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Pediatric within-day biological variation and quality specifications for 38 biochemical markers in the CALIPER cohort. Bailey, Dana; Bevilacqua, Victoria; Colantonio, David A.; Pasic, Maria D.; Perumal, Nandita; Chan, M Report Mar 1, 2014 8976
Variation in metatarsal morphology among subgroups of North American moose (Aloes alces). Silvia, William J.; Peterson, Rolf O.; Vucetich, John A.; Silvia, William F.; Silvia, Alexander W. Statistical table Jan 1, 2014 4476
Issues in using human variability distributions to estimate low-dose risk. Crump, Kenny S.; Chiu, Weihsueh A.; Subramaniam, Ravi P. Report Mar 1, 2010 7552
J Wildl Dis: Interspecific differences in hematozoan infection in Sonoran desert Aimophila sparrows. Deviche, P.; McGraw, K.; Greiner, E.C. Reprint Mar 1, 2006 334
The modified location model for classifying genetic resources: I. association between categorical and continuous variables. (Plant Genetic Resources). Ramos, Jorge Franco; Crossa, Jose Statistical Data Included Sep 1, 2002 6365
RAPD marker diversity among cultivated and wild soybean accessions from four Chinese provinces. (Plant Genetic Resources). Li, Zenglu; Nelson, Randall L. Statistical Data Included Sep 1, 2002 6236
Application of canonical discriminant analysis for the assessment of genetic variation in tall fescue. (Forage & Grazing Lands). Vaylay, Ravi; van Santen, Edzard Mar 1, 2002 4540
Genes make potential target in lymph cancer. (Science News of the week). Seppa, N. Brief Article Jan 12, 2002 467
Comparison of hemp varieties using random amplified polymorphic DNA markers. Forapani, Silvia; Carboni, Andrea; Paoletti, Claudia; Moliterni, V.M. Cristiana; Ranalli, Paolo; Man Statistical Data Included Nov 1, 2001 6424
Conquering Cancer: An Alternate View. Dees, Craig Jul 1, 2001 2819
Genetic variation of microsatellite DNA in moose in Quebec. Cronin, Matthew A.; Patton, John C.; Courtois, Rehaume; Crete, Michel Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2001 6288
A New Lens for Detecting Giftedness "Becoming". Haensly, Patricia Sep 1, 2000 2801
Ecology of an Aquatic Snake (Thamnophis marcianus) in a Desert Environment: Implications of Early Timing of Birth and Geographic Variation in Reproduction. SEIGEL, RICHARD A.; FORD, NEIL B.; MAHRT, LAURA A. Statistical Data Included Apr 1, 2000 5540
Seed Yield Variation in Blue Grama and Little Bluestem Plant Collections in Southern Manitoba, Canada. Phan, Anh T.; Smith, S. Ray Jr. Mar 1, 2000 5903
The Effect of Child Care Characteristics on Child Development. Blau, David M. Sep 22, 1999 18019
Key-factor/key-stage analysis for life table data. Yamamura, Kohji Mar 1, 1999 3320
Timing of nest departure in the thick-billed murre and razorbill: tests of Ydenberg's model. Hipfner, J. Mark; Gaston, Anthony J. Mar 1, 1999 6068
Growth rates and intraspecific variation in body weights of raccoons (Procyon lotor) in southern Texas. Gehrt, Stanley D.; Fritzell, Erik K. Jan 1, 1999 3702
Interspecific variation in the abundance, production, and emergence of Daphnia diapausing eggs. Caceres, Carla E. Jul 1, 1998 8705
Ecological correlates of regional variation in life history of the moose Alces alces: comment. Crete, Michel Jul 1, 1998 1743
Ecological correlates of regional variation in life history of the moose Alces alces: reply. Saether, Bernt-Erik; Andersen, Reider; Hjeljord, Olav; Heim, Morten Jul 1, 1998 1173
Flow-driven variation in intertidal community structure in a Maine estuary. Leonard, George H.; Levine, Jonathan M.; Schmidt, Paul R.; Bertness, Mark D. Jun 1, 1998 10462
Mutation, selection, and the maintenance of life-history variation in a natural population. Lynch, Michael; Latta, Leigh; Hicks, Justin; Giorgianni, Matthew Jun 1, 1998 5977
