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Articles from Variety (January 30, 2006)

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'Annapolis' wears a familiar uniform. Lowry, Brian Movie Review 745
'Country' hospitality. Boland, Michaela Brief Article 159
'Lion' roars to five-week winning streak. McNary, Dave 886
'Shooting Dogs' has its day. Dawtrey, Adam 676
'Walk' ambles to $100 million. Brief Article 228
Ace of clubs. Bart, Peter Brief Article 135
Al-Qaida chief kickstarts 'State'. Zeitchik, Steven Brief Article 149
Alpha Dog. Chang, Justin Movie Review 982
And 'Baby' makes glee. Clarke, Steve Brief Article 203
Apartment 3A. Blankenship, Mark Theater Review 716
Art School Confidential. Rooney, David Movie Review 898
B.O. down; 'Edna' 510g. 612
BBC4 draws big names. Clarke, Steve Brief Article 213
Berlin chases Cannes and AFM. Meza, Ed; Barraclough, Leo Brief Article 335
Big deals portend big power shifts. Bart, Peter 491
Big Momma's House 2. Lowry, Brian Movie Review 764
Big Mommas in the house. Higgins, Bill Brief Article 167
Biz beckons beyond home horizons. Hofmann, Katja 641
Biz cools; 'Game' 383g. 2164
Box office report. D'Alessandro, Anthony Illustration 2001
Buyers raise acquisition ante. Mohr, Ian; McClintock, Pamela 692
Buzz pic rated 'H'--for hype. Mohr, Ian Brief Article 222
Cablers take the field. Meza, Ed 385
CNBC gives Germany's 'Sabine' a global gig. Kirschbaum, Erik 536
Crix' picks. Feiwell, Jill Illustration 411
CW deal floors confab's little guys. Guider, Elizabeth 476
Denver remounts new play plan. Bows, Bob 571
Don Stewart. Brief Article 174
Emerging nation still taking small steps. Boland, Michaela 378
Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room. Biggs, Cheryl Video Recording Review 110
Exhibs' Chinese puzzle: foreign orgs want ownership in huge biz. Frater, Patrick 1180
Fantasy TV series drive studio expansions. Jazmines, Tessa 418
Franciosa was forceful thesp. Obituary 481
Friends With Money. McCarthy, Todd Movie Review 819
From rushes, with love: studios push to attract foreign film shoots. Birchenough, Tom 459
Funnyhouse of a Negro. Blankenship, Mark Theater Review 648
Gonna pour now ... Cochrane, Brian Brief Article 129
H'wood tunes up Broadway's B.O.: defying old axiom, legit gets boost from films. Cox, Gordon 1091
Half Nelson. Harvey, Dennis Movie Review 681
Hitting the right mark: Gotham duo moves in on L.A. venues. Oxman, Steven 547
Homeland. Fricker, Karen Theater Review 645
Horror pics score a couple of hot dates. McNary, Dave Brief Article 152
Hot on the market. 3325
Industry pros to note: top filmmakers from across the Steppes. Birchenough, Tom 508
International box office. D'Alessandro, Anthony Illustration 2500
Jesus Hates Me. Bows, Bob Theater Review 699
Johnny Bienstock. Brief Article 289
Jones gives voice to outsider experience. Rooney, David Theater Review 1014
Knock! Skinner, Quinton Theater Review 458
Korean B.O. tops Germany's. Paquet, Darcy Brief Article 201
Koreans cut pic quotas. Paquet, Darcy Brief Article 309
Kudos contenders lead niche pix. 309
Learning to crawl: newsies piling on text boxes. Learmonth, Michael Brief Article 259
Letters From Lehrer. Ouzounian, Richard 558
Local boom fuels new international focus. Paquet, Darcy 517
Long view on a short. McClintock, Pamela Brief Article 135
Lovely Day. Stasio, Marilyn Theater Review 757
Major Bang Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Dirty Bomb. Stasio, Marilyn Theater Review 780
Men at Arms. Felperin, Leslie Movie Review 297
New post facilities add to slow thaw. Shen, Ada 402
