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Settlers vandalize a barn for a Palestinian farmer near Salfit. Mar 4, 2021 169
Statues on girl education vandalized. Mar 4, 2021 192
Repairs to begin on fire-hit frame. Mar 4, 2021 499
Man in dock for spree of vandalism. SARA NICHOL Court Reporter Mar 3, 2021 305
Plea after Paisley FM radio DJ's car vandalised. Mar 3, 2021 325
'We need to get tough on vandals spreading covid scam messages'. STEPH BRAWN LOCAL DEMOCRACY REPORTER Mar 2, 2021 437
GRAFFITI VANDALS HIT CLUB; MINDLESS ABUSE AT GREENSANDS VENUE Graffiti vandals strike at Nithsdale clubhouse. KENNY MACDONALD Mar 2, 2021 374
2 Chhatra League factions clash at Chittagong Medical College. Mar 2, 2021 251
Official wants vandals on Kimira Oluch project arrested. Feb 28, 2021 265
Researcher talks monuments on ancient Azerbaijani lands vandalized by Armenians. Feb 27, 2021 214
Anger as memorial trees sawn by vandals. Feb 27, 2021 258
Shameless dumpers left stuck in the mud. Feb 27, 2021 152
Customers and staff 'at risk' following vandalism of Barnsley bus. Feb 26, 2021 177
Despair at memorial vandalism. DAVID MACKAY Feb 25, 2021 342
BEAUTY SPOT POOL DRAINED BY VANDALS; lock and chain smashed off sluice gate. NICK HORNER News Reporter Feb 25, 2021 365
Nigeria losing $13 million a day and more than $4.8 billion a year over crude oil theft, vandalism, NNPC says. Feb 25, 2021 248
Nigeria losing 0.2m barrels of oil daily to theft, vandalism - NNPC. Feb 24, 2021 367
PML-N involves in vandalism to have grip in all elections: Shibli. Feb 23, 2021 205
Cash help divine for church hit by vandals. SAM JONES @SJONESREPORTER Feb 23, 2021 245
We'll make parents pay up for kids who trash our bowling club; Anger over mindless vandalism. Feb 23, 2021 600
Driver's fury over smash attack on car; Rear window shattered by yobs. BETHAN SEXTON Feb 23, 2021 321
Scribbling graffiti on your own painting? It's a Scream... Feb 23, 2021 164
Billiri Protest: Gombe police arrest security personnel, 15 others. Feb 22, 2021 464
PM determined to end politics of money, vandalism: Shibli PTI candidates wins Daska by-elections. Feb 22, 2021 448
APNS deplores attack on Jang Group offices. Feb 22, 2021 253
Thieves ransack team clubhouse in night raid; VANDALS MAKE OFF WITH CHARITY BOXES AND ALCOHOL. AMELIA SHAW Daily Post Reporter Feb 20, 2021 202
Supporters join forces to repair vandal damage. Feb 20, 2021 257
Armenia's vandalism highlighted at UN meeting. Feb 20, 2021 369
Mindless vandals leave huge trail of destruction at bar; Owners 'disgusted' by mess left to marquee. KENNY MACDONALD Feb 19, 2021 359
Teens suspected of pub vandalism. Feb 19, 2021 246
Bangsamoro officials vow thorough probe into vandalism of Basilan chapels. Feb 18, 2021 338
Teenagers arrested after gang smashed up cars during rampage on estate; gang caught on video kicking police van and jumping on other cars. CHARLOTTE HADFIELD ECHO Reporter @Charl_hadfield Feb 17, 2021 421
Hopes to save rugby ground. LEWIS SMITH Reporter Feb 17, 2021 608
'Mindless' vandals hurl brick at ambulance. Feb 17, 2021 194
'Feral rats' seen on CCTV smashing up stranger's car; GANG OF THUGS JUMPED ON BONNET AND KICKED OFF MIRRORS. LEE GRIMSDITCH ECHO Reporter @LeeGrimsditch Feb 16, 2021 439
Developer accused of 'environmental vandalism' as trees lost. Feb 16, 2021 340
'Idiotic' vandals target landmark. Feb 15, 2021 151
Trust to push on after monument vandalised. DAVID PROCTOR Feb 15, 2021 386
Demolition an act of 'extreme vandalism', says councillor. Feb 15, 2021 193
