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Valentine tips for women who are still searching for Mr. Right.

Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider wrote two best sellers on rules for dating. 'Rules I' and 'Rules II,' show how to follow the rules even in the most difficult and tempting situations. I intended to devote this article on the Rule Refresher for The Married Woman and the Mature Woman but I shall put it off to conclude the series next week. Here are some rules for women who are still searching for Mr. Right.

Reasons why women want to call men but shouldn't

You can't sleep well since he stopped calling. You want to ask him why he stopped calling. There are dozens of reasons why you feel it's right to call but the girl must deny this impulse to call a male friend for it will end up in completely losing his interest in seeing you and losing your self-esteem.

Tempting situations develop such as - He didn't call you. You think he lost your number. You think he thinks you're not interested. You have two tickets to a show. You need a date for a wedding. Your mother told you to call him. Your girlfriend said, 'Call him, it's the twenties.' Your brother said he'd be flattered if a girl called him. Then you look silly when you call for these reasons: You want to get his recipe for lumpia. You left your umbrella in his apartment. You want to ask him what it is about you he didn't like. 'Was it my hair? Did my conversation bore him? What was it?' You will change whatever it was. You want to know if the new woman is thinner, prettier, smarter or more successful than you are. You're going to Cebu on vacation and need some sightseeing ideas. Then you end up asking, 'Is it really over?' But he says, 'Call me.' Be smart. End the calls.

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Date:Feb 13, 2020
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