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Articles from Variety (April 3, 2006)

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'Dirty' dances way to Deutschland: German auds cheer pic-turned-tuner. Hofmann, Katja 786
'Festen' testin' auds on B'way: can Denmark's dark tale of a troubled family translate its British success to the U.S.? Cox, Gordon 735
'Ice Age' a rare mammoth bow. Brief article 144
'Ice' feels the heat, but still holds water. McCarthy, Todd Movie review 700
'Oceans' of intrigue. Triplett, William Brief article 147
'Panther' pounces on top of 'Inside Man'. Mohr, Ian 956
'Todd' helmer carves out sound style. Benedict, David 827
10 o'clock is starting to snooze. Kissell, Rick 616
A Chinese Tall Story. Elley, Derek Movie review 626
A delicate balance: newfangled platforms energize, but also unsettle, traditional players. Guider, Elizabeth 1860
A Midsummer Night's Dream. Zinman, Toby Theater review 684
A narrow news view in a great big world. Lowry, Brian 644
A Safe Harbor for Elizabeth Bishop. Stasio, Marilyn Theater review 488
A Summer Day. Weissberg, Jay Movie review 447
A Year in My Life. Nesselson, Lisa Movie review 336
Alexander Ramati. Obituary 118
Argentina: wrestlers, killers hope to draw eyeballs. Newbery, Charles 375
Arty return in Singapore. Osborne, Magz Brief article 124
ATL. Chang, Justin Movie review 730
Australia: 'Chief' commands attention in ratings competish. Chai, Paul Brief article 287
B.O. off; 'Wicked' flying high. 592
Beeb expands its world. Clarke, Steve Brief article 182
Behind the red button: Brits lead the pack of nominees in the first Intl. Interactive TV Acad kudo countdown. Clarke, Steve 682
Big pics come in from code. McClintock, Pamela Brief article 234
Biz strong; 'Tarzan' 150g. 2328
Borrowing brands: basic cable hopes rivals' prestige shows rub off. Martin, Denise 777
Box office report. D'Alessandro, Anthony Table 2256
Brazil: World Cup revenue lines nets' pockets. Cajueiro, Marcelo 349
Brits embrace land of the free TV. Clarke, Steve 762
Britt Lomond. Obituary 256
Canada: sophomore U.S. hits keep CTV out in front. Kelly, Brendan 390
Canuck drama crisis continues. Kelly, Brendan Brief article 296
China: among urban auds, satire takes hold as laffers challenge dramas. Jones, Arthur 368
Chinese ad revs rocket: Sino TV scene gets big boost from small satcast shows with mass appeal. Coonan, Clifford 845
Copycats chase Western hits. Osborne, Magz 661
Crispin's pic spin. Barraclough, Leo Brief article 123
Critter jitters: studios fret that CGI toons are at a saturation point. Fritz, Ben; McNary, Dave 1865
Crix' picks. Feiwell, Jill Table 357
Crossing the pond. Benedict, David Brief article 154
Culture Clash's Zorro in Hell. Harvey, Dennis Theater review 654
Czech Republic: counterprogramming creates booming biz, with ad rates on the rise. Tizard, Will 330
Dan Curtis. Brief article 337
Dance of the Holy Ghosts: A Play on Memory. Rizzo, Frank Theater review 705
Desperate for imports: Westerners find Asian platforms worth bureaucratic travails. Schreiber, Dominic 1070
Digital delivery systems drive those desirable demos. Tracy, Kathleen 751
Docs get day in Southern sun. McDonald, Kathy A. 670
Ealing starts its own. Dawtrey, Adam Brief article 157
El Cantor. Nesselson, Lisa Movie review 472
Eloy De La Iglesia. Hopewell, John Brief article 159
Eugene Onegin. Benedict, David Theater review 880
Euro digital growth gooses nonfiction field. Tracy, Kathleen 604
Exhibs fish for auds with lures: cinemas fight aud attrition with beer, premium seating--and sing-alongs. Mohr, Ian 921
Fleischer led 'Tora! Tora! Tora!'. Obituary 337
France: gauls fall for healthy slate of Yank crime skeins. James, Alison 348
From dissed to durable. Guider, Elizabeth 592
Germany: Springer readies for expansion as digital continues to amaze. Meza, Ed 394
Gitmo goes to D.C. Benedict, David 423
Global TV price guide. Table 569
Going over the Wall: China's consumers pave way to media acceptance. Frater, Patrick 494
H'wood hits the books with pub deals. Zeitchik, Steven 399
Heartbreak Hotel. Rehlin, Gunnar Movie review 486
Hit created out of Miss India. Iyer, Shilpa Bharatan Brief article 210
Hong Kong: abundance of riches causes primetime overflow. Rothrock, Vicki 333
Hot Feet. Harris, Paul Theater review 819
Hungary: reality runs dry as Magyar shoppers go the scripted route. Nadler, John 318
Hype, but little glory for nets. Adalian, Josef Brief article 299
India: growing middle class increases content demand, puts greater burden on buyers. Pearson, Bryan Brief article 288
