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Articles from Variety (September 29, 1997)

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'Godzilla' ignites prod'n surge. Roman, Monica 976
'Martha' tops new syndies, 'Court' registers appeal. Littleton, Cynthia 767
'X' marked by boutiques; cynical demographic a tough sell for ad agencies. Gul, Ronnie 792
Actor-helmer's chapter two: in wake of spinal cord injury, Reeve sees glass half full. Goldner, Diane 675
Alliance boosts Brit pix, bows new distrib. Boehm, Erich 521
Another Nine and a Half Weeks. Kelly, Brendan Movie Review 759
Apple bites: only scenesters apply: hot new restaurants magnets for players. Diuguid, Carol 750
Apple pumped for primetime prod'n: shooting at highest levels since 1960s. Levin, Gary 1036
Art vs. commerce in Times Square. Miller, Stuart 934
Artemisia. Elley, Derek Movie Review 711
As if: Joel Grey plays tourist for a weekend. 452
B'way fall: handle with care. Evans, Greg 1012
B.O. receipts take hike, auds keep coming back. Hopewell, John 582
Blue Kettle. Wolf, Matt Theater Review 615
Built to Last. Horst, Carole Television Program Review 328
Bulked-up news programming good for Gotham. Nix, Jennifer 785
C-16. Horst, Carole Television Program Review 435
Cache's cachet key to Gotham fest's success. Roman, Monica 1187
Cachet of N.Y. radio market unmatched. Leventhal, Larry 600
Continental shift in writers pact. Margolis, Dan 1275
D.C. countdown to TV-Y7 FV Day. Littleton, Christopher; Stern, Christopher 894
De Noche Vienes, Esmeralda. Tsao, Leonardo Garcia Movie Review 548
Deal bottleneck clogs street; volume of entertainment transactions approach '96 level in first 8 months. Peer, Martin 2128
Debutante 'Lolita' spurs debate. Rooney, David 679
Digital TV driving big Mipcom. Guider, Elizabeth; Williams, Michael (British actor) 938
Dramatists on the ascent. Pacheco, Patrick 1001
Emerging from Allen's shadow. Roman, Monica 909
Film still bottom line for diverse Tribeca. Roman, Monica 1045
Filmmakers call their hot shots. Hopewell, John 816
Firelight. Nesselson, Lisa Movie Review 641
Firms battle for more than the digital domain. Hopewell, John 782
Foreign lingo aids B.O. legs. Hopewell, John 473
Fox makes strides in Big 3 henhouse. Bierbaum, Tom 716
Frosh flaming out in o'seas B.O. Groves, Don 798
Giuliani no shrinking violet in biz. Miller, Stuart 762
Good vibes of Garth in Park bodes well for future events. Sandler, Adam 516
H'wood's fickle courtship: showbiz overtures remain mysterious. Petrikin, Chris 1080
Hamptons fest: a shore thing. Roman, Monica 471
Heart's Desire. Wolf, Matt Theater Review 615
Helming biz discovers the fountain of youth. Holland, Jonathan 580
Hi-tech runs with the bulls: political divisions gear for digital war. Hopewell, John 567
Husband-and-wife Yalies play it 'Safe' on first pic. Diuguid, Carol 429
In a New York state of mind: film, legit, TV, actor carries torch for N.Y. Aiello, Danny 543
It's no secret: Arista riding high. Zimmerman, Kevin; Sandler, Adam 751
Jenny. Richmond, Ray Television Program Review 583
Joint jumping for imprints, clubs: label start-ups, thriving night spots help place focus back on the Apple. Zimmerman, Kevin 1245
Julian Po. Nesselson, Lisa Movie Review 584
June Moon. Daniels, Robert L. Theater Review 423
La Concierge. Kelly, Brendan Movie Review 744
Legit learns new marketing lingos. Duigiud, Carol 501
Lolita. Rooney, David Movie Review 1338