'Dismay' after vandals target snow sports centre. Feb 13, 2021 179
Plea as council hits out at lifebelt vandals. STEPHEN TEMLETT Feb 12, 2021 327
'Dismay' as vandals hit snowsports site. DAVID PROCTOR Feb 12, 2021 455
Abia Govt to demolish buildings used to keep kidnap victims. Feb 12, 2021 309
Thugs trash bus used by special needs kids. CHRIS SLATER @CHRISSLATERMEN Feb 11, 2021 327
Covid-19 denying graffiti vandal branded 'ignorant'. DAVID CAMPBELL Feb 11, 2021 316
Mystery donation. Feb 11, 2021 199
'No need' for UWS pitch 'vandalism' Campaigners say dig was 'completely unnecessary'. EDEL KENEALY Feb 11, 2021 398
Equipment stolen from club. Feb 11, 2021 311
Club introduces security measures after vandalism. Feb 11, 2021 375
Chinese workers' cars, barracks vandalized in Barisal. Feb 11, 2021 321
NSCDC Intercepts Pipeline Vandals With Fuel-Laden Truck In Oyo. Feb 11, 2021 214
NSCDC Intercepts Pipeline Vandals With Fuel Laden Trucks In Oyo. Feb 10, 2021 445
AN INSULT TO OUR DEAD; It has been repeatedly underlined that parties can have a significant influence on spreading the virus Fury over 'scamdemic' graffiti near RAH. DAVID CAMPBELL Feb 10, 2021 494
Apartments plan for former pub approved. Feb 10, 2021 193
Anger as memorial saplings destroyed. STEPHEN HOUSTON Feb 10, 2021 475
'GRAFFITI IS AN INSULT TO THOSE WHO LOST THEIR LIVES TO COVID-19' Councillor hits out at vandalism close to RAH. DAVID CAMPBELL Feb 10, 2021 479
Lawyers on rampage to 'protest' demolition of illegal structures in F-8. Feb 9, 2021 307
Lawyers on rampage to 'protest' demolition of illegal structures in F-8. Feb 9, 2021 232
Perak J and T Express staff apologise for vandalism of customers' packages shown in online video (VIDEO). Feb 8, 2021 412
Swastika scrawled on sign. Feb 6, 2021 282
Fury after pub shed trashed by vandals; Lochar Inn boss says youths have targeted his business. STEPHEN TEMLETT Feb 5, 2021 413
Vandals targeted new footbridge. Feb 4, 2021 160
'Selfish' vandals attack tree saplings growing in town park. Feb 4, 2021 267
Scarborough nursery's minibus has tyres slashed in repeated attacks; A nursery minibus in Scarborough has been repeatedly targeted by vandals as police issue a fresh witness appeal. George Buksmann Feb 4, 2021 253
Glasgow Rocks basketball team reveals sickening racist abuse suffered by players; A Scottish basketball team has spoken out, saying black players have suffered racist attacks, harassment, and vandalism. Scott McCartney Feb 4, 2021 308
Club in appeal for help after yobs wreck pitch. alex seabrook Feb 2, 2021 468
PITCH INVASION; RESIDENTS FURIOUS OVER 'VANDALISM' Uni accused of destroying green space ?Anger over 'archaeological dig' Fury as land is dug up. EDEL KENEALY Feb 1, 2021 396
Tyres slashed as vandals go on damage spree in Scarborough; Tyres have been slashed and paintwork scratched in a spate of damage to vehicles in Scarborough. Sarah Fitton Feb 1, 2021 154
Attack on Sat Prakashan Centre, Indore. Feb 1, 2021 1745
Famous photographer slams Armenian vandalism against monuments. Feb 1, 2021 535
Minister TurkoviA condemns the act of vandalism in Sarajevo. Jan 31, 2021 187
Butcher's horror after vandals damage shop. OPRAH FLASH News Reporter Jan 30, 2021 347
Boy, 17, held over bus vandalism; NEWS WIRE. Jan 29, 2021 246
Hollyer hopes cash can secure the Fort. JAMIE DURENT Jan 29, 2021 394
Mayor defiant following vandalism. Jan 28, 2021 173
Armenians vandalize Azerbaijani poetess' grave in Aghdam. Jan 28, 2021 655