Indistinct 'Instinct'. Harvey, Dennis Movie review 974
International box office. D'Alessandro, Anthony Table 1874
Italy: Pope projects are symbol of primetime rivalry. Vivarelli, Nick 329
Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well and Living in Paris. Stasio, Marilyn Theater review 630
Japanese webs are quick on the uptake. Schilling, Mark 861
Joseph Bova. Obituary 128
Jousting in the 'Ring': size matters for 'LOTR,' Cirque. Ouzounian, Richard 848
Korea's Jeonju sets fest slate. Paquet, Darcy Brief article 195
Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector. Leydon, Joe Movie review 596
Lingering looks at two empire builders. Bart, Peter 572
Local giant shapes Spanish daily life: RTVE ups local pix support while wiring digital future. De Pablos, Emiliano; Hopewell, John 846
Looking for Cheyenne. Nesselson, Lisa Movie review 486
Los Lonely Boys: Cottonfields and Crossroads. Leydon, Joe Movie review 361
Maquilopolis. Weissberg, Jay Movie review 511
Mercy on the Doorstep. Stasio, Marilyn Theater review 646
Metro mags perish. Bart, Peter Brief article 153
Mexico: TV titans continue slugfest. O'Boyle, Michael 362
Mideast: amid political chaos, new stars are born. Jafaar, Ali 333
Milia's moment arrives: long-mulled convergence of mobile, Net and b'cast at critical mass. Meza, Ed 500
Mitchell plays ball. Zeitchik, Steven Brief article 159
Mom takes control in Kron's heartfelf 'Well'. Rooney, David Theater review 1222
Moneo, Paarte bolster Euro efforts for Focus. Dawtrey, Adam 496
Monty Python's Spamalot. Rizzo, Frank Theater review 979
Next stop L.A. for Gaul's Jules Verne fest. Nesselson, Lisa 369
Nielsen ratings report. Table 1930
Old rivals slug it out for ITV: but do either Allen or Dyke have what it takes to shape web's future? Clarke, Steve 723
Owens created Bakersfield sound. Obituary 343
Packer pushes for Web feat. Chai, Paul 972
Pics keep plugging away for products. Gray, Timothy M. Brief article 139
Pio Leyva. Brief article 113
Playing lead Qatar for Anglo Al-Jazeera. Jaafar, Ali 669
Poland: theme channels emerge while heavyweights monopolize market. Hollender, Barbara 360
Pubcaster's long and winding road. de Pablos, Emiliano Chronology 436
Real Madrid has show for kids (& soccer dads). Hopewell, John 400
Regional divide on top pix. 278
Renaissance. Nesselson, Lisa Movie review 677
Rev growth looks like child's play. Geitz, Christopher; Hopewell, John 511
Reviews on the web. Brief article 178
Revolution number Nine: net faces tough challenges but new topper leads with fresh ideas. Chai, Paul 1181
Rhoda Williams. Obituary 199
Royal production values for 'Princess'. Paquet, Darcy 494
RTVE hits Mip with choice picks. Geitz, Christopher 536
Scandinavia: games qoose Nordic ratinqs. Lundberg, Pia 304
Singapore, Korea plug into new era. Osborne, Magz 608
So one mogul says to another ... Guider, Elizabeth 567
Sofia parties down. Hofmann, Katja 449
South Korea: utilizing local drama, smaller nets tighten race. Paquet, Darcy 349
Spain: dramas fill b'casters' pipeline. De Pablos, Emiliano 325
Stay Alive. Anderson, John Movie review 541
Taiwan is delicate subject. Wu, Nelson H. 528
Take the Lead. Anderson, John Movie review 540
Telco strikes up the broadband. Frater, Partrick 441
Ten Canoes. Kuipers, Richard Movie review 649
The Cactus. Nesselson, Lisa Movie review 452
The Ice-Breaker. Harvey, Dennis Theater review 654
The Netherlands: disappointing Talpa readies for rebound. Edmunds, Marlene Brief article 304
The Oh in Ohio. Leydon, Joe Movie review 658
The Old Country. Benedict, David Theater review 831
The White Planet. Nesselson, Lisa Movie review 506
Things that Hang from Trees. Scheib, Ronnie Movie review 588
Trial by Water. Stasio, Marilyn Theater review 800
U.K.: with plenty of space to fill, Brit buyers ready to spend some cash. Clarke, Steve Brief article 325
U.S. imports goose pubcaster sked. De Pablos, Emiliano 440
USA points way to original plan: by mixing its own series with wrestling and pix, Hammer locks in No. 1 position. Dempsey, John 756
Vegas casts its 'Phantom'. Gallo, Phil Brief article 224
Viewer's choice: every DVD is special, it seems. Garrett, Diane Brief article 298
Will 'Cayman' bite Berlusconi? Vivarelli, Nick Brief article 252
Wired to Win: Surviving the Tour de France. Scheib, Ronnie Movie review 649
Youth movement leads digital age. Mayorga, Emilio; Hopewell, John 504
Zee sees future in threes. Iyer, Shilpa Bharatan Brief article 158

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