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Valianti joins race for House seat.

Byline: Julie Grady

BERLIN - Joseph Valianti, an Independent from Marlboro, has joined Arthur Vigeant, a Republican from Marlboro, in the race for the open state representative seat for the 4th Middlesex District, which includes Berlin.

Rep. Stephen LeDuc (D-Marlboro) resigned to take a job with the district court.

"Forty-five to 53 percent of voters are declared as Independents," Valianti said. "I'm hoping that they'll really come through and give me a chance."

The Independent said that he's open to all different types of ideas and more than willing to work with other party affiliates to find reasonable and common-sense solutions.

"I'm not one for labels," he said. "I never have been, not for myself and not for anyone else. It's not about compromise, but thinking outside of the box and the art of negotiation."

Although he may be considered as an underdog due to his Independent status, Valianti did admit to being rather fiscally conservative.

Valianti, who said he's continuously and avidly researching the issues, has been recently invested in Berlin.

"I've been having as many conversations as I can with as many people as possible," he said. "I'm trying to actively research the issues that are important to the people of Berlin."

And, those issues are considerably different than those of Marlboro and Southborough, the other towns included in the 4th Middlesex District.

The Marlboro native said while the towns may differ greatly, he's learned to celebrate those dissimilarities.

"Marlboro definitely has its differences. Right now, I know that it's fighting for the revitalization of the downtown area. But, in Berlin, people are fighting for open spaces and historical preservation," he said.

Valianti's father, Frank, was the president of the Marlboro Historical Society from 1998 to 2000 and due to his service there, Joseph said he grew up with a strong sense of respect and passion in his heart for historicity and preservation.

"Soon, I'd like to join Berlin's Historical Society," he said.

His father also worked with Marlboro's Forestry and Parks Department for 27 years, which, he said, inspired his respect and admiration for public service and officials.

"I appreciate the work of anyone who serves in public office," he said. "And, I sincerely thank Stephen LeDuc for all of his service."

Along with LeDuc and his father, Valianti said his brothers should also be respected for the work they've done in the public realm. His brother, John, served as Marlboro city councilor for four years and his other brother, Dan, was the six-year state representative who served before LeDuc.

"I'll be calling on them for advice," said Valianti of his brothers. "I've already got plenty of good advice, and I'm sure I'll get plenty more."

Valianti, who's ready to "listen twice as much as (he) talks," has a background largely based in the business community.

He received his bachelor's in business administration/marketing from the University of New Hampshire and then worked as a recycling representative for Paper Retriever, where he interacted with various Departments of Public Works, school systems, churches, senior centers and other non-profits.

"I established 300 to 400 new accounts for paper recycling, which is considerable," he said. "I was one of the top producers in all of North America for Paper Retriever and I got to help establish and improve overall recycling efficiency."

With a history in environmental awareness, a large part of Valianti's platform is "green" and through his communication with such varied organizations, he said he's had plenty of experience that would help him on the state level.

"I've worked with commissioners of DPWs to the building managers and factory directors; I've worked with superintendents of schools, teachers, even students; the full gamut," Valianti said. "I've handled town and city governments with persistence, patience and perseverance."

He also said he believes that green technology is the next step for Massachusetts and also a wise financial investment.
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