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Articles from Variety (December 19, 2005)

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'Flute' plays for charity. Dawtrey, Adam 388
'Potter' and 'Narnia' face off across globe. Mohr, Ian 3403
'Stone' neatly wraps its holiday package. Chang, Justin Movie Review 993
A ton of toons in '06. Brief Article 178
A tough trail to follow. McCarthy, Todd Movie Review 1348
All Dolled Up: A New York Dolls Story. Harvey, Dennis Movie Review 503
American Gun. Leydon, Joe Movie Review 394
An American Tragedy. Myers, Eric Opera Review 795
Angels with Angles. Koehler, Robert Video Recording Review 282
Argentine pic too hot to handle. Newbery, Charles 349
B'way pops its top: in move to expand auds, shows tune in stars from music biz. Simonson, Robert 913
B.O. up; 'Movin' 756g. 2299
Beverly Tyler. Brief Article 187
Biz slips; 'Sundays' $1.2m. 567
Boomer auds coping with death in primetime. Guider, Elizabeth 375
Box office report. D'Alesandro, Anthony Illustration 1935
Brit comic joins the pod people. Thomas, Archie Brief Article 159
Brit talent waits in the wings. Goodfellow, Melanie 473
Buzz. Elley, Derek Movie Review 667
Canadian Christmas show is no 'Idol' rumor. Ouzounian, Richard Brief Article 325
Conspiracy theories grew with icon's legacy. Guider, Elizabeth 574
Creaky, yes, but charming. Debruge, Peter Video Recording Review 414
Crix' picks. Feiwell, Jill Illustration 379
Cross-border patrol: without Europeans, especially Eastern European immigrants, Hollywood wouldn't exist. Trans-atlantic ties are stronger than ever today, so it's little wonder that European talent is part and parcel of the biz. But Hollywood is not Novgorod, so what happens when worlds collide? Kingsley, Simon 792
D'Works delivers biz's big plot twist. Bart, Peter 325
Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead. Rooney, David Theater Review 1132
EU's new frontier: techies are up in arms as org moves to rein in content for fresh platforms. Schreiber, Dominic 782
Evil. Elley, Derek Movie Review 382
Express route to controversy in Atlanta. Blankenship, Mark 731
Family plan: Cablers' tiers of fears: channels concerned about being squeezed out. Dempsey, John 887
Fantastic Four. Morgan, Terry Video Recording Review 309
Fear Itself. Blankenship, Mark Theater Review 646
Feels like the first time. Cox, Gordon Brief Article 143
For congloms, bulking up is hard to do. Zeitchik, Steven 479
Foreign Oscar Dossier: 2005. Koehler, Robert 4052
Gallipoli. Nesselson, Lisa Movie Review 511
Grating spaces at WMA. McClintock, Pamela; Fleming, Michael Brief Article 177
Harvey hitches ride to thrillville. Mohr, Ian Brief Article 258
Haymarket. Blankenship, Mark Theater Review 647
Helmers bring immigrant vision to Euro pix. Edmunds, Marlene 982
Hollywood adopts Eastern ways. Rothrock, Vicki 513
Hoodwinked! Chang, Justin Movie Review 696
Hope & hype: kudos season has too many contenders and few shoo-ins. Gray, Timothy M.; Mohr, Ian 1513
Host & Guest. Elley, Derek Movie Review 470
India draws 'em in for toons: firms worldwide are attracted by lower costs and high quality. Schwankert, Steven; Pearson, Bryan 844
Jean Parker. Brief Article 311
John Flinn Jr. Brief Article 215
Kennedy Center space catering to kids. Harris, Paul 311
Laughing off insults. Grefe, Laura Brief Article 191
Lifetime's 'Desperate' lesson: femme cabler invites men and attitude in an attempt to reverse the aging process. Martin, Denise 875
Locations update. Meils, Cathy 766
Mary Jackson. Brief Article 226
Never Again Like Before. Young, Deborah Movie Review 528
Newmyer produced hits. Obituary 281
Nielsen ratings report. Illustration 1949
One. Harvey, Dennis Video Recording Review 474
Only a win will do when it comes to the U.S. release of Oscar pics. Mohr, Ian 928
Oz fights back with cinema ads. Boland, Michaela 364
Phil Pictaggi. Brief Article 216
Preview touts Tolkien tuner. Ouzounian, Richard 546
Project runway: exotic locations and overseas talents often lure Academy voters' noms. Hammond, Pete 1346
Pryor paved way for comics. Obituary 855
Ready for remaking. 250
Restoration Comedy. Jacobson, Lynn Theater Review 780
Revenge is sweet. Higgins, Bill Brief Article 124
Rules of the blame: international producers are finding it tough to abide by Academy strictures. Hofmann, Katja 871
Rumor Has It ... Lowry, Brian Movie Review 928
Sale rumors swirl around Univision. De La Fuente, Anna Marie 519
Showing reel potential: 'Black List' tallies town's most talked-about scripts. Laporte, Nicole Brief Article 324
Speaking in tongues: entrants reflect the increasingly multicultural nature of filmmaking around the world. Koehler, Robert 806
Spinning as fast as they can. Bart, Peter Brief Article 227
Star sparkles in 'Chita' but vehicle needs polish. Rooney, David Theater Review 1183
Success bows with 'Sea'. O'Boyle, Michael Brief Article 298
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Modine, Austin Brief Article 161
The Frighteners. Lewis, Dave Video Recording Review 295
The Matrix: Path of Neo. Fritz, Ben Brief Article 236
The Other Side. Stasio, Marilyn Theater Review 773
The screening room. Illustration 1042
The Smell of Paradise. Cockrell, Eddie Movie Review 479
The Wake. Elley, Derek Movie Review 453
The Wild Duck. Wolf, Matt Theater Review 1006
The Zero Years. Elley, Derek Movie Review 485
Thirteen Among a Thousand. Holland, Jonathan Movie Review 497
Three Sisters. Rizzo, Frank L. Theater Review 806
Toon titles leave Par sitting pretty in int'l split. McNary, Dave 589
U ready to deal in wake of shakeup: GE boosts coin as studio looks beyond D'Works. Snyder, Gabriel 1269
Unraveling the plot. Learmonth, Michael 345
Vidgamers call the shots. Fritz, Ben Brief Article 257
Westside wonders. Cox, Gordon 411
Where there's smoke, there's ire. Fisher, Mark 401
Will shakeups help kiss the Frog? Leaner, hungrier WB rolls up its sleeves. Schneider, Michael; Adalian, Josef Company Profile 887

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