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Varied financial period for leading bakeries operating in Great Britain.

"Overall the 2000/2001-2002/2003 three-year financial period for leading companies operating as bakeries has been a varied one, with overall improvements seen in liquidity and employee performance ratios, mixed results for profitability and growth ratios and slight deteriorations for most of the effeciency and all of the gearing ratios." Reveals a new industry report. The Business Ratio report, entitled 'Bakeries' and published by Prospect Swetenhams analyses and compares the financial performance of 126 leading companies operating as bakeries in Great Britain. Covering the last three accounting years available, the report provides individual company and sub-sector analysis as well as performance averages for the industry as a whole.

Published annually, the Business Ratio report entitled 'Bakeries' provides an excellent financial benchmarking tool for anyone concerned with the industry. Clear, no-nonsense presentation of data and analysis allows you to measure with ease your company's financial performance against the performance of other leading companies within the industry. Twenty-six different types of ratios and averages are provided.

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Date:Feb 1, 2005
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