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Valentine scents; Tried & tested Are you feeling naughty or nice for 14th Feb? Will you be channelling sweet or spicy on the night? We've checked out the latest ways to spell out your mood with scent.

Byline: Words: Lynne Hyland

Britney Spears Rocker Femme Fantasy, [euro]53 What is it? Ohh baby, baby the latest Britney blockbuster promises to show her 'most rebellious rock 'n' roll side'.

It's pitched as an edgy, sensual blend of blackcurrant liquor, deep creamy violet and dark woods to unleash your inner Toxic superstar. Beauty editor says: If you like Brit's perfumes you won't be disappointed. It doesn't veer far from her usual scent personality (sexy-but-sweet girl dancing in v. high heels), but it's more musky and grown-up than the original Fantasy. Job done.

Molton Brown Blossoming Honeysuckle & White Tea, [euro]54 What is it? A Japaneseinspired scent to conjure up all things serene, floaty and feminine. Breathe in deeply and take in the calming balance of white florals and cleansing tea. Ahhh. Out on 26 Feb. Beauty ed says: I'm not a fan of floral fragrances (most are like loo spray), but this is a delight: beautiful, spa-like and powdery. The rest of the Notebook beauty desk tried to pinch it, so I reckon it'll be a hit.

vs BAD GIRL GOOD GIRL 007 For Women, from [euro]33 What is it? Bond girl in a bottle. The first female fragrance from the 007 brand, and it's apparently a 'dangerously seductive' combo of intellect and foxiness. Sniff out notes of fruity blackberry, sexy black vanilla and alluring white musk. Beauty editor says: First it's sweet, then - as with any Bond girl - another side emerges. There's something minxy in that bottle, and by the time you get to the dry-down you're picturing a man crushed to death between steely thighs.

Philosphy Fresh Cream, [euro]45 What is it? The sweetest, lightest, fluffiest whip of a scent for gourmand fans. Smell good enough to eat thanks to this blend of vanilla, macadamia nuts, spun-sugar, white chocolate and almond blossom. (But not cream, weirdly). Beauty ed says: Sounds more like a recipe than a perfume, but the proof is in the spritzing. The scent is light, luscious and moreish (like inhaling a freshly baked Victoria Sponge), and although sweet it's not sickly, or teen-like, and the smell is not reminiscent of a Glade Plug-In.

Sex up your scent There's so much more to it than just spritzing it on ? Perfume is for skin not clothes. Your pulse points are the best places to apply it, as their warmth intensifies fragrance. We all know about applying it to your wrists and neck, but there are other pulse points, such as inside the elbows and behind the knees.

? Keep spritzing light, and don't re-apply halfway through the evening. You should get occasional wafts of scent, not smell it all the time. Your nose 'blanks out' fragrance after a few minutes, so if you can smell it continually, it'll be overpowering to those around you.

? Layering perfume over body lotion gives the double bonus of smooth skin and a longer-lasting scent. If your favourite doesn't have its own dedicated body range, try layering it over a cream scented with your perfume's dominant note (vanilla, rose, grapefruit, whatever).

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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 8, 2015
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