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Vanessa and 99 figures of fun..; Our countdown to 100 fascinating facts behind numbers:.


SOMETIMES it feels that our lives are ruled by numbers - from the Lottery to credit cards. And every day we are greeted by more and more statistics. DONNIE KERR adds up some light-hearted facts behind figures from one to 100...

1. Number of rhinos shot by the Queen Mum in 1925.

2. Total of fried eggs a theatre critic was reminded of by Jerry Hall's naked stage debut in London.

3. Millions of British couples who have sex in an average day.

4. Waist circumference, in feet, of Queen Victoria's knickers.

5. Number of days we spend on the phone in an average year.

6. The months actor Jimmy Nail served in jail for kicking a policeman in the face.

7. Weekly wage, in pounds, for which footballers threatened to strike in 1946.

8. Age at which Vanessa Feltz claims her bust first developed.

9. Number of musicals Andrew Lloyd Webber had written by 17.

10. Percentage of British women who snore.

11. Thousands of pounds Johnny Depp paid for a bottle of wine in a London restaurant.

12. The wing span in inches of the world's largest moth, Attacus Atlas.

13. The age when Kate Winslet made her screen debut - in a Sugar Puffs advert.

14. The record number of goals scored by a World Cup player- Gerd Muller's 10 in 1970 and four in 1974.

15. Jeremy Beadle's age when he was expelled from school.

16. Marilyn Monroe's dress size in 1962.

17. Number of hours per year we clock up on the phone waiting for someone to answer.

18. Total audience for a Beatles gig in Aldershot in 1961.

19. Cost, in pence, of 20 Embassy Gold cigarettes in 1969.

20. Gestation period, in days, of a lemming (hardly seems worth it).

21. Total weight loss of all British adults during an average night's sleep, in thousands of tons.

22. Paul Merton's nasal hair growth, in centimetres, since Have I Got News For You? started.

23. Age at which Sean Connery was offered pounds 25 a week to join Man U by Matt Busby.

24. Number of Royal bums between Princess Alexandra's daughter Marina and the throne when she was named Rear of the Year in 1989.

25. Percentage of British women who have lost their tempers before a dinner party.

26. Age at which Joan Collins had an abortion because Warren Beatty felt too young to be a father.

27. Thousands of British men who do a bit of needlework on an average day.

28. The Goliath Bird-Eating spider's leg span, in centimetres.

29. Average width, in centimetres, of a man's waist.

30. Bust measurement, in inches, of the first Miss America in 1921.

31. Percentage of condoms sold in Britain bought by women.

32. Number of rum and cokes knocked back by William Hague on his 18th birthday.

33. Millions of pounds spent on moving Glasgow's Kingston Bridge by two inches.

34. Time, in minutes, of high impact aerobics required to burn off a can of Lucozade.

35. Thousands of Americans insured against alien abduction.

36. Number of days a British mum spends cooking and washing up in an average year.

37. Age at which Jack Nicholson discovered that his "mother" was his granny and his "sister" was his mum.

38. Millions of anniversary cards we send each year.

39. Total episodes of TV's Trumptonshire Trilogy (Camberwick Green, Trumpton and Chigley).

40. What we spend every year on frozen Yorkshire puddings - in millions of pounds.

41. Number of baby girls born every hour in Britain.

42. Percentage of adults under 55 likely to have casual sex on holiday abroad.

43. Hours we spend in a year waiting for traffic lights to change.

44. The percentage of men who use fragrance.

45. Average tonnage of babies born in Britain every week.

46. Weight in pounds of a great bustard.

47. The average age at which parents become grandparents.

48. Dolly Parton's bust size.

49. Life expectancy of British women 100 years ago.

50. Millions of pounds for which footballer Ronaldo's legs are insured.

51. Number of days Ryan O'Neal spent in jail for assault in 1960.

52. Number of telegrams the Queen sends to centenarians each week.

53. Thousands of nurses expected to qualify in the next four years.

54. Percentage of New Year resolutions broken within two weeks.

55. Tom Hanks' weight loss, in pounds, for his Cast Away role.

56. Consecutive weeks Englebert Humperdinck's Release Me was in the charts.

57. Variety of Heinz products as advertised on their tins.

58. Percentage of male pet owners who find it easier to talk to their dog than their partner.

59. Bill Roache's age when Ken Barlow embarked on his 19th romance in Coronation Street.

60. Hours of news broadcast on terrestrial British TV a day.

61. Percentage of British adults who believe in love at first sight.

62. Number of Wallace & Gromit's home in West Wallaby Street.

63. Age at which Barbara Cartland wrote Sex And The Teenager.

64. Paid maternity leave in Sweden, in weeks.

65. Average number of toilet rolls used in Britain every second.

66. Age at which Louis Armstrong was No 1 with Wonderful World.

67. Fine, in thousands of pounds, imposed on Liz Hurley for crossing an actors' picket line.

68. What we spend in Britain every day, in thousands of pounds, on laxatives.

69. Decibel rating of a loud snore.

70. Age at which Barbara Cartland wrote A Virgin In Paris.

71. Percentage of Brits against joining the single currency.

72. Number of days per year clocked up in front of the telly by 60 per cent of Brits.

73. Queen Mum's hourly take-home pay, in pounds.

74. Millions of barrels of oil used every day worldwide.

75. Percentage of French women who put on clean underwear daily.

76. Number of POWs who got away in The Great Escape.

77. Average number of Brits who emigrate to Australia each day.

78. Age at which Sir Laurence Olivier made the pop charts (on Paul Hardcastle's Just for Money).

79. Number of words listed for drunk in Roget's Thesaurus, as opposed to just three for sober.

80. Payment, in pounds, by a Newcastle upon Tyne school to pupils who meet attendance targets.

81. Age when Barbara Cartland wrote Keep Young And Beautiful.

82. Number of penis specimens at the Iceland Phallological Museum.

83. Percentage of US viewers who watched Elvis Presley's first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show.

84. Thousands of Brits who jog on an average day.

85. Wives under 20 who get divorced on an average day in England & Wales.

86. Percentage of seven to 11-year-olds who won't eat spinach.

87. Number of men sexier than Eddie Izzard, according to a poll.

88. Percentage of British parents who'd smack a naughty child.

89. Size of Great Britain in thousands of square miles.

90. Sir Alec Guinness's total earnings, in pounds, in 1970.

91. Age at which Lillian Gish celebrated made her 100th film.

92. Princess Anne's speed on the M1 which got her a pounds 40 fine in 1977.

93. Distance, in miles, crawled by the average baby by two.

94. Percentage of accountants who wouldn't give up work if they won the Lottery.

95. Number of burglaries that lead to convictions in an average day (out of a total of 3,385).

96. Annual egg consumption per head of British population.

97. British female smoker's average weekly cigarette tally.

98. Percentage of Viagra prescriptions in America for men over 40.

99. Percentage of Iraqi journalists who voted Saddam Hussein's son Journalist Of The Century.

100. Yards of spaghetti scoffed in 12.02 seconds by record holder Peter Dowdeswell in Halesowen in 1986.


IT ALL ADDS UP: Clockwise from top, Vanessa (8), traffic lights (43), toilet rolls (65), Wallace & Gromit (62) - and Marilyn (16)
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