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Articles from Variety (May 16, 2005)

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'12AM' comes home to Gotham. Hofler, Robert Theater Review 120
'Butterfly' effect. Morfoot, Addie Brief Article 103
'Camp' spirit energizes Iger. McClintock, Pamela Brief Article 181
'Cowboy' junkies. Paskin, Willa Brief Article 214
'Kingdom' finds heaven at o'seas B.O. McNary, Dave 898
'Lane' change. Gross, Lori Ettlinger Brief Article 131
'Light' in the LC plaza. Pincus-Roth, Zachary Brief Article 114
... the harder they fall: this season, networks have served up a larger number of high-profile misses. Adalian, Josef Industry Overview 826
15 Days With You. Holland, Jonathan Movie Review 452
A Distant Shore. Hirschhorn, Joel Theater Review 785
A Moon for the Misbegotten. Harvey, Dennis Theater Review 764
A Stranger of Mine. Cockrell, Eddie Movie Review 448
A work in progress. Tapp, Tom Editorial 419
All We Are Saying. Scheib, Ronnie Movie Review 529
Assault on Precinct 13. Cochrane, Brian Movie Review 105
B.O. rises: 'Millie' 945g. 497
Back to the future: thanks to an increasing number of bold developers and industryites, Palm Springs Modernism is no longer a thing of the past. Meyers, Laura 715
Barbarella vs. Private Benjamin. Garrett, Diane Brief Article 253
Bastards of the Party. Scheib, Ronnie Movie Review 456
Bearing Witness. Scheib, Ronnie Movie Review 560
Behind Broadway's Tony blare: award voters create wide-open race, but show clear distaste for certain. Rooney, David 850
Bender's ballet days: producer Lawrence Bender recalls his passion for pirouettes. Lipton, Brian Scott Interview 403
Benjamin Mordecai. Rizzo, Frank L. Obituary 419
Bergman, then and now: the Swedish master returns to the mesmerizing territory of man vs. wife. Puig, Yvonne 421
Biz down; 'Caesar' 625g. 275
Box office report. D'Alessandro, Anthony Illustration 2233
Boxing McQueen. Anderson, John B. Movie Review 182
Boyz to starz. Hofler, Robert Brief Article 196
Breaking 'The Da Vinci Code': as Ron Howard, Tom Hanks and Brian Grazer start shooting the film adaptation of Dan Brown's bestseller, Columbia prepares for possible controversy over what many Catholics believe to be the work's anti-Christian plot. Will the Church make a move against the film? More important, will it make any difference? Kotler, Steve 1822
Broadway's million-dollar babies team up. Pincus-Roth, Zachary 145
Camisea. Holland, Jonathan Movie Review 230
Captain Louie. Stasio, Marilyn Theater Review 820
Cardinali makes a comeback. Lieberman, Ellen Brief Article 199
Channeling Hitchcock: Alexander McQueen's subdued, standout collection for fall '05 pays homage to the Master of Suspense. Here, an anatomy of the look. 223
China connection: thrust into the international spotlight playing the female leads in 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,' Ziyi Zhang and Michelle Yeoh are now at it again, sharing the screen under helmer Rob Marshall in Sony's Oscar hopeful Memoirs of a Geisha'. Chien, Ginny Interview 515
Clinton's got Time. Brief Article 191
CME unveils bigscreen plans. Tizard, Will 622
Contempo and classic. Hofler, Robert 141
Crix' picks. Feiwell, Jill Illustration 382
Davis adds DJ Classicz family fun. Brief Article 190
Death by fashion, and Kate Moss gets naked (again). 864
Design for living. Puig, Yvonne Brief Article 105
Despite slips, 'Billy' proves hard to resist. Wolf, Matt Movie Review 1130
Disney's Grant had long creative run. Obituary 524
Distribs bet on local pix. Birchenough, Tom Industry Overview 348
Do U Cry 4 Me Argentina? Holland, Jonathan Movie Review 467
Docs embrace fantasy worlds. Lowry, Brian Industry Overview 703
Edgar G. Ulmer's Yiddish Films. Kimmel, Daniel M. Brief Article 288
El Perro Negro: Stories From the Spanish Civil War. Anderson, John B. Movie Review 480
Elizabeth Fraser. Rizzo, Frank L. Obituary 208
Empty Canvas. Koehler, Robert Movie Review 631
Fash-pack attack. Puig, Yvonne; Snead, Elizabeth Brief Article 127
Frisky sex talk gooses sober-minded discourse. Garrett, Diane Movie Review 570
