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Articles from Variety (August 15, 2005)

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'Chocolate' still sweet in soph sesh. Mohr, Ian 2686
'Family' albums: this fall's art books feature photo greats on kin, Weingarten in Malibu and Ruscha in Hollywood. Young, Paul 410
'Lost' and found: decades before the hit series 'Lost,' ABC crashed another unfortunate set of passengers onto a deserted Pacific island. Puig, Yvonne 332
'Pretty' pranky. D'Alessandro, Anthony Brief Article 138
'Rent' redo. Hofler, Robert Brief Article 193
'Tijeras' crosses borders. Duffy, Mark Brief Article 122
'Tracy' star makes case. Cohen, David S. 160
1st Time. Elley, Derek Movie Review 587
2005 Emmy portfolio. 277
3 Degrees Colder. Elley, Derek Movie Review 651
A fine tradition: bashing the BBC. Clarke, Steve 636
Ab-normal Beauty. Scheib, Ronnie Movie Review 572
Art meets politics. Felperin, Leslie Brief Article 132
Asian biz a mixed bag. Frater, Patrick 639
Aussie Helpmanns salute 'Producers'. Boland, Michaela 604
Azteca takes on toon pirates. O'Boyle, Michael Brief Article 251
B.O. droops in summer lull. 545
Belle Moral: A Natural History. Ouzounian, Richard Theater Review 561
Beyond bud: beer connoisseurs like Jerry Bruckheimer turn to Sang Yoon. McDonald, Kathy A. Brief Article 311
Beyond the fringe: powwow persists through reinvention, int'l outlook. Clarke, Steve 801
Biz slips; 'Fiddler' 457g. 2227
Black Night. Elley, Derek Movie Review 564
Blighty's beckoning: auds can get their fill of legit without even visiting London. Wolf, Matt 866
Blue Hour. Scheib, Ronnie Movie Review 482
Blue-eyed girl: not quite a newcomer, Vera Farmiga waited in the wings before scoring coveted roles in Martin Scorsese's 'The Departed' and Anthony Minghella's 'Breaking and Entering'. Rubin, Peter Biography 498
Box office report. D'Alessandro, Anthony Illustration 1946
Brando's 'Fan-Tan': this month will see the posthumous release of Marlon Brando's only novel. Here, read an exclusive excerpt and introduction from the book's editor, David Thomson. Thomson, David Excerpt 2481
Brawny 'Brothers' packs blaxploitation. Leydon, Joe Movie Review 860
Bryan Singer's Sydney: between directing 'Superman Returns' and exec producing 'House,' the multi-hyphenate sneaks in rugby with Russell Crowe and some really good carpaccio. Boland, Michaela 645
Bubble bath? At the high end, a go-go mentality is tempered by fears of a housing crash. Meyers, Laura 835
Cable newsies keep Aruba on the map. Guider, Elizabeth 703
Cairo skeds China focus. Fine, Janet Brief Article 112
Cannes 2005. Advertisement 108
Canuck fests tune up their acts. Ouzounian, Richard 386
Christie's London is hosting two auctions this month for pop-culture buffs. Brief Article 101
Cincinnati's 'Shangri-La'. Hofler, Robert Brief Article 154
Comics equations: with movies like 'V for Vendetta' and 'Superman Returns' in the pipeline, comic books are starting to take center stage in other parts of the zeitgeist, too. On the eve of a major exhibition of American comics at L.A.'s MOCA and UCLA Hammer Museum, here's a breakdown of how the fashion world has been infiltrated. 165
Corteo. Ouzounian, Richard Theater Review 622
Crix' picks. Feiwell, Jill Illustration 306
Crying out Love in the Center of the World. Scheib, Ronnie Movie Review 656
David Cronenberg. Kotler, Steven 356
Detective tales married to high-spirited repartee. Netherby, Jennifer Video Recording Review 466
Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo. Koehler, Robert Movie Review 801
Diplomatic relations? Birchenough, Tom Brief Article 159
Distrib waits for punchline. Morfoot, Addie Brief Article 246
Doc producers brave South Pole. James, Alison 410
Ellen looks for a new home (again): DeGeneres searches, Fox splits, McCartney's Bat-rumor. Meyers, Laura 633
Erosion. Scheib, Ronnie Movie Review 437
Face Addict. Weissberg, Jay Movie Review 581
Female. Edwards, Russell Movie Review 756
Fernando Meirelles. Young, Paul Brief Article 139
Fest with zest. Snead, Elizabeth Brief Article 206
Fete for femmes. Morfoot, Addie Brief Article 153
Focus is on hi-def slate. Rothrock, Vicki 358
Four characters in search of a play. Stasio, Marilyn Theater Review 853
Fratricide. Weissberg, Jay Movie Review 548
Fringe benefits blog. Blankenship, Mark 545
Glare devils: as the paparazzi wars heat up, the original pioneers take a moment to reflect on the birth of the genre and how it has changed over the years. Jennings, Sheri 533
Going, going ... what will come of CAA's famous building after the tenpercentery leaves for Century City? McDonald, Kathy A. 331
Golden moment. Snead, Elizabeth Brief Article 223
Grape buys. Rubin, Chris Brief Article 148
Hail the himbo: fifties beefcake Svengali Henry Willson created a legacy still popular in today's Hollywood--the broadly appealing, bland male sex symbol. Wilson, Cintra 784
Halle's second act: Halle Berry looks to rebound from last year's 'Catwoman' with two possible Emmy wins and by reprising an expanded role as Storm in 'X-Men 3'. Fleming, Michael Cover Story 2472
Hitting 'Send' button. Hofler, Robert Brief Article 170
Ibrahim Ferrer. Brief Article 255
Ileen Getz. Brief Article 167
In Bed. Felperin, Leslie Movie Review 534
In praise of deja vu. Tapp, Tom 334
Jennings was longtime star of news biz. Obituary 678
Juilliard sings for Lucas tuner. Hofler, Robert 346
Just for George. Romanelli, Alex Brief Article 158
Kuhn bites the hand in Film Council attacks. Dawtrey, Adam 429
Latins lack B.O. passion. De La Fuente, Anna Marie 534
Library time warp speaks volumes about the biz; transitions play out in Variety's pages. Guider, Elizabeth 552
Life of Galileo. Daniels, Robert L. Theater Review 572
Little Milton. Gallo, Phil Brief Article 346
Living Rights. Scheib, Ronnie Movie Review 521
Long half-life for 'Crashers'. Brief Article 244
Madness reigns at the George. Clarke, Steve 533
Make way for Big Sway denim. Otey, Anne-Marie Brief Article 217
Malcolm Lee: my playlist. Berkshire, Geoffrey Brief Article 132
Michael Showalter's animated life. Oei, Lily Brief Article 284
Nets' blond ambition. Learmonth, Michael Brief Article 274
Nielsen ratings report. 1940
Norse power: a selection of the features screening at New Nordic Films, a market for the latest pics from Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Event unspools Aug. 19-22 as part of the Norwegian Film Festival in Haugesund. Movie Review 712
Nouvelle-France. Nesselson, Lisa Movie Review 682
Old hobbits die hard. Thomas, Archie Brief Article 267
On the Razzle. Rizzo, Frank L. Theater Review 657
Once Around the Sun. Blankenship, Mark Theater Review 719
P. Elley, Derek Movie Review 287
Paul Haggis' 'Crash' course. Anderson, John B. Brief Article 291
Paul Rudd, baseball player: if he weren't stealing laughs in 'Anchorman' or the upcoming 'The 40-Year-Old Virgin,' Rudd would be stealing bases and posing for his trading card. Gornstein, Leslie Interview 202
