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Articles from Variety (October 27, 2003)

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'Cafe' on the menu. Kohl, Christian 132
'Jinx' nixed by MGM. Dawtrey, Adam 145
'Tru' is dead ringer. Lowry, Brian 674
24. Lowry, Brian 593
A Minute with Stan Hooper. Lowry, Brian 479
A name that sticks: as a brand, Disney speaks a universal language. Amdur, Meredith 1406
A Nation Without Women. Young, Deborah 505
A slow march through a domestic battlefield. Isherwood, Charles 1077
All in the family? Oscar squabble widens rift within H'wood community. Bart, Peter 688
Animal planet sharpens its claws. Osborne, Magz 149
Arnold's win gives rise to marketing machine. Snyder, Gabriel 286
Attacks on the Heart. Daniels, Robert L. 387
Auds cast an eye over 'pop idol' clones. Meza, Ed 162
Aussie sound facil sets up Chinese op. Groves, Don 366
Authors in, auteurs out: producers toss lire at lit sources in a quest for better material. Vivarelli, Nick 657
Azteca revamps slumping reality skein. Bensinger, Ken 149
B.O. slips; 'Phantom' $1m. 696
Bearable lightness of being in 'Love'. McCarthy, Todd 1462
Beat the Drum. Harvey Dennis 478
Biz even; 'Wicked' 821g. 208
Box office. D'Alessandro, Anthony 1440
Broadband powering growth, sez Casbaa. Kan, Wendy 325
BV chasing gold and silver. 288
Cablers play poker to full house. Dempsey, John 621
Calling it a 'day': Televisa admits gameshow copyright defeat. Bensinger, Ken 358
Calypso Dreams. Harvey, Dennis 306
Carlos Olmos. 231
Carmen. Holland, Jonathan 766
Cartoon's 'League' leaps and bounds. Oei, Lily 242
Cloud nine: toon pioneers gave life to Disney icons. Mallory, Michael 333
Coin fuels Totti's prod'n drive. Vivarelli, Nick 514
Congloms trip on limp pics. Guider, Elizabeth 462
Crix' picks. 319
Curtis is all around. Dawtrey, Adam 256
Diller dishes on H'wood excess. Amdur, Meredith 240
Dissonant music biz still reaching for high notes. Guider, Elizabeth 759
Domestic biz puts new spin on pickups. Ross, Matthew 621
Dream weaver: through depression and wars, Walt Disney's hold on our collective conscience remains strong. Christon, Lawrence 743
Duo stirs up nitery brew. Mitchell-Marell, Gabrielle 679
Eastwood and Tarantino divide Euros. Groves, Don 2742
Elam was familiar Western villain. 191
Ex-Kirch exec mounts run of high-profile hits. Meza, Ed 215
Exhib dips into feature funding biz. Bensinger, Ken 332
Fall sweeps faces steep learning curve. Kissell, Rick 601
Feeding Boys, Ayaya. Foundas, Scott 596
Fest serves opening 'Cut'. Thomas, Archie; Wolf, Matt 164
Fred Berry. 245
Fuji taps TV synergy for thriller. Schwarzacher, Lukas 279
Gauls fume over Warners' access to prod'n subsidies for Jeunet pic. James, Alison 370
George of the Jungle 2. Leydon, Joe 611
Ghostlight. Harvey, Dennis 567
Global conquest: overseas strategy leans on Disney moniker, counterprogramming. D'Allessandro, Anthony 874
Hayflower and Quiltshoe. Harvey, Dennis 259
Hip-hop nation embraces 'Scarface'. Hafetz, David 518
Hot numbers. 183
House of Hearts. Harvey, Dennis 272
Interest groups need to rebottle old whine. Lowry, Brian 984
Investors dig in vs. Murdoch. Johnson, Debra 167
Iron. Isherwood, Charles 861
Italian film production 2003. Vivarelli, Nick 496
Italians promise change, again. Vivarelli, Nick 497
ITV moneymen pinkslip Green: end of an era as billion-dollar gamble costs honcho his job. Clarke, Steve 741
James 'Woody' Woodworth. Williams, Kimberly 151
Le divorce: split between Eisner and Katzenberg ended an era and began a rivalry. Pollock, Dale 771
