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VTC-400 is the newest offering. (Advertisement).

Kingsbury recently introduced the VTC-400, an inverted spindle turning center engineered to serve as multi-task mini-cell and offering a variety of flexibile features that allow downstream operations to be performed in a single setup. The VTC-400 is designed to meet the most rigorous applications, including the turning of truck wheels, hubs and brakes. With a powerful 60 HP inverted spindle, 1700mm of X-axis travel, and multiple tooling options, the VTC-400 offers both fast and easy configuration as well as Kingsbury's renowned durability and stability (some Kingsbury machines have been working on the production floor for over 70 years!)

The VTC-400's unique features provide multi-tasking capabilities for low- to mid-volume manufacturing by providing a tooling plate that can accommodate a variety of tooling solutions. In addition to conventional turning capabilities, the VTC-400 also offers milling, drilling, reaming, tapping and multi-spindle attachments. The use of water glycol solution to address thermal stability of the structure minimizes any possibility of component variation. Online diagnostic features that provide real-time feedback on system performance and automatic loading and unloading features are also available.
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Publication:Tooling & Production
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Date:Oct 1, 2001
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