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Vantive Announces Major New Release of Vantive HelpDesk for Enterprise Support Management; Comprehensive Help Desk Solution Features New Support for Change Management, Problem Management, and Systems and Network Management.

RENO, Nev.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 11, 1996--The Vantive Corporation (NASDAQ: VNTV) today announced a new generation in client/server help desk software for enterprise support management with a major new release of Vantive HelpDesk.

Version 5.0 of Vantive HelpDesk is the first application designed to address the enterprise-wide requirements of today's organizations spanning asset and employee tracking, change and problem management, and systems and network management.

Available immediately, Vantive HelpDesk 5.0 includes new functionality for Change Management, Problem Management, and Systems and Network Management. The company has also formed development, reseller and marketing partnerships with BSG for Change Management, ServiceWare and Inference for Problem Management, and IBM/Tivoli for Systems and Network Management, in these areas respectively.

"With this release, Vantive is transforming the help desk from a traditional departmental function to a more strategic, enterprise-wide discipline," said John Luongo, president and CEO, Vantive Corporation. "Vantive HelpDesk takes a fresh look at the help desk function from an enterprise perspective to offer customers a combination of the innovative technology and functionality they need to manage their organizations."

According to Patrick McBride, vice president, Systems Management Service, META Group, "Enterprise support management is rapidly becoming the new paradigm for the help desk and customer service world. Vantive is addressing critical user requirements with enhanced functionality in three key areas that organizations today must support within the help desk environment."

Vantive HelpDesk 5.0

Vantive HelpDesk 5.0 enriches the help desk with additional capabilities that enable companies to improve and extend support services throughout the enterprise as follows:

Change Management: New Management Information Application

Vantive HelpDesk 5.0 includes a completely integrated management information application that lets help desk agents define a set of tasks for automatically tracking and managing changes to people, products and services within the support environment. Developed in conjunction with BSG Alliance/IT, Inc., Change Management includes tools for Change Administration and shares Vantive HelpDesk's data model, workflow engine and user interface.

"Change Management for Vantive HelpDesk is ideal for companies who need to define and have better control of tracking internal business processes and product changes," explained Bryan Menell, market initiative leader for BSG. "It is particularly useful for those with ISO 9000 compliances."

With Vantive Change Management, a help desk manager can establish an automated process for scheduling routine tasks. These tasks can handle any process-related technical support or general service request. This functionality supports the growing need for enterprise support management, whereby the help desk is more than just a technical support center.

For example, the help desk may receive a request to set up a new employee, which could include technical support, service requests and other business processes. On the technical support side, the help desk process would include such tasks as configuring a PC with the proper hardware, software and network interface for the employee. On the service side, the help desk process could include such tasks as issuing the employee a key to enter the building with the proper security passwords.

I-NET, based in Bethesda, Md., is a $350 million outsourcing company using Vantive HelpDesk to handle incoming calls for major energy and government organizations. One of I-NET's largest clients, Houston-based Halliburton Energy Services, relies on I-NET to support the help desk departments for their PC, LAN, WAN, and global telecommunications customers.

"The change management module for Vantive HelpDesk has been a life saver for I-NET," said Chris Tyrell, Task Supervisor, I-NET. "We are now able to track complicated customer and service requests that demand a process-driven application. Before, we had to handle network outages and desktop application modifications manually, which left a huge margin for error and was inefficient. Vantive's Change Management capabilities have allowed us to provide superior customer service as well as provided us with a great management tool. As a result, we are better able to manage our time and resources which saves us money."

Problem Management:

New Support for ServiceWare Inc. and Inference OEM Partner

Vantive delivers the industry's leading problem management capabilities, including: problem resolution through Vantive Research Agent, as well as enterprise-wide tracking and management capabilities. With release 5.0, Vantive HelpDesk now supports and resells Knowledge-Paks from ServiceWare Incorporated.

ServiceWare's Knowledge-Paks are complete, on-line knowledge bases used by help desk administrators and end users to troubleshoot problems and improve productivity. Knowledge-Paks consist of prepackaged information about specific applications, such as Microsoft Word or Lotus Notes. Fully integrated with Vantive HelpDesk, these knowledge bases give help desk administrators a head start on building their resolution database.

ServiceWare's Knowledge-Paks are accessed using Vantive's Research Agent -- a collection of problem resolution techniques -- for fast diagnostic access. The Research Agent is used to perform a full text search to match the appropriate resolution or answer.

For example, to perform a search, the help desk agent or end user simply logs a call in the case form. Vantive's Research Agent pulls all relevant information from the resolution database to supply a possible solution. When the information is retrieved, it is presented in a diagnostic tree format to the end user or help desk administrator.

