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Vaquero. (Zine Thing).

This one's outta Virginia. OK, it's a little smug, and has some of the aforementioned problems: an article on absinthe, a fake advice column with hangover cures, and a six-page treatise on the "State of Modem Skateboarding," which is the main article. Sometimes introspection is good, but this reads like a slightly bitter, aging guy writing about what's wrong with skateboarding today while subconsciously pining for the days of yore. I don't know when it ever seemed easy to become a pro, but this guys seems to think it was much easier "then" than compared to "now" because of the increased "stuntsmanship," which will have dire consequences for the entire industry and the hopes and dreams of pubescent lads everywhere. First of all, no one person has enough say to change the fate of skateboarding, and second, the good ol' days will always be the good ol' days, but these current days are and always will be the best days of our lives. Vaquero. 120 Wilson Ave Apt #3, Blacksburg, VA 24060.
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Title Annotation:letters
Author:Lundry, Wez
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Jun 1, 2002
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