Bus route terminated in North Motherwell after vandals target bus windows; It has been announced that the service 209 in North Motherwell will be terminated following a spate of incidents posing a threat to the safety of staff and passengers. Beth Murray Jan 28, 2021 365
Police book hundreds of varsity students for 'vandalism', 'arson' outside campus. Jan 27, 2021 519
Vandals cause thousands of pounds worth of damage by setting fires within a Glasgow primary school; Police are investigating as over the last three weeks a primary school in Glasgow has experienced a number of break-ins and acts of vandalism. Beth Murray Jan 26, 2021 340
Vandals strike at beauty spot. Jan 24, 2021 182
Residents of Ogun community decry road vandalism by land grabbers. Jan 23, 2021 752
Anger over pitch vandalism. ZOE PHILLIPS Jan 23, 2021 477
Fans pitch in and help club hit by vandals. JOHN ROSS Jan 23, 2021 359
Jad, a birthday blown up by settler vandals. Jan 23, 2021 580
Police to escort buses after rise in vandalism; spate of attacks on public transport. ELLEN KIRWIN ECHO Reporter @ellen_kirwin Jan 22, 2021 445
Bosses' anger as they count cost of vandalism in fine suburb. Jan 21, 2021 320
Culture Ministry restores book funds in liberated regions. Jan 21, 2021 381
Terrorists take advantage of acts of vandalism to carry out attacks (Defence Minister). Jan 20, 2021 451
Parents want vandals to 'rot in jail'. Jan 19, 2021 594
632 people arrested over acts of vandalism. Jan 18, 2021 157
Nocturnal unrest: UTICA, SYNAGRI condemn vandalism, urge solutions. Jan 18, 2021 277
Vandals target firms in vibrant Brum 'village' SPATE OF MINDLESS CRIME ANGERS BOSSES. JASBIR AUTHI News Reporter Jan 18, 2021 447
Police appeal for witnesses after vandals break into Filey clubhouse; Vandals smashed into a Filey sports club and appear to have helped themselves to gin. Sarah Fitton Jan 18, 2021 309
City skatepark to have new lights; DAMAGE FROM REPEATED VANDALISM. CARL EVE @carlevecrime Jan 18, 2021 513
Church responds to vandalism with parade Parade: 'Love boldly, because a better world is possible'. Steve Zalusky Jan 18, 2021 273
Church responds to vandalism with parade. Steve Zalusky Jan 18, 2021 274
632 rioters arrested in Tunisia following looting, vandalism. Xinhua Jan 18, 2021 170
Traffic sign vandals face steep fines: official. Jan 17, 2021 456
Vandals slammed for 'reckless damage' at allotments. Jan 16, 2021 196
Hindu temple vandalized in Kurigram. Jan 16, 2021 222
School left damaged by vandals. Jan 15, 2021 169
Parade of Lights to counter church vandals. Submitted by Melissa Earley Jan 15, 2021 185
Alien stoat cull hit by trap vandalism. Jan 14, 2021 475
Recycling banks to be removed due to vandalism. MADELEINE CLARK News Reporter Jan 14, 2021 208
ISESCO delegation witnesses Armenian vandalism in liberated Aghdam region. Jan 13, 2021 706
'Mindless vandals' slash tyres; FURY OVER CALLOUS ACTS. KELLEY PRICE @kelleyprice_gaz Jan 12, 2021 275
ICESCO delegation visits liberated Azerbaijani lands. Jan 12, 2021 592
factory hit by vandals could become apartment block. Jan 12, 2021 321
Man charged after windows smashed. Jan 12, 2021 205
Warning over diving board selfies inside former baths. DANNY MCKAY Jan 11, 2021 562
Vandalism in lockdown leads hospitality chain to board up properties. Jan 11, 2021 233
Schwarzenegger compares mob to Nazis. BOBBY CAINA CALVAN Associated Press Jan 11, 2021 301
'We won't be intimidated by vandals' Thursday, JANUARY 7, COLIN BELL 12-PAGE TRIBUTE PULL-OUT In this weekend's M.E.N. on Sunday; Manchester's cycling tsar on the bollards dividing streets and opinions in Levenshulme News. ADAM MAIDMENT @MENNEWSDESK Jan 10, 2021 1221
