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Vandals of statue sentenced to procession with donkey. (Nation).

To atone for an act of vandalism of a statue of the baby Jesus, a young couple walked through Fairport Harbor, Ohio, with a donkey Feb. 2 while church members, passerby and members of the media watched. Jessica Lange and Brian Patrick, both 19, had been ordered to make the procession after they admitted to defacing a statue stolen from the Nativity scene at Fairport Harbor's St. Anthony's Catholic Church on Christmas Eve.

The couple led Sidney, a donkey provided by a petting zoo, through the streets while carrying a sign that said, "Sorry for the jackass offense." The procession allowed Lane and Patrick to avoid a longer jail sentence. Police said the statue was stabbed and the Satanic numerals 666 painted on it. The two must also replace the statue, complete drug and alcohol counseling and serve 45 days in jail.

"This is a kind of conscience-flogging," said Painesville Municipal Judge Michael Cicconetti, who is known for his unusual sentences meant to shame criminals. "It is intended to bring them some public humiliation, Hopefully it will serve as a deterrent."

When the 30-minute walk ended at the Fairport Harbor police station, Lange apologized to the townspeople.
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Date:Feb 14, 2003
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