G'bye mate! Nine topper ankles: Chisholm return to web cues Gyngell's exit. Boland, Michaela 453
Garden state: producer Mark Damon does business in his Asian-themed oasis. McDonald, Kathy A. 400
Gemini. Holland, Jonathan Movie Review 454
Getting a career break. de Jager, Christelle Brief Article 169
Gossip-rag rager. Morfoot, Addie Brief Article 145
Green 'n' mean. Anderson, Nelson Brief Article 136
Guess who's coming to opening night dinner at Guastavino's? Hofler, Robert 115
H'wood and Variety stake their place in the sun. Guider, Elizabeth 796
H'wood hearing voices: star voiceovers up the stakes in lucrative toons, vidgames. Brodesser, Claude; Fritz, Ben 1921
Harvey helps himself to 'Cage,' Tevye. Stasio, Marilyn Brief Article 162
Helmers' rough crossings. Wolf, Matt 385
Hollywood Mujahideen: Even as helmers strive for balance, studio films are being used against U.S. troops. Kotler, Steven 417
How to Eat Your Watermelon in White Company (And Enjoy It). Scheib, Ronnie Movie Review 563
Hytner offers richly textured 'Henry' duo. Wolf, Matt Theater Review 1085
ICM's in the Nobu. 129
In Good Company. Garrett, Diane Movie Review 163
International box office. D'Alessandro, Anthony Illustration 2885
Jeffrey's wild kingdom: he survived rancor at Disney and the bumpy start of DreamWorks. With his resurgent animation studio about to release "Madagascar" there seems to be a new Jeffrey Katzenberg. Young, Josh 3134
Jennifer Connelly: into the light: despite her next film, Disney's thriller 'Dark Water,' Connelly shows off her lighter side, one she's more than willing to mine for her next (hopefully comedic) role. Bullock, Maggie 2401
Jeremy Piven, drummer: if he weren't drumming up business for his clients as the shark agent in HBO's 'Entourage,' Piven would be in a rock band. Gornstein, Leslie Interview 196
Jumping the Great Wall: Tarantino and Scorsese are finding inspiration in its films. Studios and businesses are clamoring to tap into its billion-plus residents. Never before has China's culture had such an impact on the global stage. Jones, Arthur 3556
Kids! Kids! Kids! Tyro theatergoers jam shows. Hofler, Robert Brief Article 161
Kilometer Zero. Young, Deborah Movie Review 682
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. McCarthy, Todd Movie Review 893
La Terre de France: Gaul's Languedoc is fast becoming the region of choice for French industryites looking to indulge their passion for wine making. Grey, Tobias 848
Laffer shoots, scores. Foundas, Scott Movie Review 865
Legit grosses. Illustration 2038
Legit veterans show how it's done. Stasio, Marilyn 529
Lemming. Nesselson, Lisa Movie Review 704
Like a Crashed Plane. Holland, Jonathan Movie Review 427
Looney tuners crack up B'way. Stasio, Marilyn 895
Match Point. McCarthy, Todd Movie Review 960
Midnight Movies: From the Margins to the Mainstream. Koehler, Robert Movie Review 869
Mind your manor: the industry's best-kept summer secret, Stagedoor Manor, celebrates 30 years of inspiring A-list kids. Lipton, Brian Scott 698
Morton's beach party. McDonald, Kathy A. 384
Mouse meal ticket fed up. Cohen, David S. Brief Article 264
My Brother's Summer. Scheib, Ronnie Movie Review 431
Nancy Juvonen's free style: the Flower Films partner doesn't need designer labels to define her look. Otey, Anne-Marie Brief Article 286
Nations united by chart toppers. Illustration 209
NBC fare lights up across GE cablers. Martin, Denise Company Profile 1113
Next up: September. Brief Article 208
Nielsen ratings report. 1939
Night Watch. Holland, Jonathan Movie Review 453
Nouveau rat pack. James, Alison Brief Article 190
Omarsson cooks up feature slate for Dagur. Edmunds, Marlene Company Profile 664
On the Mark: Mary Ellen Mark's new tome reveals cinematic inspirations. Finkel, Jori Book Review 610
Open the palme door. Gray, Timothy M. Brief Article 123
Page 3. Koehler, Robert Movie Review 682
Par bets on Daly double. McNary, Dave Brief Article 276
People of Saladillo. Holland, Jonathan Movie Review 461
Peter Guber's 'Bali Hai': producer puts Hawaii estate on market, Wynn buys land in heart of Beverly Hills, rumors of Bob Hope's home. Meyers, Laura 486