Lover Girl. Leydon, Joe Movie Review 615
Lynton lights successful fire under Penguin. Petrikin, Chris 425
Media giants make fest mark. Hopewell, John 436
MGM launches Goldwyn Films, sans Samuel. Weiner, Rex; Williams, Michael (British actor) 635
Moon Over Broadway. Klady, Leonard Movie Review 488
Mosafere-Jonub. Elley, Derek Movie Review 399
Moving image: everything in 3 Gotham exhibs. Miller, Stuart 877
MSNBC layoffs give way to Princess Di payoff. Richmond, Ray 737
N.Y. indies' dynamic duo. Roman, Monica 823
N.Y.'s strange bedfellows: B-movie kingpin, film commish husband-and-wife boosters for city. Roman, Monica 975
No April showers forecast: springtime's grip on B'way loosens as shows are more evenly distributed. Evans, Greg Calendar 722
Peers pile praise on Reeve. Roberts, Jerry 956
Phoenix rises with new capital. Peers, Martin; Petrikin, Chris 917
Producer-agent-hipster's career shaped by Gotham. Worth, Marvin 585
Producers need their space; use of interim facils like armories a mere bandage for soundstage crunch. Leventhal, Larry 1305
Public access a springboard to mainstream TV. Lerman, Laurence 1042
Quien Diablos es Juliette? Levy, Emanuel Movie Review 608
Reeve's selflessness part of rehabilitation. Goldner, Diane 856
Riders see stars in subterranean platform for pix. Sinclair, Alexis 537
Rien Ne Va Plus. Rooney, David Movie Review 606
Road sign for Off-Broadway reads surprise. Evans, Greg Calendar 608
Role behind camera comes to the fore. Goldner, Diane 628
Rolling Stones. Kim, Jae-Ha Concert Review 520
Room's reel deal mixes pix, cuisine. Miller, Stuart 496
Scope of Chelsea Piers in Cecil B. De Mille vein. Leventhal, Larry 412
Service with difference criteria of sound facils. Varela, Allan 724
Showbiz star wars: in TV and films alike, more and more money is riding on star power, even though stardom grows steadily more evanescent. Bart, Peter 944
Shows honed for the holidays: spillover effect of seasonal fare. Diuguid, Carol Calendar 815
Six Ways to Sunday. Nesselson, Lisa Movie Review 688
Sky's the limit with CGI blurbs. Varela, Allan 825
Skyscraper. Daniels, Robert L. Theater Review 370
The Goodbye Girl. Zinman, Tony Theater Review 241
The Lay of The Land. Feinstein, Howard Movie Review 517
The Matchmaker. McCarthy, Todd Movie Review 736
The Real Blonde. Nesselson, Lisa Movie Review 667
The Secret Life of Algernon. Kelly, Brendan Movie Review 513
The Tony Danza Show. Richmond, Ray Television Program Review 466
The Ugly. Stratton, David Movie Review 600
The Visitor. Everett, Todd Television Program Review 683
There's no business like Eaux business. Williams, Michael (British actor) 1427
Toothless. Scott, Tony Television Program Review 602
Total Security. Richmond, Ray Television Program Review 532
Tube triggers political tension. Hopewell, John; Morris, Kathy 577
TV wars: legends of the fall. Hontz, Jenny; Levin, Gary 1480
TW fuels scramble for cable carriage. Miller, Stuart 1160
U pix may be USA capital. Dempsey, John 1368
Under the Lighthouse Dancing. Stratton, David Movie Review 539
Unmade Beds. Levy, Emanuel Movie Review 643
Vajna tries for comeback on Danube. Nadler, John 1357
Vid sales soar in Czech Republic. Meils. Cathy 452
Video consumers to retailers: why buy? Davis, Helen 523
Von Heute Auf Morgen. Cheshire, Godfrey Movie Review 543
Voyeurs flock to sidewalk studios. Do, Vincent 335
Wishmaster. Leydon, Joe Movie Review 783

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