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Vaccines save lives.

There's no doubt that childhood vaccinations save lives. Many doctors have never seen a case of polio, whooping cough, measles, German measles and many other once-common childhood diseases.

Despite the concerns of a small group of parents, vaccines are very safe. Any risks posed by the vaccines are greatly outweighed by their benefits.

Disease                                    # Cases Before    # Cases
                                               Vaccine          Since

Paralytic polio                            13,000-20,000   0 in W.
                                           annually        Hemisphere

Hib meningitis                             600             +++++10
                                           deaths/year in  deaths/year

Whooping cough                             9,000           57 deaths
                                           deaths/year     from

Rubella                                    Epidemic of     6 in 2000
                                           20,000 cases
(German measles)                           1964-65

Diphtheria                                 206,000         2 in 2001
                                           cases/year in

Mumps                                      212,000 cases   266 in 2001
                                           in 1964
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Publication:Pediatrics for Parents
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Date:Jul 1, 2011
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