"The capabilities of Vantive HelpDesk with ServiceWare's Knowledge-Paks provide a quick and effective way to get the best information quickly to users throughout the enterprise," said Jeff Pepper, president and CEO, ServiceWare. "Vantive HelpDesk provides robust problem/resolution capabilities by offering great functionality to improve end user productivity and customer satisfaction."

Vantive today also announced it has joined Inference's OEM Partner Program for joint sales, marketing and support efforts. Inference's case-based reasoning problem-resolution technology is already full integrated in the Vantive HelpDesk software to provide problem management and call tracking capabilities.

Systems and Network Management:

Support for IBM NetView 6000 and the Tivoli Management Environment

In addition to its current support for leading network management solutions such as HP OpenView, Vantive HelpDesk 5.0 now features support for IBM NetView 6000. In cooperation with Vantive, Tivoli is developing Tivoli/Plus for Vantive HelpDesk. As a result, help desks can be notified of systems or network problems automatically. In addition, Vantive reports and/or matrixes can be proactively and simultaneously generated to track the problem throughout its lifecycle.

Integrated with Vantive HelpDesk, IBM NetView 6000 provides the following benefits to help desk managers and systems and network administrators:

- automatically generates trouble tickets for and fills in all the appropriate information regarding a problem or case; - automatically notifies the Vantive help desk if a network problem occurs; - provides the network or help desk agent with the cause of the problem, not just its symptoms; - monitors all the systems traps or other software errors that may occur within the enterprise; - allows the network or help desk manager to define the escalation and routing process for a person, trouble ticket, or report.

The Tivoli Management Environment is a systems management solution for client/server computing and will be seamlessly integrated with Vantive HelpDesk through a Tivoli/Plus module. Leveraging the unique system management capabilities of the Tivoli/Plus module, Vantive HelpDesk users are offered the following benefits:

- automatic trouble ticket submission and close-out; - resource monitoring to proactively enable an administrator to monitor and fix potential problems for the Vantive Enterprise; - automatic software distribution for a coordinated and consistent distribution of Vantive software throughout the enterprise; - customized task administration for the Vantive Enterprise.

Fully Integrated Solution for Enterprise Support Management

All new Vantive HelpDesk capabilities are fully integrated to provide users a seamless support management solution. Vantive HelpDesk today delivers the most comprehensive system for end user support and asset management that extends beyond the traditional help desk department. With Vantive, help desk departments can manage hardware and software configurations as well as catalog and track company assets. Vantive HelpDesk can also be automatically updated with new employee information or employee profiles for human resources management.

According to Tim White, manager, US West Communications who is using Vantive HelpDesk to support the company's 65,000 employees, "Vantive HelpDesk has now covered all the bases in the support environment by expanding its capabilities in the areas of problem and change management. Vantive HelpDesk's ability to track assets and offer employee self-service capabilities as well as its ability to solve problems and answer questions enables our organization to be proud of the great internal customer service and support that we provide."

Vantive HelpDesk is full integrated with all other Vantive Enterprise applications including sales, marketing, customer support, defect tracking and field service functions. As a result, Vantive users can manage and extend the support process across all departments throughout the enterprise organization. Like Vantive HelpDesk, all Vantive applications share a common data model and are based on three-tier client/server architecture.

Pricing and Availability

The new version of Vantive HelpDesk is available immediately from Vantive and supports popular databases from Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft and Informix. Vantive applications run on a variety of UNIX platforms and Microsoft NT, with support for Windows, Macintosh and Motif clients. The company's list price for Vantive HelpDesk is $30,000 per application per server and $2,500 per concurrent user.

About The Vantive Corporation

The Vantive Corporation (NASDAQ:VNTV) is the fastest growing public software company in the emerging customer interaction software market. The company develops, markets and supports the Vantive Enterprise, a suite of software applications that enable businesses to enhance customer satisfaction by automating sales, marketing, customer support, defect tracking, field service, and internal help desk functions. It delivers the enterprise scalability, rich functionality, flexibility, security and rapid implementation required by today's competitive market. Vantive applications are used by world-class, customer-centric companies across all industries to achieve total customer service. Vantive can be reached by calling 1/800-582-6848 or on the World Wide Web at -0-

Note to Editor: Vantive, Vantive Enterprise, Vantive Sales, Vantive Support, Vantive Quality, Vantive HelpDesk, and Vantive Tools are trademarks of The Vantive Corporation. All other company and product names may be trademarks or their respective owners.

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