. Benedict, David Theater review 844
The Banquet. Elley, Derek Movie review 850
The Dog Problem. Cockrell, Eddie Movie review 494
The Greatest Love in the World. Scheib, Ronnie Movie review 535
The Island. Young, Deborah Movie review 705
The Last Winter. Harvey, Dennis Movie review 704
The lay of the broadcast land. Hopewell, John; de Pablos, Emiliano 567
The Lost Echo. Boland, Michaela Theater review 651
The Night of the Sunflowers. Holland, Jonathan Movie review 610
The show must go on ... and on and on and on: Broadway's marathon musicals rake in bucks as they struggle to stay fresh. Rooney, David 1699
Theophilus North. Blankenship, Mark Theater review 721
Toon town faces hard cel: local animators set strategy for international play. Hopewell, John; Rilla, Maria Alvarez 647
Tribs' checkered past. Snyder, Gabriel Brief article 290
Tuners try to save sizzle: stunt casting, Web sales and marketing gambits help stretch shows' legs. Cox, Gordon 1189
U.S. shows fly flag in France. James, Alison 517
Upstart aspirations: a year after its bow, Zurich models itself after Sundance. Grey, Tobias 989
Upstarts goose b'cast landscape. Hopewell, John; De Pablos, Emiliano 780
Vitus. Cockrell, Eddie Movie review 513
Waiting game puts break on fast tours: time is on their side as shows look to build the brand. Jones, Chris 650
Warners rethinks game plan: after tough summer, studio fine-tunes marketing strategy. McClintock, Pamela 1196
Woman on the Beach. McCarthy, Todd Movie review 850
WWW, What a Wonderful World. Weissberg, Jay Movie review 545
Yippee: A Journey to Jewish Joy. Harvey, Dennis Movie review 259

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