Pic has different take on WWII. Grey, Tobias Industry Overview 592
Pic men take opera on the 'Fly': L.A. Opera sings for film composers. Hirschhorn, Joel 674
Plotting their 'Revenge': Lucas' 'Sith' sense raises conservative hackles. Snyder, Gabriel Brief Article 299
Pols set sights on vidgames' big guns. Fritz, Ben 788
Revival shakedown. Hofler, Robert 503
Rob Zombie: my playlist. Berkshire, Geoffrey Brief Article 129
Ron Livingston's Los Feliz* *and other places he considers part of his neighborhood: the actor muses on how the east side of L.A. escaped the Gold Rush mentality that defines the rest of the city. Cullum, Paul Interview 903
Rose is blooming: once wilting TV fest back on track. Clarke, Steve 701
Royal pain for Romanian biz. Tizard, Will Brief Article 162
Runaway. Anderson, John B. Movie Review 477
Screenwriter Sargent led WGA East. McNary, Dave Obituary 407
Seamless. Scheib, Ronnie Movie Review 510
Season box office totals. Illustration 365
Sequels sink sans stars. McNary, Dave Industry Overview 766
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Rizzo, Frank L. Theater Review 963
Sisters. Holland, Jonathan Movie Review 527
Small corps creates divine design. Hofler, Robert 682
Spanish soap opera: Televisa-Univision suit may mask deeper struggle. Bensinger, Ken 628
Spyglass eyes big year: foreign savvy, cost control help shingle avoid producer pitfalls with high-profile projects. LaPorte, Nicole Company Profile 999
Stalk the vote: in Hollywood, the presidential race never really stops. Snyder, Gabriel 348
Team America: World Police. Lewis, Dave Brief Article 238
Terry Zwigoff. Avni, Sheerly Interview 236
Teutonic pol swats at media 'locusts'. Meza, Ed 437
The apple's new core. O'Rourke, Meg Brief Article 164
The Blind Camel. Koehler, Robert Movie Review 373
The devil in the deep blue sea: the underwater world is a cinematic wonderland, even if fraught with danger. It's no wonder that, despite all the drawbacks, scuba-loving industryites have been trying to master the depths for decades. Hontz, Jenny 2841
The Irrational Remains. Holland, Jonathan Movie Review 512
The keys to Cannes: Graham King maps out how to survive in a place where 'you see exactly the same people for 10 days straight'. Swart, Sharon 730
The L.A. Riot Spectacular. Anderson, John B. Movie Review 655
The Lady in Question Is Charles Busch. Anderson, John B. Movie Review 469
The Last Liberal. Winston, Iris Theater Review 513
The Outsider. Anderson, John B. Movie Review 353
The People's Temple. Harvey, Dennis Theater Review 875
The perfect pic alignment. Bart, Peter 581
The Philadelphia Story. Wolf, Matt Theater Review 932
The tribeca trot. Oei, Lily Brief Article 252
The woman in black: country crooner Shelby Lynne has reinvented herself many times. Next up, she tackles acting, portraying Johnny Cash's mom in 'Walk the Line'. Cullum, Paul 595
Tkts ticket sales--week 49. Illustration 139
Tonys: Theatre de la Jeune Lune, c'est magnifique! Ritter, Peter 555
TV movies going cheap at Bavaria. Meza, Ed Brief Article 183
Vatican loses in power play. Vivarelli, Nick Brief Article 223
Vegas goes Hollywood: or is Hollywood going Vegas? Either way, Sin City has emerged as the industry's favorite place to play, party and even produce a few shows. Huver, Scott 3959
Vesuvius. Hirschhorn, Joel Theater Review 701
Visions of beauty. Young, Paul; Puig, Yvonne 348
Web plans novela complex. Cajueiro, Marcelo Brief Article 333
Weekend slump may take toll. Brief Article 171
WMA flexes media muscle: agency sics legal bulldog on Post to quell buzz of instability. LaPorte, Nicole 394
WMG's IPO hits low note. Goldsmith, Jill Brief Article 239
Woody's 'Match' lights a fire. Guider, Elizabeth Brief Article 161
Write angles: 'Batman Begins' scribe David S. Goyer has designed his ultimate writer's retreat in the Hollywood Hills. McDonald, Kathy A. Interview 500
Write night. Puig, Yvonne Book Review 210
Xandido Lope--the Battlefields. Holland, Jonathan Movie Review 405
Yankees can do in London transfers. Wolf, Matt 574

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