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Vanessa's Pounds 200,000-A-Year Husband Had An Affair, Left Her And The Kids And Ended Their Marriage .. But She's Had To Give Him Money For A New House; pounds 1.5m insult to injury.

THE wealthy surgeon who walked out on Vanessa Feltz and their two children has collected a pounds 500,000-plus divorce settlement from the TV star.

Michael Kurer, who had an affair with a younger colleague, is now finding that disloyalty pays as he swaps a rented flat for a six-bedroom mansion worth pounds 1.5million.

For Vanessa, 38, it must seem like the last straw after a year in which her emotions have been torn apart.

Last October, 40-year-old Kurer marched into the kitchen as she prepared Sunday lunch and announced that their 15-year marriage had "insuperable problems".

He failed to mention his relationship with a fellow doctor 14 years his junior. Vanessa found out about it later after Kurer had asked for a trial separation.

Yesterday, in possession of a decree absolute and with a civil settlement agreed with Kurer, the new slimline Vanessa was staying silent about her handout to a man earning pounds 200,000 a year.

But she did reveal: ''Now, after umpteen meetings with solicitors and barristers, infinite heartache and the writing of several obscenely large cheques, I am single.""

A friend was more forthcoming. "You can imagine Vanessa's sentiments on this issue. Why should a woman left alone to bring up her children have to pay a pounds 200,000-a-year surgeon half a million quid?

"Michael is the one who ended the marriage - not Vanessa.

"He is the one who walked out and it is simply outrageous that she should have to give him any money at all, let alone the huge amount she ended up paying him. You don't have to be a genius to work out what Vanessa thinks about Michael moving into a massive mansion all for himself.

"But she has forced herself to stay silent for the sake of the kids. She doesn't want the girls to see their parents rowing in public.

"The whole situation is very upsetting and everyone who knows and loves Vanessa just hopes that Michael Kurer is feeling very proud of himself.

"She thought he might have suggested the money all went to their daughters."

With a BBC contract worth pounds 2million, the onus financially was on Vanessa to come up with a substantial end-of-marriage package.

Now orthopaedic consultant Kurer is sinking it into a life of domestic luxury in Hampstead Garden Suburb, North West London.

The surgeon, who has split with mistress Rachel Evans, should be in by the weekend after vacating his nondescript apartment near Golders Green. Vanessa and their girls Allegra, 12, and Saskia, nine, will be less than a mile away at the ornate pounds 2.5million family home which continues to cost the TV host a small fortune in mortgage repayments.

With her glamorous new image, Vanessa is fronting programmes like Talking TV, I Will Survive and Quotation Marks. A daytime chat show is also on the way.

Last night her friend said: "She is back to her old self." Kurer refused to comment.

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Author:Scott, James
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 26, 2000
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