Pax picks pix back in China. Jones, Arthur 418
Penguins feather Warners' nest; French nature pic is unlikely star of summer indie B.O. James, Alison; McClintock, Pamela 1129
Pix packing auds' bags. Thomas, Archie Brief Article 190
Plane pix now boarding. LaPorte, Nicole Brief Article 254
Plenty of shag gags. Lowry, Brian Movie Review 786
Providence's pedigree: former Bastide and Water Grill vets bring prestige to Melrose Avenue's newest gastronomic gem. Rubin, Chris Brief Article 148
Queensland quickens pace. Boland, Michaela 479
Qwerty, Warp go low. Dawtrey, Adam Brief Article 177
Radio turns up Jack. Schneider, Michael 683
Ready for its close-up: ESPN2 pumps up showbiz fare in bid for ad coin. Dempsey, John 826
Renee Roy. Brief Article 111
Reviews on the Web. Brief Article 104
Rupe and John flex their muscles. Learmonth, Michael Brief Article 253
Score one for 'Machiavellian' Mouse. Goldsmith, Jill 579
Shallow Ground. Elley, Derek Movie Review 375
Significant downsizing at Nintendo. Fritz, Ben 129
Slump or bump? ... But H'wood hopes to close gap. Snyder, Gabriel 736
Slump or bump? At the B.O. o'seas, it's a small world ... Guider, Elizabeth; Dawtrey, Adam 1816
South rises to greet 'Dukes'. Brief Article 180
Spicy star sells actioner. Frater, Patrick 557
Split decision for TW? Parsons under pressure as Icahn pushes spinoff. Goldsmith, Jill 339
Springer's media power play: $5 bil deal for Saban's Teutonic assets faces mounting opposition. Meza, Ed 709
Star search: casting director Joseph Middleton's sixth sense helped launch Reese Witherspoon, Kirsten Dunst, Jake Gyllenhaal and a phenom called 'Brangelina'. LaPorte, Nicole 552
State of Fear. Scheib, Ronnie Movie Review 579
Stations sing bilingual tune. De La Fuente, Anna Marie 376
Stories of Disenchantment. Felperin, Leslie Movie Review 335
Style council. Paskin, Willa Brief Article 142
Swedes lament dearth of the maidens. Lundberg, Pia 356
Tennis, anyone? The worlds of fashion, sport and showbiz will converge at this month's U.S. Open. Hayes, Dade 498
The Boy Friend. Rizzo, Frank L. Theater Review 739
The Dark Hours. Elley, Derek Movie Review 505
The Definition of Insanity. Scheib, Ronnie Movie Review 684
The Dick Cavett Show: Rock Icons. Garrett, Diane Video Recording Review 412
The Muppet Show: Season One. Lewis, Dave Video Recording Review 329
The new modernists. Anderton, Frances 2397
The One-Man Star Wars Trilogy. Blankenship, Mark Theater Review 451
The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes. Felperin, Leslie Movie Review 667
The Rising: Ballad of Mangal Pandey. Elley, Derek Movie Review 880
Through a glass brightly: Nordic helmers shake off region's reputation for producing gloomy pics. Lundberg, Pia 806
Tokyo Noir. Edwards, Russell Movie Review 500
TV's demo divide only getting wider. Lowry, Brian 737
Undeclared. Hicks, Tom Video Recording Review 163
Valley of the moguls. Goldsmith, Jill Brief Article 197
Variety's New York screening series. 112
Voisins Voisines. Nesselson, Lisa Movie Review 583
Webs far from 'Idol'. Kissell, Rick 706
What if the Emmys bomb? 'Desperate' noms could help prevent desperate measures. Hernandez, Greg 590
What the Butler Saw. Wolf, Matt Theater Review 714
Wisteria Lane's resident clothes hound: a peek into the closet of Cate Adair, who gives the 'housewives' their style appeal. Otey, Anne-Marie 355

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