Fury at 10-year 'brutal vandalism' plan to destroy British rail bridges and tunnels; Campaigners and heritage fans have been left steaming over the plans that could see 480 structures pulled down, with many crossing old lines loved by ramblers. By, John Siddle Jan 9, 2021 358
Vandalism 'is putting lives at risk' Second defibrillator site attacked. STEPHEN TEMLETT Jan 8, 2021 342
Fury over PS100k bill to clean unsightly graffiti. JAMIE HALL Jan 8, 2021 483
Race double standard clear in rioters' Capitol insurrection. AARON MORRISON Associated Press Jan 8, 2021 1162
Ekiti Court arraigns 8 over alleged vandalism. Jan 8, 2021 297
Act is such a cruel blow. Jan 7, 2021 1455
GP's vaccination facility targeted by teen vandals. KRISTY DAWSON @kristy_dawson07 Jan 7, 2021 427
'Heartbreaking' spree of vandalism at school halts return for pupils. ALISTAIR MUNRO Jan 7, 2021 546
Vandals arrested for damaging iconic installation. Jan 7, 2021 436
FIR registered against against woman's heirs in Nishtar Hospital vandalism. Jan 5, 2021 293
FIR registered against woman's heirs in Nishtar Hospital vandalism. Jan 5, 2021 291
Figures show council halved vandalism bill for schools. EMMA MORRICE Jan 5, 2021 416
Nativity display hit by firebomb attack. Jan 4, 2021 216
search for Police church vandals. Jan 4, 2021 158
search for Police church vandals. Jan 4, 2021 158
Israeli settlers vandalize Palestinian vehicles, houses west of Salfit. Jan 4, 2021 167
McConnell, Pelosi homes vandalized. TIMOTHY D. EASLEY and TRAVIS LOLLER Associated Press Jan 3, 2021 235
Hindu temple vandalism: CM constitutes temple reconstruction committee. Jan 3, 2021 237
PoK activist claims Imran Khan, Pakistan Army attacking minorities. Jan 3, 2021 460
Sadness as a nativity is fire-bombed. Jan 3, 2021 256
Hidden Names, Hidden Stories: A journey to the depths of Mammoth Cave to record signatures left by Civil War soldiers. Taylor, Michael Ray Travel narrative Jan 1, 2021 1877
Post-election violence: 16 houses vandalized in Tangail. Dec 31, 2020 271
Readers' Letters: Turing Scheme good for Scottish students; In her typically knee-jerk reaction, describing the replacement of the EU's Erasmus Scheme by the Turing Scheme as "cultural vandalism", Nicola Sturgeon ignores three factors. Scotsman Letters Letter to the editor Dec 31, 2020 1118
5 solar panel vandals nabbed in Ebonyi. Dec 31, 2020 290
Football pitches ruined by vandals. Dec 30, 2020 187
Windows broken in 'unnerving' attack. ZOE PHILLIPS Dec 30, 2020 332
Mum left devastated as grave ornaments trashed. SAM JONES @SJONESREPORTER Dec 29, 2020 436
Police launch probe after Breonna Taylor statue smashed in Oakland, California. Reuters News Service Dec 29, 2020 244
Extra security at old pool after vandalism. DAVID PROCTOR Dec 29, 2020 414
Historical and cultural sites in Azerbaijan's liberated territories. Dec 28, 2020 1715
Vandals' Grenfell protest; Deserted Tube stop hit. DAVE BURKE Dec 28, 2020 174
Kostrikkis said not intimidated by car vandals. Gina Agapiou Dec 28, 2020 213
Crackdown on Metro vandalism planned after spate of attacks. Dec 26, 2020 352
Life-saving device broken by vandals. SHARON LIPTROTT Dec 25, 2020 444
President Aliyev urges int'l community not to ignore Armenian vandalism in Azerbaijani lands. Dec 25, 2020 1527
Metro crime blitz pledge; promise after spate of acts of vandalism. DANIEL HOLLAND Local democracy reporter Dec 24, 2020 449