Regional gradient analysis and spatial pattern of woody plant communities of Oregon forests. Ohmann, Janet L.; Spies, Thomas A. May 1, 1998 15980
Scale-dependent variation in local vs. regional effects on coral species richness. Karlson, Ronald H.; Cornell, Howard V. May 1, 1998 9228
One size fits all? Relationships between the size and degree of variation in genitalia and other body parts in twenty species of insects and spiders. Eberhard, William G.; Huber, Bernhard A.; Rodriguez S., Rafael Lucas; Briceno, R. Daniel; Salas, Isa Apr 1, 1998 7070
Quantitative genetic estimates of morphometric variation in wild-caught and laboratory-reared houseflies. Bryant, Edwin H.; Meffert, Lisa M. Apr 1, 1998 3327
Geographic variation in growth and sexual size dimorphism of bog turtles (Clemmys muhlenbergii). Lovich, Jeffrey E.; Ernst, Carl H.; Zappalorti, Robert T.; Herman, Dennis W. Jan 1, 1998 4782
Genetic effects of germination timing and environment: an experimental investigation. Gabin, Robert J.; Evans, Ann S.; Mitchell, Randall J. Oct 1, 1997 5692
Spatial variation in abundance created by stochastic temporal variation. Ives, Anthony R.; Klopfer, Eric D. Sep 1, 1997 4295
Mechanisms maintaining genetic variability within populations. Elena, Santiago F.; Lenski, Richard E. Aug 1, 1997 8258
Segregating variation and fitness. Wayne, Marta L.; Hackett, J. Brant; Mackay, Trudy F.C. Aug 1, 1997 6073
Genetic and color interactions at a contact zone of Acanthochromis polyacanthus: a marine fish lacking pelagic larvae. Planes, S.; Doherty, P.J. Aug 1, 1997 6985
The nuances of variability: beyond mean square error and platitudes about fluctuating environments. Kareiva, Peter; Bergelson, Joy Jul 1, 1997 790
Spatial variation in rates of seed removal by harvester ants (Pogonomyrmex occidentalis) in a shrub-steppe ecosystem. Mull, John F.; MacMahon, James A. Jul 1, 1997 6253
Growth rate, body size, sexual dimorphism and morphometric variation in four populations of painted turtles (Chrysemys picta bellii) from Nebraska. Rowe, John W. Jul 1, 1997 6320
Physiological variation among clonal genotypes in the sea anemone Haliplanella lineata: growth and biochemical content. McManus, Michael G.; Place, Allen R.; Zamer, William E. Jun 1, 1997 10223
Quantitative genetic variance maintained by fluctuating selection with overlapping generations: variance components and covariances. Sasaki, Akira; Ellner, Stephen Jun 1, 1997 9256
Contrasting patterns of heritable geographic variation in shell morphology and growth potential in the marine gastropod Bembicium vittatum: evidence from field experiments. Parsons, Karen E. Jun 1, 1997 8031
Spontaneous mutational genotype-environment interaction for fitness-related traits in Drosophila melanogaster. Fernandez, Jesus; Lopez-Fanjul, Carlos Jun 1, 1997 5363
A search for quantitative trail loci affecting asymmetry of mandibular characters in mice. Leamy, Larry J.; Routman, Eric J.; Cheverud, James M. Jun 1, 1997 10434
Life-history variation in a colonial ascidian: broad-sense heritabilities and tradeoffs in allocation to asexual growth and male and female reproduction. Yund, Philip O.; Marcum, Yvette; Stewart-Savage, John Apr 1, 1997 6311
Agronomic evaluation of Medicago ruthenica collected in Inner Mongolia. Campbell, T.A.; Xia, Z.L. Mar 1, 1997 3614
The symmetry of correlated selection responses in adaptive evolution: an experimental study using Drosophila. Shiotsugu, Jason; Leroi, Armand M.; Yashiro, Hideko; Rose, Michael R.; Mueller, Laurence D. Feb 1, 1997 7265