Letterman at loose ends as Leno boosts lead: CBS, Dave scratch heads over demo desertion. McClintock, Pamela 603
Matt Roe. 126
Melancholy singer Smith dies. Gallo, Phil 317
Michael Bondelli. Bensinger, Ken 112
MTV stews up Sunday prankfest. Martin, Denise 534
My Wife is a Gangster 2: the Legend Returns. Elley, Derek 823
Myriad stages 'Piccadilly' circus. 249
Nielsen report. 1878
Odyssey takes two. Dawtrey, Adam 109
Offbeat jewel goes far, you betcha. Teper, Craig 424
One-two punch: though riding high, studio chiefs Dick Cook and Nina Jacobson are not resting on their laurels. Dunkley, Cathy 1485
Opposites attract: Disney and Miramax fill each other's needs, and feed the bottom line. Lyons, Charles 1089
Overseas promos crank up sophistication factor. Hofmann, Katja 766
Potential projects flock to finance mart. Groves, Don 486
Practical magic: unplanned dive into live action borne out of necessity. Mallory, Michael 857
Pretend. Harvey, Dennis 333
RAI, Mediaset funds embraced by indies. Vivarelli, Nick 959
Raymond J. Greenwald. Hofler, Robert 168
Redefined classics star at Dublin fest: 'Moon' shot pays off at popular event. Fricker, Karen 811
Reeling through the years. Collins, Keith 2446
Resurrection Blues. Zinman, Toby 617
Reviews on the web. 133
Sari Price. 130
Scary Movie 3. Harvey, Dennis 958
Scribes kicking over one-step deal dilemma. McNary, Dave 243
Searchlight turns up the wattage: Fox unit uses co-funding for higher-profile deals. Brodesser, Claude 727
Season box office totals. 1559
Secret File. Young, Deborah 505
Sinatra--His Voice, His World, His Way. Daniels, Robert L. 774
Singing Behind Screens. Weissberg, Jay 947
Someone Like Hodder. Harvey, Dennis 284
Sounds of success: 30-year-old Autograph keeps pace with the times. Wolf, Matt 633
Spain feeling B.O. pain: multiplex construction doesn't result in admissions growth. Hopewell, John; De Pablos, Emiliano 329
Spat over cheesecake on RAI. Zecchinelli, Cecilia 374
Spirited 'Elf' grows on you. Rooney, David 1008
Stars, helmer tell ghost stories about 'Haunting'. Cockrell, Eddie 289
Striking statistics. Hofler, Robert 672
Tale of the tapes. Dunkley, Cathy 826
Tarantino looks to give fave films a venue. LaPorte, Nicole 244
Techies' quick fixes. Graser, Marc 647
Telco giant bows in cable market, undercuts rivals. Wu, Nelson 265
The Last Train. Young, Deborah 597
The Miracle. Rooney, David 606
The screening room. 1231
The Silent Between Two Thoughts. Young, Deborah 475
The Star Dreamer. Harvey, Dennis 253
The Stroll. Harvey, Dennis 614
The Sugar Syndrome. Wolf, Matt 702
The tortured tale of the telcos: technology like TiVo could learn from ahead-of-its-time Tele-TV. Schneider, Michael 789
The Two Noble Kinsmen. Isherwood, Charles 787
There's gold in them DVDs: theatricals reincarnated for the home. Hettrick, Scott 1046
Thoroughly Modern Millie. Wolf, Matt 843
Three-Step Dance. Weissberg, Jay 540
TKTS ticket sales. 141
To infinity and beyond: Buzz Lightyear's mantra has been the business plan for Pixar. DiOrio, Carl 421
Tooned in: Disney's ani classics set the bar and lit the way for future generations. Mallory, Michael 1023
Trading places: Milan mart fades as pic purveyors turn to new biz areas. Swart, Sharon; Dunkley, Cathy 1090
Turin rivals Rome in pic chase. Horst, Carole 442
Turn Left Turn Right. Elley, Derek 806
Tyro digital network makes 'Whoopi'. Nadler, John 133
Vibrator. Rooney, David 467
Wall Street sees Mouse in holding pattern. DiOrio, Carl 758
Winter Games, Lumiq Studios bring northern region an edge. Horst, Carole 1033

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