Scots leaders brand end of Erasmus 'cultural vandalism'; Political leaders in Scotland have branded the UK's departure from the Erasmus European student exchange scheme as "cultural vandalism.". Scott Macnab Dec 24, 2020 323
Thieves steal baby Jesus and his crib from nativity scene outside Scots church; St Peter's Episcopal Church in Galashiels is calling for the safe return of Baby Jesus, after vandals stole the centrepiece of this year's Christmas nativity scene. Sarah Ward Dec 23, 2020 212
Kids left 'gutted' as vandals torch popular play area; 'SHAME ON WHOEVER DID THIS' - ANGRY PARENTS STORM SOCIAL MEDIA. LEE GRIMSDITCH ECHO Reporter @LeeGrimsditch Dec 22, 2020 410
Appalled, but not surprised at graffiti. Dec 21, 2020 677
Mosaic at Afflecks is restored to former glory; ARTWORK DAMAGED BY VANDALS IS RESTORED AND BACK IN RIGHTFUL PLACE. CHARLOTTE DOBSON Dec 21, 2020 236
Culture Ministry shows monuments to be restored in liberated territories. Dec 18, 2020 227
"Klitschko Bridge" in Kiev again attacked by vandals. Dec 18, 2020 313
Carer sees signs of hope despite vandals' attack. KELLEY PRICE Reporter Dec 17, 2020 592
Spanish paper highlights Armenian vandalism in Azerbaijani lands. Dec 17, 2020 166
Case lodged against PML-N leaders for vandalism, SOPs violation in Minar-e-Pakistan gathering. Dec 16, 2020 444
QM official highlights role of public art, urges help of communities in anti-vandalism drive. Dec 16, 2020 576
Hunt for vandals who fired stones and smashed bus door; Plea to catch youngsters who put passengers at risk. DAVID CAMPBELL Dec 16, 2020 325
Vandals smear war memorial with paint. Dec 16, 2020 196
Mayor slams 'invisible' police; 'reluctance'to attend crime scenes alleged. LIAM RANDALL Local Democracy Reporter Dec 16, 2020 391
#EndSARS: NPA Lost N807m To Vandalism. Dec 15, 2020 232
Unical to punish staff involved in looting, vandalism of properties. Dec 15, 2020 374
Lights go out at Christmas House after vandalism. lydia stephens Reporter Dec 15, 2020 498
Cars destroyed after they were set on fire. Dec 15, 2020 292
Scheme will give 'eyesore' home a new lease of life; Apartment plan approved despite some fears over parking. GURDIP THANDI Local Democracy Reporter Dec 15, 2020 231
Two cases lodged for vandalism, forcible entry at Minar-e-Pakistan. Dec 15, 2020 356
Maker of iPhone in India, Wistron sees losses of Rs 437 crore and thousands of missing iPhones due to protest. Dec 15, 2020 427
Vandalism of Ranjit's statue condemned. Dec 13, 2020 734
Public servants vow to uphold Bangabandhu's honour. Dec 12, 2020 972
Dutch TV Documentary: Shell denies alleged complicity of staff in vandalism. Dec 12, 2020 389
Snowmen on the move after last year's vandalism. Dec 12, 2020 177
100 Chittagong judges take to street protesting Bangabandhu sculpture vandalism. Dec 12, 2020 257
Marcus Rashford mural inspired by striker's school meals campaign vandalised; Rashford has twice forced the government into a U-turn over the provision of free school meals to disadvantaged children in the UK and the artwork was a tribute to his tireless efforts. By, Darren Wells Dec 12, 2020 462
Statue of Maharaja Ranjeet Singh at Lahore Fort vandalized again. Dec 11, 2020 508
Police book PTI leader for vandalism. Dec 10, 2020 339
NSCDC arrests 28 over alleged pipeline vandalism, illegal bunkering in Abia. Dec 9, 2020 400
HC orders action against sculpture vandals. Dec 9, 2020 312
Dismay as vandals strike again at church. STUART MCFARLANE Dec 9, 2020 422
NSCDC arrests 28 over alleged pipeline vandalism, illegal bunkering in Abia. Dec 8, 2020 400
QM eyes surveillance measures to monitor and protect public art. Dec 8, 2020 651