Nicholas was tap dance superstar. Obituary 353
Nielsen ratings report. Illustration 1921
Nuptials chill hot netlet race. Kissell, Rick 592
Overdue for a toon-up: Pixar to steer new route for Disney animation. Fritz, Ben Brief Article 248
Oz looks for a few laffs. Boland, Michaela 329
PBS ponders podcast: digital plan offers added revenue stream. Zeitchik, Steven 632
Penn starred in 'Reservoir Dogs,' 'At Close Range'. Brief Article 157
Pics: tune deaf? LaPorte, Nicole 974
Pix pass local loyalty test: Russian film industry is buoyant after record B.O. grosses. Birchenough, Tom 1208
Pressure cooks for 'Dreamgirls' to goose musical pic genre. Rooney, David 828
Productions appear robust, but industry remains fragile. Boland, Michaela 726
Rebus. Morgan, Terry Video Recording Review 169
Record attendance for Arctic fest. Weissberg, Jay Brief Article 269
Records smashed as market unveils its new home. Meza, Ed 724
Roving Mars. Scheib, Ronnie Movie Review 595
Russia at a glance. Birchenough, Tom 427
Safety. Blankenship, Mark Theater Review 491
Sellers spy upturn: leading sales reps say biz set to boom at EFM. Hofmann, Katja 648
Shop of Dreams. Felperin, Leslie Movie Review 325
Shotgun wedding for print, TV. Lowry, Brian 763
Something New. Lowry, Brian Movie Review 841
Speedy grants could make more pix a reality. Drinnan, John 457
Springtime for Hitler? Teutons warm to 'Producers'. Hoffman, Katja 350
Stealth club: exec heads roll and net is born in hush-hush buddy huddles. Adalian, Josef 2512
Steel City. Rooney, David Movie Review 623
Stephanie Daley. Foundas, Scott Movie Review 845
Studio plays home to LaBute fest. Harris, Paul Brief Article 247
Sundance '06: the big chill: far from its roots, chaotic fest offers little elbow room, too few pix to savor. McCarthy, Todd 1033
Sundance card fills up. 196
Taiwan waits for watchdog. Wu, Nelson Brief Article 259
Teaming with ironies. Cohen, David S. Brief Article 150
The Aristocrats. Brass, Kevin Video Recording Review 241
The buddy system: local connections key to successful shoots as regions boost facilities. Coonan, Clifford 526
The Escapologist. Fisher, Mark Theater Review 658
The Illusionist. McCarthy, Todd Movie Review 917
The Pink Panther Classic Cartoon Collection. Lewis, Dave Video Recording Review 135
The Science of Sleep. McCarthy, Todd Movie Review 769
The Trials of Darryl Hunt. Chang, Justin Movie Review 666
They exchanged vows: now what? New team tries to figure out logistics of the CW network. Schneider, Michael 1433
This merger's a mouthful. Cox, Gordon Brief Article 109
Tim Burton's Corpse Bride. Blankenship, Mark Video Recording Review 117
Touched by the Unknown. Felperin, Leslie Movie Review 551
TV auds love foreign flavors. Schreiber, Dominic 628
TV tuner trills tweens. Martin, Denise Brief Article 133
Underworld: Evolution. Leydon, Joe Movie Review 738
Unique locales remain largely untapped. Iyer, Shilpa Bharatan Brief Article 297
Walt's vision redrawn? Bart, Peter Brief Article 107
Waters churning. Triplett, William Brief Article 170
Wide Awake. Anderson, John Movie Review 436
Wild and woolly shoot 'em up set. Debruge, Peter Buyers Guide 537
Will biz's Berrys get plucked? Fritz, Ben Brief Article 170
Winning look at losers. Rooney, David Movie Review 848
Wordplay. Chang, Justin Movie Review 493
Wristcutters: A Love Story. Chang, Justin Movie Review 763
Yank skeins make gains in Spain: tyro webs snap up content. Hopewell, John; De Pablos, Emiliano 633
You Are My Sunshine. Elley, Derek Movie Review 492

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