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Vaccine certificate.

Byline: A. Paul-Karachi

QUITE a few days have passed since I received my second dose of the Covid vaccine at the Expo Centre in Karachi, but my vaccination status has not been updated on the website of the National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra). Is there a possible glitch/bug in Nadra's online Covid vaccination certificate download facility?

Gleaned from experiences of self and others, it appears that if you have paid and downloaded your certificate after receiving your first dose (i.e. partially vaccinated status), which by the way the Nadra system allows you to do, the vaccine status does not get updated after you receive your second dose.

It appears that modification after the certificate is issued when partially vaccinated is not possible. If this is actually the case, why does the system allow you to download your certificate when the status is partially vaccinated?

It should have restricted this facility and allowed download only when the status changed to 'fully vaccinated'.

The system should be fixed so that it allows automatic updates after the second dose. In addition, the user should be able to take out the certificate both when partially and fully vaccinated as it may be required for travel, employment, or other purposes.

The Nadra administration should have this issue looked into and fixed because it is creating inconvenience when there should be none. Nadra is adding to its own workload if this is not addressed, as the influx of people visiting Nadra centres in person to get this issue fixed will increase with time.


By: Jahangir Jameel-Turbat

_: In order to stop the spread of coronavirus, the local deputy commissioner (DC) recently imposed a 15-day lockdown. Other issues aside, people understood the logic behind the decision. What they could not understand was the fact that the lockdown was imposed by the same official who just days earlier had himself gathered people for a rally to show support for the Kashmiris in the India-occupied valley. If the government is sincere and wants to stop the Covid spread, why was this rally arranged?


By: Safir Siddiqui-Karachi

_: This is with reference to the letter 'A buffer state' (July 21), which presented a confused hypothesis, undermining the objectivity of the two-nation theory and the struggle for Pakistan. Logically speaking, when the partition plan had almost matured and the British were preparing to leave, why would then they even think of a buffer state?


By: Name withheld on request-Islamabad

_: Stories about malpractices in the domain of psychotherapy are rife on social media these days. It is common understanding in psychotherapy that one person cannot be a perfect fit for all clients who must check out their own compatibility with a therapist. They can always switch to another person if their needs are not met. Not all practitioners are cent per cent ethical, and, likewise, not all practitioners are cent per cent unethical.


By: Name withheld on request-Karachi

_: This is with reference to report 'Sindh cabinet approves plan to take over four KMC hospitals' (July 18). The reason cited was the financial deficit faced by the KMC. If that is the reason, the government should issue additional funds instead of taking over charge of the hospitals. It appears that the decision is a prelude to biased appointments. It is unfortunate that important decisions are taken on political grounds.
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Author:A. Paul-Karachi
Publication:Dawn (Karachi, Pakistan)
Geographic Code:9PAKI
Date:Aug 21, 2021
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