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Varian Semiconductor announces new VIISta platform offering.

Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc. (NASDAQ:VSEA), a supplier of ion implantation systems, has introduced the VIISta 810 HP single wafer medium current ion implanter.

This system provides increased productivity and faster system installation, reducing customers' time to first wafer out and speeding their return on investment.

"As the industry moves toward smaller device geometries, the new VIISta 810 HP (High Productivity) implanter is the optimum successor to the industry-leading VIISta 810 implanter," said John Aldeborgh, vice president of sales and marketing for Varian Semiconductor. "The advantages of single wafer processing on the VIISta 810 HP and the VIISta platform include individual wafer statistical process control, enhanced productivity over older-generation spinning disk multi-wafer systems, and increased process flexibility for advanced applications including high tilt halo implants. In addition, the VIISta 810 HP provides precise total incident angle and dosimetry control to enable tighter distribution of electrical device parameters and a 50% reduction in contamination to enhance device yields."

Ernest Godshalk, president and chief operating officer of Varian Semiconductor remarked, "With the introduction of the VIISta 810 HP single wafer medium current ion implanter, Varian Semiconductor extends its lead in the marketplace by offering the most cost effective and technologically innovative ion implanters to meet the demanding requirements of the industry's most advanced device geometries."

The VIISta platform of parallel beam, single wafer implanters covers the entire range of ion implantation requirements, from 200eV through 3.75 MeV. The benefits of parallel beam systems center around their ability to precisely place dopants in the device structures.

Each implanter in the VIISta platform offers specific advantages in terms of integrated circuit performance. For high current implants, the VIISta 80 presents an opportunity to improve junction abruptness control and increase the drive current and processing speed. For medium current implants, the VIISta 810 HP provides exceptional control of the Vt and halo implants, improving the consistency of operating characteristics and yield across the wafer. For high energy implants, the VIISta 3000 provides additional accuracy in the placement of dopant species to enhance well-to-well isolation characteristics, reducing the size of the transistors and increasing the number of integrated circuits on the wafer. The VIISta P2LAD ultra low energy ion implanter combines pulsed-plasma doping with the VIISta platform functionality to overcome the significant technical challenges presented by the requirements of low energy doping for ultra shallow junctions.

Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates is the leading producer of ion implantation equipment used in the manufacture of semiconductors. The company is headquartered in Gloucester, Massachusetts, and operates worldwide. Varian Semiconductor maintains a web site at
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Title Annotation:Varian Semiconductor Equipment VIISta 810 HP
Comment:Varian Semiconductor announces new VIISta platform offering.(Varian Semiconductor Equipment VIISta 810 HP)
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Date:Jul 29, 2002
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