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Van Dyk announces installations.

Stamford, Conn.-based Van Dyk Baler Corp., the North and Latin American distributor for Nethertands-based Bollegraaf Recycling Machinery, has announced a number of Bollegraaf sorting system installations as well as a number of TiTech optical sorting equipment installations.

Vista Fibers of Dallas has purchased a Bollegraaf single-stream system from Van Dyk to process tonnage for the city of Dallas. The complete system is engineered by Bollegraaf and consists of Lubo screens, a TiTech optical sorter and a Bollegraaf HBC 120 baler for baling both fiber and containers.

Friedman Recycling Co., based in Phoenix, has purchased a Bollegraaf single-stream system for the company's newly opened facility in El Paso, Texas. The Friedman system features a drum feeder, Lubo screens and a Bollegraaf HBC 110 baler. The system is expected to be operational at the end of May.

EcoMaine, Portland, Maine, has purchased a Bollegraaf single-stream system for its plant in Portland. The system was expected to be operational by the end of April. The Bollegraaf-engineered system includes a drumfeeder, Lubo screens and a TiTech optical sorter.

According to a press release from Van Dyk, EcoMaine reports decided to buy the Bollegraaf system from the company after a bid process involving three other system suppliers.

Colgate Paper Stock Co. Inc., based in New Brunswick, N.J., has purchased a Bollegraaf commingled system with three TiTech optical sorters to process commingled recyclables. Colgate also purchased a TiTech optical sorter to clean up the mixed paper produced by its single-stream sorting system and a Bollegraaf HBC 180 baler to complement its existing HBC 140 baler.

Colgate Paper Stock has also purchased the first robot sorter in the United States from Van Dyk. The robot was developed by a special R&D team from Bollegraaf and TiTech.

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Publication:Recycling Today
Date:May 1, 2007
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