IAB chief: Against sculptures, but do not support vandalism. Dec 8, 2020 607
Bench fundraiser surpasses PS300. Dec 7, 2020 243
Govt warns of stern action against vandalizing of sculptures. Dec 6, 2020 1024
Turron in,Chorizo out: Holy but Hot (E). Dec 6, 2020 699
Unfinished Bangabandhu sculpture vandalized in Kushtia. Dec 5, 2020 548
Anger as vandals target wall with graffiti claiming covid is a hoax; Councillor hits out at 'bizarre'scrawl about coronavirus. DAVID CAMPBELL Dec 4, 2020 333
Virus doubters deface statue of naval hero; police seek vandals who spread consipiracy theories. IAN JOHNSON Reporter Dec 4, 2020 363
Vandals ruin pub festive window; double blow after covid shutdown. EVE WATSON @_evewatson Dec 4, 2020 339
Anger as vandals ruin Christmas lights message. JOANNE WELFORD @joannewelford Dec 3, 2020 334
We wish you a dreary Christmas; WHY ONE COMMUNITY HAS PUT UP THIS DRAB EFFORT ... ANDREW FORGRAVE Daily Post Reporter Dec 3, 2020 337
Warning as thieves steal Xmas decorations from outside homes. CLAIRE HARRISON News Reporter Dec 2, 2020 211
Loo vandalism racks up bill. SUSY MACAULAY Dec 2, 2020 374
Military swoops on vandals in Arepo, arrests 10. Dec 1, 2020 779
KEDCO Decries Vandalism In Franchise Areas. Dec 1, 2020 284
Praise be! Church doors are repaired after vandal attack. Dec 1, 2020 168
Foodbank's 'heartbreak' at vandalism. KAITLIN EASTON Dec 1, 2020 293
Margaret Thatcher: Egg-throwing contest planned at [pounds sterling]100,000 statue unveiling; South Kesteven District Council have set aside [pounds sterling]100,000 to pay for the unveiling event of the statue of the former Prime Minister in Grantham. By, Tom Davidson Dec 1, 2020 611
Warm and Covid-safe welcome to park's new-look pavilion; much-loved facility returns after years of neglect and vandalism. PETER CRAIG @GTPETERCRAIG Nov 30, 2020 404
Assisting states affected by EndSARS protests. Nov 30, 2020 803
Vandals break 6 car windows. Nov 29, 2020 160
Darkness Envelopes Parts Of Abuja As Vandals Attack Power Line. Nov 29, 2020 266
PS2k is raised after vandals attack. Nov 28, 2020 217
QM undertakes restoration of Richard Serra installation. Nov 26, 2020 343
QM undertakes restoration of Richard Serra installation. Nov 26, 2020 347
ICOM Azerbaijan condemns Armenian vandalism. Nov 26, 2020 850
Damage by vandals is distressing for school; POLICE ISSUE APPEAL FOR WITNESSES. HELEN COPSON Nov 26, 2020 582
Vandals devastate struggling theatre. GEMMA JALEEL ECHO reporter @gemmajaleel Nov 25, 2020 363
Appeal after historic site vandalised twice inside a month. hannah neary Nov 25, 2020 447
Appeal after historic site of ironworks vandalised. HANNAH NEARY Local democracy reporter Nov 25, 2020 440
Heads of religious confessions comdemn Armenian vandalism. Nov 25, 2020 1153
Qatar Museums undertakes restoration of public art. Nov 25, 2020 353
Culture Ministry appeals to int'l organizations amid Armenian vandalism. Nov 24, 2020 486
Three Arrested For Vandalizing NNPC Pipeline In Niger. Nov 24, 2020 361
More than 500 crimes on churches in region. James Vukmirovic Community News Reporter Nov 23, 2020 488
More than 500 crimes at churches in region. JAMES VUKMIROVIC Community News reporter Nov 23, 2020 493
Shameful act of poppy vandalism; LETTERS. Nov 23, 2020 203
Golf course hit by weekend vandals. ALISTAIR MUNRO Nov 23, 2020 416
Foreign diplomats in Azerbaijan acquainted with consequences of Armenian vandalism in Fuzuli city. Nov 22, 2020 299
We'll Ensure Adequate Compensation For Victims Of #EndSARS Vandalism - Deputy Speaker. Nov 21, 2020 339
