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Vandals target playground built in honour of Georgie.


DISRESPECTFUL vandals have trashed a play area created in memory of a Nuneaton toddler who lost her young life to meningitis.

They left behind a trail of destruction in their wake at the Georgie's Gift play area, which is based within the grounds of Ambleside Sports and Social Club.

Fence panels have been broken and the seesaw has been damaged as it was used as a battering ram to smash cones, which had been taken from elsewhere within the club grounds.

Bikes have been ridden on the specialist flooring and CCTV footage has shown that they were jumping off bins onto the trampoline. Matt Hall, who set-up the Georgie's Gift charity with his wife Paula as a legacy to their daughter Georgie, who tragically died just days before her second birthday, said: "It is annoying that it has been disrespected the way it has been. People know why it is there and what it is for. "I just hope the youths who did this realise what they have done.

"You can't do anything to change it, it has happened, all we can do now is get it fixed and just hope that it doesn't happen again."

Not only did the group cause damage to what is a special place for the Halls and their families but the play area was paid for by the community and built for the community's use.

"We use the incredible donations given to the charity to give something back and the play area was one of these," Matt said.

"This was installed using money raised for us, this is money given to us by the kind general public and now it has been damaged."

As a result of the attack, part of the park cannot be used and will need specialist repairs.

"It is a shame as we know how many people have enjoyed it and now some of the equipment cannot be used," Mr Hall added.

As the culprits were caught on CCTV, management at the club are now hoping to trace them.

"We aren't getting the police involved for now," Matt added. "Hopefully the club will find out who they are. Lots of people have said to us that we ought to make them come down to the play area and help fix it.

"If you go round any park in Nuneaton, I'd bet you'd find something has happened to them involving youths.

"It doesn't make it right, obviously, I just think these kids need educating. You'd like to think that their parents aren't aware of what they have done and when they do realise they would be mortified, you'd like to think they'd feel that way."

Keen to concentrate on something positive, all focus is now being put on the charities next two fundraisers - the Winter Ball in November and the annual Christmas Fair in December.

It doesn't make it right, obviously, I just think these kids need educating. Matt Hall


Matt and Paula Hall opening the play area, above, in honour of their daughter Georgie, left

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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Sep 11, 2019
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