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Vantive Corporation Announces Major New Release of Vantive Enterprise Customer Interaction Software; Customer Enterprise Solution Delivers New Vantive FieldService Application and More WWW Capabilities.

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 20, 1996--The Vantive Corporation (NASDAQ: VNTV) today announced a major new release of Vantive Enterprise, a client/server customer interaction software solution.

Vantive Enterprise 5.0 is an integrated suite of applications that enables businesses to improve overall service to customers by automating sales, marketing, defect tracking, field service, and internal help desk functions.

Version 5.0 of Vantive Enterprise comprises the following new applications and functionality:

-- Vantive FieldService: an application integrated with the Vantive Enterprise that manages all tracking, scheduling, dispatching and materials processing of people, parts, and time throughout the support process;

-- Vantive Customer: a new application for customer self-service using the World Wide Web;

-- VanWeb enhancements: improved security and response times for Vantive's award-winning Web product;

-- Support for the Informix database platform.

"Vantive Enterprise 5.0 extends our commitment to improve the support process across the entire enterprise. With the release of Vantive FieldService and Vantive Customer, we are helping our customers increase productivity and improve the bottom line," said John Luongo, President and CEO, Vantive.

Announcing Vantive FieldService: Dispatching as Part of the Support Process:

Vantive FieldService handles all field service management functions to improve the processes of managing people, parts and other resources. The product is initially targeted at field service personnel within an organization as well as those organizations using third party or maintenance companies. Vantive FieldService manages all tracking, scheduling, dispatching and materials processing of people, parts, and time in the support process.

The new application offers the following core features to improve the management of the field service process:

-- Planning agent: helps managers proactively evaluate and plan different services, costs, workflow and time by defining and automating field service tasks;

-- Dispatching agent: identifies the appropriate third party service provider and/or Field Service Engineer(s) according to skills, availability, location and customer needs;

-- Tracking agent: helps track actual time, materials and expenses of Field Service Engineers to streamline operational costs.

"Vantive FieldService gets the right person with the right part to the right place at the right time," adds Robert C. Couch, Product Manager of Vantive FieldService. "This application effectively manages and maximizes an organization's resources in the field as they relate to the support process."

The following scenario showcases Vantive FieldService's end-to-end management capabilities. For example, a customer would contact the vendor's support center to request assistance. In turn, using Vantive's Research Agent standard problem/resolution capabilities, the Vantive system recommends the appropriate action and parts required to solve the customer's problem.

Based on availability, skill set and location, Vantive FieldService then provides the Field Service Engineer (FSE) or third-party maintenance organization (TPM) with the appropriate contract terms, destination and target arrival time.

Vantive FieldService also manages and controls costs based on such information as detailed time tracking, parts usage tracking, expenses incurred, contract agreements and billing information. The workflow capabilities inherent in all Vantive applications ensures proper routing of information. When the workorder is completed, the FSE or TPM can close the case using VanWeb, an application for interacting with Vantive Enterprise on the Web, or any other traditional means of communication such as fax, electronic mail or phone.

Vantive FieldService is a tightly integrated application with other Vantive Enterprise applications and shares the same data model, systems administration, and "look and feel". The new application leverages Vantive's workflow engine to improve the flow of information and data within the customer enterprise.

Self-Service On The Web With New Vantive Customer

(for more info., see press release from Feb. 14, "Vantive Extends Customer Self-Service on the Web")

Vantive Customer is an enhancement to the company's ground-breaking VanWeb product for interacting with Vantive applications via the World Wide Web. Vantive Customer is a collection of 18 customer-centric forms specifically designed for organizations who want to provide self-service options to their customers on the Web. Vantive Customer is easy to implement, lowers support costs and works seamlessly with Vantive Support, one of several applications within the Vantive Enterprise customer interaction system.

Vantive Customer's rich functionality enables a customer to search for a solution, submit a new problem case, check the status of a previously submitted case, make an enhancement request or suggestion, or report a defect. As part of the Vantive system, Vantive Customer leverages the power of Vantive's workflow engine, data integrity, permissions schemes and application security.

VanWeb Enhancements

Vantive is also announcing new VanWeb functionality for improved security, response times and application navigation using the Web. With the increasing popularity of the Web as a communications medium and as organizations offer more information to their customers on the Web, the need for fast response times and tight security is increasing. Leveraging Vantive's three-tier architecture, VanWeb employs a multi-tiered security structure to provide a higher level of security for users accessing Vantive applications on the Web.

Vantive has also improved the speed of user access, interaction and navigation of its applications by five to ten times. Users now have an open connection to the application and can freely navigate for as long as they require, rather than wait for the browser to open a new connection each time an operation is performed.

Informix Platform Support

With version 5.0, Vantive applications now support the INFORMIX OnLine Dynamic Server from Informix. Vantive currently also supports popular databases from Oracle, Sybase and Microsoft. Vantive applications run on a variety of UNIX platforms as well as servers supporting Microsoft NT with Windows, Motif and Macintosh clients.

Pricing and Availability

All Vantive Enterprise 5.0 applications are available immediately. The company's list prices for Vantive Enterprise applications are $30,000 per application per server and $2,500 per concurrent user. The list price for Vantive Customer is $5,000 plus a license fee based on usage. Vantive Customer is shipping with Vantive Enterprise version 5.0.

About The Vantive Corporation

The Vantive Corporation (NASDAQ: VNTV) is the fastest growing public software company in the emerging customer interaction market. The company develops, markets and supports the Vantive Enterprise, a suite of software applications that enable businesses to enhance customer satisfaction by automating sales, marketing, customer support, defect tracking, field service, and internal help desk functions.

It delivers the enterprise scalability, rich functionality, flexibility, security and rapid implementation required by today's competitive market. Vantive applications are used by world-class, customer-centric companies across all industries to achieve total customer service. Vantive can be reached by calling 1-800-582-6848 or on the World Wide Web at -0-

Note to Editors: Vantive, Vantive Enterprise, Vantive Sales, Vantive Support, Vantive Quality, Vantive HelpDesk, and Vantive Tools are trademarks of The Vantive Corporation.


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Date:Feb 20, 1996
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