Natural variation in the expression of the heat-shock protein Hsp70 in a population of Drosophila melanogaster and its correlation with tolerance of ecologically relevant thermal stress. Krebs, Robert A.; Feder, Martin E. Feb 1, 1997 5078
A comparison of two models for estimating phylogenetic effect on trait variation. Christman, Mary C.; Jernigan, Robert W.; Culver, David Feb 1, 1997 3148
The effect of inbreeding on phenotypic variance in the red flour beetle Tribolium castaneum. Pray, Leslie A.; Goodnight, Charles J. Feb 1, 1997 3024
Phenotypic variation in a zooplankton egg bank. Hairston, Nelson G., Jr.; Kearns, Colleen M.; Ellner, Stephen P. Dec 1, 1996 8215
Male reproductive success and variation in fruit and seed set in Aquilegia caerulea (ranunculaceae). Brunet, Johanne Dec 1, 1996 9751
Natural heritabilities: can they be reliably estimated in the laboratory? Weigensberg, Ilana; Roff, Derek A. Dec 1, 1996 5114
Selection for heat-shock resistance in larval and in adult Drosophila buzzatii: comparing direct and indirect responses. Loeschcke, Volker; Krebs, Robert A. Dec 1, 1996 4331
A comparison of temperature-induced polyphenism in African Bicyclus butterflies from a seasonal savannah-rainforest ecotone. Roskam, J.C.; Brakefield, P.M. Dec 1, 1996 6903
Latitudinal variation in developmental time and mass in Drosophila melanogaster. Worthen, Wade B. Dec 1, 1996 3617
Genetic population structure and gradual northward decline of genetic variability in the greenfinch (Carduelis chloris). Merila, Juha; Bjorklund, Mats; Baker, Allan J. Dec 1, 1996 5685
Life-history variation and comparative phylogeography of darters (Pisces: percidae) from the North American central highlands. Turner, Thomas F.; Traxler, Joel C.; Kuhn, David N.; Robison, Henry W. Oct 1, 1996 7809
Within-population variation in demography of Taraxacum officinale: maintenance of genetic diversity. Vavrek, M.C.; McGraw, J.B.; Yang, H.S. Oct 1, 1996 6967
Complex effects of genotype and environment on insect herbivores and their enemies. Stiling, Peter; Rossi, Anthony M. Oct 1, 1996 4420
Phenotypic variability within and between fish shoals. Krause, Jens; Godin, Jean-Guy J.; Myller, Rolf Jul 1, 1996 3834
Response to natural environmental heterogeneity: maternal effects and selection on life-history characters and plasticities in Mimulus guttatus. Galloway, Laura F. Dec 1, 1995 9765
Fine-scale spatial structure: correlations for individual genotypes differ from those for local gene frequencies. Epperson, Bryan K. Oct 1, 1995 3721
Evolution of sprint speed in lacertid lizards: morphological, physiological, and behavioral covariation. Bauwens, Dirk; Garland, Theodore, Jr.; Castilla, Aurora M.; Van Damme, Raoul Oct 1, 1995 11969
Morphological variation in the limbs of Taricha granulosa (Caudata: Salamandridae): evolutionary and phylogenetic implications. Shubin, Neil; Wake, David B.; Crawford, Andrew J. Oct 1, 1995 5509
Quantitative genetics in plants: the effect of the breeding system on genetic variability. Charlesworth, D.; Charlesworth, B. Oct 1, 1995 7846
Natural selection against white petals in Phlox. Levin, Donald A.; Brack, Ellen T. Oct 1, 1995 4508
Natural selection and distributive explanation: a reply to Neander. Sober, Elliott Sep 1, 1995 5988
Genetic and environmental contributions to geographic variation in the ovipositor length of a cricket. Mousseau, Timothy A.; Roff, Derek A. Jul 1, 1995 5874
Microclimate and individual variation in pollinators: flowering plants are more than their flowers. Herrera, Carlos M. Jul 1, 1995 5604
Epistasis and the increase in additive genetic variance: implications for phase 1 of Wright's shifting-balance process. Goodnight, Charles J. Jun 1, 1995 7133
Variance-induced peak shifts. Whitlock, Michael C. Apr 1, 1995 6230