Anti-Pipeline Vandalism: IPMAN appoints Bina as Bayelsa Chairman. Nov 20, 2020 484
Armenians completely destroy cemetery in Fuzuli district. Nov 20, 2020 311
Family are subjected to campaign of vandalism; THUGGERY AND PERSECUTION BEGAN OVER TWO YEARS AGO. CARL EVE @carlevecrime Nov 20, 2020 469
We'll Ensure Adequate Compensation For Victims Of #EndSARS Vandalism - Lagos Dep Speaker. Nov 20, 2020 437
Man apprehended for vandalizing statue of ex-President Chun. Nov 19, 2020 227
Port operator petitions DSS over truck vandals, breach of peace. Nov 19, 2020 991
C'River Police command parades suspected Kidnapper, 14 others for cultism, vandalism. Nov 19, 2020 334
Top official: Scale of destructions in liberated lands show Armenia far from civilized world. Nov 19, 2020 893
'What is wrong with some people?' Man's fury as yobs cover his car in butter and soil. GEMMA SHERLOCK @GemmaSherlock2 Nov 19, 2020 253
'Forgotten village' discovered in woods; urban explorer uncovers lost houses. PAIGE FRESHWATER @PaigeFreshwater Nov 19, 2020 280
Christendom. Editorial Nov 19, 2020 637
Settlers attack Palestinian house south of Jenin. Nov 19, 2020 179
Vandals cause extensive damage to North Yorkshire Moors Railway at Pickering; Vandals wreaked hundreds of pounds worth of damage during an attack on the heritage railway in Pickering. Sarah Fitton Nov 19, 2020 179
Heartbreak as vandals target food bank in mindless attack. SOPHIE FINNEGAN Reporter Nov 18, 2020 555
Charity left with broken windows in vandal attack. SOPHIE FINNEGAN Reporter Nov 18, 2020 560
Azerbaijani top official slams Armenia for unimaginable vandalism in liberated lands. Nov 17, 2020 448
New development to transform arson and vandalism hotspot. PETER CRAIG @GTPETERCRAIG Nov 17, 2020 578
Azerbaijan investigating facts of Armenian's vandalism against monuments of cultural heritage. Nov 17, 2020 447
Pipeline vandalism: NGC commences sensitisation of host communities. Nov 17, 2020 692
Volunteers fundraiser to replace stolen bench. Nov 16, 2020 473
Plea to catch fire vandals. Nov 16, 2020 156
Armenians, leaving Azerbaijan's Kalbajar, continue committing vandalism. Nov 16, 2020 488
Youth to face court after football pitches damaged. ZOE PHILLIPS Nov 16, 2020 402
Gimme shelter: Walkers celebrate famous bothy after 100 years of saving lives in Scots wilderness; Hiker pays tribute to famous Cairngorms bothy that saved his life and reveals how hillside refuge has now fallen prey to vandals. Laura Smith Nov 15, 2020 1035
Vandals throw EEDC's customers to blackout in Anambra. Nov 14, 2020 290
Criminals hit churches. JADE MCELWEE @JADEMREPORTER Nov 14, 2020 329
Jurgen Klopp mural in Liverpool vandalised with graffiti penis; The popular street art depicting the Reds boss has been an attraction in the Baltic Triangle since it was unveiled in December 2018, but it has been tarnished by vandals. By, Freddie Keighley Nov 14, 2020 387
Police are still hunting grave vandal; NEWS WIRE. Nov 13, 2020 195
Anger as vandals leave screws and nails under car tyres. Nov 12, 2020 390
Calls to close park in wake of drugs den antics and vandalism; we've had enough, say residents. PETER CRAIG @GTPETERCRAIG Nov 12, 2020 574
Luffs air concerns over threat of 'covid vandals'. PETE WARRINGTON Sports Editor Nov 11, 2020 345
Families are 'living in fear' after deliberate fire damaged gas pipe; Calls for action after vandals torched dumped rubbish. STEPH BRAWN LOCAL DEMOCRACY REPORTER Nov 11, 2020 584
DOT condemns vandalism incident in Baguio's Bamboo Ecopark. Nov 11, 2020 399
