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Vacuum relesase control cuts cycle times and energy consumption.

A vacuum control system claimed to speed up release from robot suction cups and to reduce energy consumption has been introduced by Piab of Sweden. The piCompact10 is a manifold-mounted ejector system based on the company's energy-efficient Micro Coax technology.

By working at low feed pressure and maximising the utilisation rate of the compressed air, the Coax ejectors reduce energy consumption. Piab recommends the piCompact10 range for pick-and-place operations where efficient handling of small, heavy parts is important.


Piab says the piCompact10 provides three times more vacuum flow than similar products. This reduces energy consumption by 30 - 50 per cent compared with traditional ejectors, resulting in sustainability benefits as well as energy and cost savings.

By offering an increased vacuum flow, piCompact10 ejectors are said to strengthen product grip to increase pick-up speed, minimise product damage and reduce waste. They also allow faster release of products from the suction cups on to the production line for efficiency gains.

Products in the piCompact10 range are smaller and lighter than conventional ejectors, reducing the total weight of vacuum handling systems, which also allows vacuum systems to move more quickly to increase production capacity.

The piCompact10 vacuum ejectors use compressed air at lower pressure while still offering the same level of performance, which has safety benefits says Piab.

There are four versions, to fit with a variety of systems, including those that require very low feed pressure or extra deep vacuum levels. In addition, the ejectors can be integrated into existing production lines with no modifications required.
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Title Annotation:automation & robotics
Comment:Vacuum relesase control cuts cycle times and energy consumption.(automation & robotics)
Publication:British Plastics & Rubber
Date:Apr 1, 2011
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