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Articles from Variety (January 10, 2005)

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'House' party. Brief Article 136
'Minutes' midlife muddle: in-depth segments may be a casualty in the venerable newsmag's hunt for younger audience. Learmonth, Michael 675
'Snicket' sinks, 'Phantom' vanishes o'seas. Groves, Don 846
'Springer' in wringer: Beeb doesn't give a bleep about bawdy banter. Clarke, Steve Brief Article 226
A Family. Elley, Derek Movie Review 515
A Land of Glass. Felperin, Leslie Movie Review 533
Another brouhaha? Of Corsica. James, Alison Brief Article 252
Awards shoe-in. Brief Article 103
Battlestar Galatica. Lowry, Brian Television Program Review 504
Bifurcated biz. Bart, Peter Brief Article 155
Bird & Jones: 'The Incredibles' creator and a noted author say that animation gets a bad rap. But respect has its drawbacks, too. Avni, Sheerly 1407
Biz goes wrong in Hong Kong: downloading, other woes lead to downturn. Rothrock, Vicki 659
Biz soars; 'Shook' 721g. 586
Boffo B.O. sets record. Brief Article 203
Box office report. D'Alessandro, Anthony 2325
Brad-zooks! Par's 'outsider': Freston hires management maven to run film operation. McNary, Dave 1588
Bringing down the house. 111
Cable comedy craves cameos. Lowry, Brian 462
Cablers enthusiastic on 'Curb' effect. Martin, Denise 363
Catherine Varlin Winter. Obituary 206
Critical care: variety reviewers discuss the high and the low points of the year in films. 3985
Crix' picks. 235
Deck Dogz. Edwards, Russell Movie Review 639
Domestic top 250 of 2004. D'Alessandro, Anthony 2179
Faux-French musical sans flavor. Rooney, David 925
Filling the niche: internet opens world of criticism to anyone, but readers prefer distinct points of view. Goldsmith, Jeff 621
Filmmakers could use a deeper focus. Bart, Peter Brief Article 266
Finding gold in Classic fare. Goldsmith, Jill 567
Fox muscles in on Friday. Lowry, Brian 601
Frank & Wendy. Felperin, Leslie Movie Review 254
Gaining stature by giving up nature. Dempsey, John 717
Gaul fetes 'Aviators'. Mohr, Ian Brief Article 109
Gothamites hail 'Cab' again. Dempsey, John Brief Article 188
Henny Backus. 166
Hitler's Hit Parade. Scheib, Ronnie Movie Review 574
Howard Feuer. Obituary 136
I'm ready for my close-up ... de Jager, Christelle Brief Article 200
Imelda leads in BAFTA poll. Dawtrey, Adam 581
In Clint's corner: Oscar winner Budd Schulberg writes about why 'Million Dollar Baby' is proof that the best films often turn out to be the ones studios are most reluctant to make. Schulberg, Budd 1545
In This World of Thieves. Weissberg, Jay Movie Review 278
International box office. Walton, Alice 2935
Japan's NHK struggles to shake off fraud scandal. Schwarzacher, Lukas 500
Jorge Gallegos. Obituary 180
Leap of faith: BFCA bets its Critics' Choice Awards will find a home on broadcast net. McLean, Thomas J. 2244
Legit crix' picks. Brief Article 103
Legit grosses. Illustration 1968
Leland Murray. Obituary 102
Morning Raga. Weissberg, Jay Movie Review 538
Multichannel aud beats BBC, ITV. Clarke, Steve Brief Article 179
Murder-Set-Pieces. Harvey, Dennis Movie Review 672
NBC needs a happy 'Medium'. Kissell, Rick 583
Nielsen rating report: Dec. 27-Jan. 2. 1660
On a role: after a string of noteworthy perfs in films big and small, Radha Mitchell hits pay dirt with Oscar hopeful 'Finding Neverland' and the lead in Woody Allen's latest. Foundas, Scott 508
On the Oscar trail. 540
Oprah's Oscar couch: the daytime powerhouse is becoming a must-stop on the campaign trail, with A-list contenders logging serious couch time. Chien, Ginny 436
Oscar campaigns, Washington style: a veteran political strategist handicaps the Oscar race. Rushfield, Richard 347
Oz director feels 'Power'. Groves, Don Brief Article 136
Palestine lensing a risky business. Jaafar, Ali 528
Party proppers. 293
Peggy Phillips. Obituary 196
Praise for your praiser. Brief Article 174
Prince preps royal story. Amnatcharoen, Bam Brief Article 158
Ragin' Cajun giving his 'All'. Triplett, William Brief Article 271
RTL still rules Teutonic airwaves. Meza, Ed 306
Schubert finds niche: venerable Conn. venue nixes nostalgia, hopes to stage comeback on strength of counterprogramming. Rizzo, Frank L. 1044
Sealing the deal. Bart, Peter Brief Article 146
Season box office totals. 357
Shaw led swinging big band. 567
Sheridan & George: two Irish filmmakers talk about politics, violence and channeling chaos into films like 'Hotel Rwanda'. Rubin, Peter 1463
Shut the Fox up! Can two guys from Oklahoma bring down Fox News? Vadim, Jaime Brief Article 284
Something Moore. Tapp, Tom Editorial 453
Spain crosses digital divide. Hopewell, John 426
Stars & 'Stripes' shine. Leydon, Joe Movie Review 818
Stars rev up party scene. Morfoot, Addie 195
Street scene: with the whole world watching, the Oscars have become a centerpoint of pickets and protesters, no matter what the cause. Bona, Damien 415
Supernatural thriller proves a bit static. Leydon, Joe 755
Sylvia Herscher. Hofler, Robert Obituary 178
Telecinco wrests crown from TVE-1. de Pablos, Emiliano Brief Article 225
The Black Room. Weissberg, Jay Movie Review 281
The Last Soviet Movie. Felperin, Leslie Movie Review 283
The Moore the merrier ... Snyder, Gabriel 237
The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber. Harris, Paul 513
The screening room. 1517
The suite life: lengthy hotel stays during Oscar season and on location have long been common for A-listers, but an increasing demand is causing hoteliers on both coasts to retool. O'Rourke, Meg 966
The Suspects. Weissberg, Jay Movie Review 444
The Throne Door. Weissberg, Jay Movie Review 289
Tide changes for tsunami victims: Webs worldwide help raise coin. 1119
Tilt. Gallo, Phil 569
TKTS ticket sales--week 31. Brief Article 144
Top picks/pans for 2004. 276
Tough love on and off court. Koehler, Robert Movie Review 786
TV secrecy's a Suite thing. Cohen, David S. Brief Article 270
Vidal & Condon: the two discuss bisexuality and the contradiction and humor in the controversy over 'Kinsey'. Kotler, Steven 1749
W. 44th & vine. Hofler, Robert 880
Warners plays its own game: interactive division gives studio pole position in lucrative vidgame arena. Fritz, Ben 976
Why I make movies. Moore, Michael 2718
Will Eisner. Brief Article 201
William Boyett. Obituary 176
With a little help from his friends in the industry, sculptor Robert Graham celebrates a monumental, midcareer survey. Cheng, Scarlet 577
Witnesses to the tragedy: showbiz survivors recount encounters with tsunami. LaPorte, Nicole 467
Women in Search of Freedom. Weissberg, Jay Movie Review 444
Yanks' 'Wives' tempting Brits. Clarke, Steve Brief Article 131

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