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Value of Life Science Patents Debated.

With billions spent on medical research and many billions more generated in revenues from resulting patents, it is no wonder there are disputes in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry over lucrative intellectual property assets and often widely disparate views on their value. "Many examples exist where estimations of the value of intellectual property assets were erroneously performed," said Dustin DuBois, an intellectual property attorney who works on the private equity and venture services team at Ice Miller, a national law firm. "Examples include life science patents invalidated in court proceedings, resulting in a grossly disproportionate reduction in the patent owner's stock price. Another example is a private equity investor in a life sciences company over-estimating the company's IP position or under estimating the threat against the company due to patents owned by competitors. A great deal is at stake."

DuBois, who also holds an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering and is admitted to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office, will join valuation expert Mike Pellegrino of Pellegrino & Associates, author of an upcoming guide on the subject, during a 100-minute interactive teleconference on December 11.

Speaking to attorneys and business valuation professionals, DuBois and Pellegrino will discuss and take questions on the critical and intertwined issues around valuing intellectual property, the variables that influence value and exposure, as well as managing the risk of an IP portfolio.

"Science for science's sake brings no value," said Pellegrino, who has extensive experience valuing IP assets for life science and Fortune 500 companies. "New invention must have a value proposition that focuses on a novel therapy, better efficacy, lower manufacturing cost, or a lower overall treatment cost to have any market traction."

The following subjects will be addressed: wading through the science to get to the value proposition; understanding the impacts of the regulatory process on value; risk assessment for value development; unique challenges in the pharmaceutical and medical device space; market adoption modeling; building an IP portfolio of value; understanding infringement risks; and due diligence considerations.

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Date:Oct 1, 2008
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