Bamboo ecopark in Baguio vandalized. Nov 11, 2020 317
Poppy cash plea after vandalism. Nov 10, 2020 230
Update: Taiwan police say Chinese national behind feces vandal at Hong Kong eatery. Nov 9, 2020 424
FRSC Laments Destruction Of Ihiala, Nnewi Units, Counts Losses. Nov 7, 2020 374
#EndSARS: Looting, vandalism of public property not culture of Plateau people - NCPC. Nov 7, 2020 496
Bus firm threatens to pull route due to louts; windows smashed and seats slashed by yobs armed with knives and rocks. CHARLOTTE COX @ccoxmenmedia Nov 7, 2020 410
Selfish vandals must be punished; OUR VOICE. Nov 7, 2020 164
ANGER AS BONFIRE VANDALS TORCH PITCH; Community's dismay after sports field ruined Anger as vandals burn football pitch. JAMIE HALL Nov 7, 2020 456
Woman charged with vandalizing late Taiwan president's portrait. Nov 6, 2020 354
Hindu house vandalized, looted in Brahmanbaria. Nov 6, 2020 488
PS1,000 raised for club. Nov 6, 2020 190
Youngsters making OAP's life a misery. DENITSA ANDONOVA Nov 5, 2020 536
#EndSARS: Plateau council chairman still counting loses of vandalised secretariat. Nov 4, 2020 474
Azerbaijani expert talks Armenian vandalism against religious monuments in occupied lands. Nov 4, 2020 443
Vandalism: Gov. Ayade offers WAEC alternative office. Nov 3, 2020 543
crying shame; Hallowe'en kids left in tears after vandals smash up pumpkin trail HOURS OF WORK TRASHED AT PARK ATTRACTION Vandals trash pumpkin trail. SHARON LIPTROTT Nov 3, 2020 706
Virus ward nurse slams vandals as tyres slashed. STEPHANIE BALLOO News Reporter Nov 3, 2020 331
Govt orders actions against bigots over vandalism in Comilla. Nov 2, 2020 440
500 sued, 5 jailed over attack on Hindu homes in Comilla. Nov 2, 2020 756
54 transformers vandalised, 200 meter bypass recorded in 6 months - Jos Disco. Nov 2, 2020 508
Thugs left town like a 'war zone' NEWS WIRE. Nov 2, 2020 228
Over 700 historical and cultural monuments damaged by Armenia. Nov 2, 2020 492
'Mindless' vandals attack new shop. KIERAN MURRAY Reporter Nov 2, 2020 593
#EndSARS: Idogo Police Post Donated By Obey Razed By Vandals. Nov 1, 2020 238
EEDC Recounts Losses After ENDSARS Vandalism. Nov 1, 2020 475
Shop windows broken just days after opening. KIERAN MURRAY Reporter Oct 31, 2020 620
Fury over vandalism at medical centre and school. Oct 31, 2020 286
Baths team given more time to save historic site. CALLUM MAIN Oct 31, 2020 631
Gov Bello Sets Up 9-Man Committee To Assess Level Of Destruction In The Aftermath Of #EndSARS Protest. Oct 31, 2020 403
We Didn't Hoard COVID-19 Palliatives - Manu. Interview Oct 30, 2020 1219
Medical centre and school vandalised. KATHRYN WYLIE Oct 30, 2020 520
MP Nagif Hamzayev: Azerbaijan will not give up fight for justice. Oct 30, 2020 532
Settlers vandalize water, electricity networks south of Nablus. Oct 30, 2020 215
Calls for CCTV in park after vandalism attack. SHARON LIPTROTT Oct 30, 2020 372
'desecration and vandalism' ANGER OVER 'DAMAGED' MEMORIALS Families slam council for work at graveyard Safety work has left cemetery 'like a bombsite'. JACKIE GRANT Oct 30, 2020 794
Enugu: EndSARS looters and the palliatives gimmick. Oct 29, 2020 1154
Probe into attack on stars' graves. Oct 29, 2020 196
Police appeal after vandals strike at properties. Oct 29, 2020 218
Lebanese human rights defenders condemn Armenian vandalism in Beirut. Oct 29, 2020 226
Gazipur workers block road, vandalize factory. Oct 28, 2020 275
United States of Anxiety: The New Fears of American Jews. Oct 28, 2020 2357

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