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Valo Therapeutics licenses the PeptiENV Technology from the University of Helsinki for the treatment of multiple cancers.

M2 EQUITYBITES-September 3, 2019-Valo Therapeutics licenses the PeptiENV Technology from the University of Helsinki for the treatment of multiple cancers


Immuno-oncology company Valo Therapeutics Limited on Monday announced an agreement to license Helsinki University's proprietary PeptiENV technology that enables the coating of enveloped viruses with tumour associated antigens.

The company added that the use of different viruses carrying a neoantigen target has been shown to boost the T-cell immune response to specific cancers and are expected to deliver superior therapeutic clinical outcomes when used as adjuvants in combination with checkpoint inhibitors. The PeptiENV technology was developed out of the laboratory of Professor Vincenzo Cerullo at the University of Helsinki.

Previously, Valo Tx had in-licenced its PeptiCRAd technology for use with adenoviruses from the University of Helsinki.

In conjunction, PeptiENV is expected to improve the therapeutic response to enveloped oncolytic viruses in the treatment of multiple forms of cancer. A study demonstrated the functionality of PeptiENV in conjunction with oncolytic vaccinia virus and herpes simplex virus, of which T-VEC is an example, approved for the treatment of metastatic melanoma. The activation of a tumour specific immune response against cancer cells is more effective with PeptiENV when compared to uncoated enveloped oncolytic viruses alone, said the company.

According to Dr Michael Stein, CEO of Valo Tx , the PeptiENV technology will expand the capability of the PeptiCRAd cancer vaccination platform by enabling its application across enveloped viruses as well as develop new and improved therapeutic options for cancer patients.

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Publication:M2 EquityBites (EQB)
Date:Sep 3, 2019
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