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Variations on an old standard.

Variations on an old standard

 Come let us kiss. This cannot last--
 Too late is on its way too soon--
 And we are going nowhere fast.

 Already it is after noon,
 That momentary palindrome.
 The mid-day hours start to swoon--

 Around the corner lurks the gloam.
 The sun flies at half-mast, and flags.
 The color guard of bees heads home,

 Whizzing by in zigs and zags,
 Weighed down by the dusty gold
 They've hoarded in their saddlebags,

 All the summer they can hold.
 It is too late to be too shy:
 The Present tenses, starts to scold--

 Tomorrow has no alibi,
 And hides its far side like the moon.
 The bats inebriate the sky,

 And now mosquitoes start to tune
 Their tiny violins. I see,
 Rising like a grey balloon,

 The head that does not look at me,
 And in its face, the shadow cast,
 The Sea they call Tranquility--

 Dry and desolate and vast,
 Where all passions flow at last.
 Come let us kiss. It's after noon,
 And we are going nowhere fast.

A. E. Stallings is an American poet residing in Athens, Greece.
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Author:Stallings, A.E.
Publication:New Criterion
Article Type:Poem
Date:Apr 1, 2003
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