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VRex Launches New 3D Stereoscopic Projector; VR-4200 Brings High Resolution to 3D Imaging.

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VRex Inc., the world leader in 3D stereoscopic imaging products, today introduced the VR-4200, the world's first and only portable 3D stereoscopic projector to use single chip DLP(TM) (Digital Light Processing) technology made by Texas Instruments.

Weighing under 6lbs, the VR-4200 offers superior resolution and enhanced brightness to 3D imaging. The product will be of tremendous value to business professionals, educators, trainers and other professionals who want to captivate their audiences or enhance a learning experience using 3D imaging. In addition, the enhanced brightness and resolution lend to applications in engineering and scientific visualization. "The VR-4200 sets a new standard of excellence in 3D stereoscopic projectors by using DLP(TM) technology to deliver superior quality at an affordable price," said Mike Mizusawa, President and CEO of VRex, Inc. "We are fully dedicated to meeting the requirements of our customers by delivering the most advanced features in an affordable 3D solution."

The VR-4200, unlike other stereoscopic projection systems, is inexpensive, portable and easy to set up. As an added benefit, the VR-4200 can be viewed using polarized glasses or with shutterglass technology.

3D imaging is used for presentations in a wide array of industries including education, entertainment, military, marketing, sales, engineering, science and publishing. "We are seeing the successful impact 3D imaging is making in business, education, and scientific applications by increasing retention, improving communication and increasing product sales. By providing a high-quality affordable 3D projector we are meeting the demands of professionals who want to achieve their business goals," said Mike Mizusawa.

The VR-4200 projector is available directly through VRex, Inc. at

About VRex, Inc.

VRex, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of 3D stereoscopic products and services. VRex provides cutting-edge 3D stereoscopic technology for a wide array of industries including science, education, sales, marketing, entertainment, military, and the Internet on a global basis. Their line includes: 3D stereoscopic projectors, shutter glasses, cameras, software and multimedia production services. All of VRex's 3D products are portable and easy to use.

VRex also owns and operates a state-of-the-art 3D Stereoscopic Imaging Production Facility, VRex Productions. VRex Productions is at the forefront of 3D stereoscopic animation and production services. Their fully vertically integrated facility offers complete video & animation studio support, in 2D or 3D. The visual imaging experts at VRex and VRex Productions are experienced in directing and editing truly unique and creative 2D and 3D productions.

Digital Light Processing and DLP are trademarks of Texas Instruments.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jan 24, 2001
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