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Vacuum press.

The Vacuum Vision Series press is featured in the company's two-page bulletin. This modular self-contained hydraulic press is said to combine features of the company's Vision Series presses with the rugged, low-deflection sideplate press clamp design typically found on larger tonnage presses. Available in 30 to 150 ton models, these vacuum presses are suited to a wide range of applications and materials. The vacuum clamp, power unit and controls are all within a common press frame. The hinged rear door and sliding front door have an interlocking tape switch. This design is said to allow greater tool flexibility than a boxtype vacuum chamber design. The combined low-deflection and vacuum press design is also said to provide a solution for molding critical or difficult parts, especially highly gaseous materials and parts with deep-drawn profiles. All of the company's standard options are available for this press, including the Precision Control Package, which is said to provide precise pressure, speed and position control. Various pumping packages are also offered.

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Date:Dec 22, 2004
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