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Vacuum Technology.

The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) has formed a licensing agreement with SAES Getters S.p.A., Milan, Italy, to use CERN's technology for deposition of non-evaporable thin-film getters on the surface of the vacuum chambers of particle accelerators. This technology may provide a unique solution for the pumping issues of current and future accelerators.

Varian Inc., Palo Alto, Calif., has acquired Bear Instruments Inc., Santa Clara, Calif., in an effort to increase Varian's participation in high-growth life-science applications for its scientific instrument tools and technologies. Bear supplies analytical instruments based on triple-quadrupole MS/MS technology. Varian has also opened a life-science laboratory in collaboration with Oxford Instruments, Oxfordshire, UK. The lab is located in Eynsham, UK, and houses a nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer operating at a magnetic field strength of 900 MHz.

Robert Anastasi was promoted to executive VP at Helix Technology Corp., Mansfield, Mass. Anastasi, who is head of manufacturing operations, was formerly the company's senior VP. He has been with Helix since 1987.

MKS Instruments Inc., Andover, Mass., will acquire On-Line Technologies Inc., an East Hartford, Conn., supplier of measurement and control products used for gas analysis, wafer metrology, and process control. On-Line will become the On-Line Products group of MKS.

Veeco Metrology Group, Anaheim, Calif., introduced the OptiumO Automated Filter Test and Sort System to the process metrology market. The product quickly inspects and classifies thin-film filters, enabling high-volume, high-yield manufacturing.

Applied Materials Inc., Santa Clara, Calif., will open a Southeast Asia regional headquarters facility in Singapore's Changi Business Park. The new headquarters will serve as a center for administration, sales, marketing, and engineering, as well as incorporate the Applied Materials' Technical Training Center. The facility is expected to be completed in 2002. Applied Materials is also implementing a Voluntary Separation Plan in response to further cutbacks in capital equipment investment by semiconductor manufacturers. The program will be offered to employees on a selective basis. Eligible employees who choose to leave the company will receive separation pay and a benefits package.

Metron Technology N.V., Burlingame, Calif., has agreed to be the exclusive manufacturer of 3290 and XM physical vapor deposition tools from Novellus Systems Inc., San Jose, Calif. Metron will also provide sales, marketing, and technical support services for the product line.

FEI Co., Hillsboro, Ore., launched the Metra series of 200- and 300-mm DualBeam systems, a fully automated and completely integrated series of 3-D metrology systems. They are designed to facilitate the transition to 130-nm nodes in semiconductor design and manufacturing.

Veeco-Ion Tech Inc., Fort Collins, Colo., presented a recognition award to Spectra-Physics, Mountain View, Calif., at the OFC Trade Show in Anaheim, Calif. Spectra-Physics provides semiconductor-based lasers and laser optics.

AMD, Sunnyvale, Calif., ranked fifth among US-based companies receiving patents awarded by the US Patent and Trademark Office in 2000. AMD, which also ranked 12th worldwide, received 1,055 patents last year.

In a 5-day process, engineers at the Palomar Observatory, Palomar Mountain, Calif., recoated the 508-cm Hale Telescope mirror. In order to recoat the blank disc of glass with aluminum, they placed it in a vacuum chamber and pumped out the air. The engineers then turned on 350 tungsten filaments, which were suspended from the ceiling. Each filament comes on for 4 sec, melting off a tiny amount of pure aluminum, which evaporates and disperses in the vacuum. The thickness of the aluminum coating is approximately one-five hundredths the width of a human hair.
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