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Value Voters Summit and John Birch Society Attacked by SPLC.

The 2018 Value Voters Summit (VVS) was held in Washington, D.C., on September 21-23, and the left-wing hate group the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) used the event to spread its bigotry and hatred of Christianity and conservatism with a snarky list of what the group considered the "top-ten" moments of hatred on display at the VVS. The John Birch Society, the parent organization of The New American, made the list.

Hosted by the Family Research Council (FRC), a conservative Christian organization that advocates for traditional family values, the VVS has been held annually since 2006. Over the years, the event has come to be a bellwether of Christian and conservative thoughts on the current issues of the day. Among this year's speakers were Vice President Mike Pence, former Trump strategist Sebastian Gorka, and conservative pundit Bill Bennett.

As for The John Birch Society, apparently the simple fact that the society was an exhibitor at the event was worthy of inclusion in SPLC's list, which noted, "Another exhibitor was the John Birch Society, the conspiratorial extremist group, which also had a table in the red-and-blue exhibit room loaded with material opposing the Republican push for a constitutional convention and literature warning about antifa and the deep state."

The mission of The John Birch Society, which was founded in 1958, is "to bring about less government, more responsibility, and--with God's help--a better world by providing leadership, education, and organized volunteer action in accordance with moral and constitutional principles."

The Southern Poverty Law Center was founded in 1971 as a law firm specializing in civil rights cases. The organization has devolved into a vicious left-wing hate group that specializes in harassing groups that oppose its far left-wing ideology. The SPLC has parlayed its innocuous-sounding name into becoming an arbiter of what is considered hate-speech by mass media. Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Twitter all defer to the SPLC's opinion of what is considered hate-speech.

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Title Annotation:Inside Track
Publication:The New American
Date:Oct 22, 2018
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