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Van Gogh.

VAN GOGH. A.M. and Renilde Hammacher. New York: Thames and Hudson, 1990. Illustrated, 240 pp., softbound, $24.95.

While many books have been published about the life and works of this important artist, no others combine serious research with vivid, large format illustrations at a reasonable price. Originally published in hardcover as Van Gogh: A Documentary Biography, this edition adds newly translated documents and correspondence that add to our knowledge about this intense and gifted painter. While Vincent did not discover his artistic vocation until age twenty-eight, the fundamental importance of his early childhood, adolescence and his experiences between the ages of nine teen and twenty-seven has been painstakingly researched and documented by the authors. Their translations of letters and personal journal entries help us to better understand the self-destructive intensity of Van Gogh, and may also provide the reader with insights about today's youth. With 216 works illustrated, many in color, along with numerous text illustrations, the authors have provided us with an absorbing study that would enrich any school or personal library.
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Publication:School Arts
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Date:Mar 1, 1991
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