Phenotypic plasticity and the maintenance of genetic variation. Cheetham, Alan H.; Jackson, Jeremy B.C.; Hayek, Lee-Ann C. Apr 1, 1995 4687
The evolutionary stable phenotype distribution in a random environment. Sasaki, Akira; Ellner, Stephen Apr 1, 1995 10654
Repeated reversals of host-preference evolution in a specialist insect herbivore. Radtkey, Ray R.; Singer, Michael C. Apr 1, 1995 5616
Mitchondrial DNA variation in the fungus Atkinsonella hypoxylon infecting sympatric Danthonia grasses. Horn, Randall Van; Clay, Keith Apr 1, 1995 7644
Biochemical heterozygosity and morphologic variation in a colony of Papio hamadryas hamadryas baboons. Bamshad, Michael; Crawford, M.H.; O'Rourke, Dennis; Jorde, Lynn B. Aug 1, 1994 5939
Genetics of physiological differentiation within the marine mussel genus Mytilus. Hilbish, Thomas J.; Bayne, Brian L.; Day, Amanda Apr 1, 1994 10781
Phenotypic and genetic effects of hybridization in Darwin's finches. Grant, Peter R.; Grant, B. Rosemary Apr 1, 1994 11010
Genetic similarity between parents predicts hatching failure: nonincestuous inbreeding in the great reed warbler? Bensch, Staffan; Hasselquist, Dennis; Schantz, Torbjorn von Apr 1, 1994 5494
A population memetics approach to cultural evolution in chaffinch song: differentiation among populations. Lynch, Alejandro; Baker, Allan J. Apr 1, 1994 4550
Analysis of selection and random change in fossil species using reconstructed genetic parameters. Cheetham, Alan H.; Jackson, Jeremy B.C.; Hayek, Lee-Ann Apr 1, 1994 5646
Clines for hybrid dysfunction in a grasshopper hybrid zone. Virdee, Sonia R.; Hewitt, Godfrey M. Apr 1, 1994 7242
Mitochondrial DNA variation within and between species of the Papilio machaon group of swallowtail butterflies. Sperling, Felix A.H.; Harrison, Richard G. Apr 1, 1994 7928
Evolutionary ecology of Datura stramonium L. in central Mexico: natural selection for resistance to herbivorous insects. Nunez-Farfan, Juna; Dirzo, Rodolfo Apr 1, 1994 7939
Population genetic structure of Cecropia obtusifolia, a tropical pioneer tree species. Alvarez-Buylla, Elena R.; Garay, Adriana A. Apr 1, 1994 8221
Differences between larval and adult Drosophila in metabolic degradation of ethanol. Freriksen, Astrid; Seykens, Don; Heinstra, Pieter W.H. Apr 1, 1994 2056
Cost of reproduction in Polemonium viscosum: phenotypic and genetic approaches. Galen, Candace Aug 1, 1993 3785
Phylogeographic patterns in coastal north American tiger beetles (Cicindela dorsalis Say) inferred from mitochondrial DNA sequences. Vogler, Alfried P.; DeSalle, Rob Aug 1, 1993 4773
Genotypic variation and clonal structure in coral populations with different disturbance histories. Hunter, Cynthia L. Aug 1, 1993 7146
Genetic variation for stress resistance and species borders. Blows, Mark W.; Hoffman, Ary A. Aug 1, 1993 9577
Gene flow, refugia, and evolution of geographic variation in the song sparrow (Melospiza melodia). Zink, Robert M.; Dittmann, Donna L. Jun 1, 1993 5881
Homogeneity of the genetic variance-covariance matrix for anitpredator traits in two natural populations of the garter snake Thamnophis ordinoides. Brodie, Edmund D. Jun 1, 1993 6079
Genetic constraints and the phylogeny of insect-plant associations: responses of Ophraella communa (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) to host plants of its congeners. Futuyma, Douglas J.; Keese, Mark C.; Scheffer, Sonia J. Jun 1, 1993 10077
An application of the neutral model to the evolution of tail length in the genus Euplectes (Aves, Ploceidae) Savalli, Udo M. Apr 1, 1993 2352
Premies - from cradle to classroom. Mar 1, 1989 176
Being and nothingness. Jun 7, 1986 250

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