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Valuing U.S. Savings Bonds.

Have a client with a stack of U.S Savings Bonds, who is anxious to know what they might be worth? Those inclined to use software for such pursuits might be interested in the Savings Bond Wizard (Wizard), a program that can be downloaded free from the U.S. Treasury's Website, at www.publicdebt., by clicking on "Savings Bond Wizard" and following the downloading instructions given. (For those not comfortable downloading software, an online Savings Bond Calculator is also available.)

Once downloaded, the Wizard allows a user to maintain inventories or lists of U.S. Savings Bonds. The Wizard prices both accrual bonds (Series I, EE, E and savings notes) and current income bonds (Series HH and H). A user need only enter issue date, denomination and series (actual serial numbers can also be used).

For an accrual bond, the Wizard displays how much interest has been earned over the bond's life, and offers yield-to-date interest information and the bond's next accrual and final maturity dates. For a current income bond, the Wizard shows the current interest rate, the bond's next payment and final maturity dates, and allows a user to enter the amount of interest deferred from other bonds applied to the purchase of the current income bond.

The Wizard will price any Series I, EE, E, HH, H bond or savings note issued from 1941-present, and has value files dating back to 1992. The older historical files can be used, for example; when date-of-death values are needed to value bonds held by estates.

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