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VPI Scales Up From Expert Tools to a New Design Platform.

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NFOEC, Booth No. 5003--VPI Virtual Photonics, the developer of professional tools and productivity systems for next generation products and networks, today released a powerful productivity system that extends best of breed VPI design tools to support collaborative development of optical products and solutions by engineering teams in different functional departments and locations.

The VPIdesignCenter(tm) consolidates fragmented component, subsystem and system design activities by facilitating information exchange with dynamic virtual prototypes. The VPIdesignCenter simulates and supports:

-- Design and exploration of complex photonic techniques, products and systems

-- Development, maintenance and reuse of corporate intellectual property

-- Optimal deployment of human resources and tools for innovation

-- Institutionalization of effective processes to optimize product performance, cost and development schedules

Group vice president for optical systems at VPI, Rudolf Moosburger, said the new center delivers necessary and timely advances to best practice design techniques. "Our successful design tools already support product development work by capturing designs and the relationships between their components through schematic designs and simulations. The VPIdesignCenter scales these tools up to a collaborative platform that supports intelligent product teams across many functions, technologies and locations."

Moosburger says current industry practice can isolate experts and the valuable intelligence they create. "Many different types of product data are currently manipulated using many different types of in house and commercial tools in independent work teams. Time and effort is required to trace current information and avoid the continual risk that valuable data will be mislaid, deleted, or lost when key individuals leave the company. The VPIdesignCenter facilitates concurrent engineering by automatically capturing and distributing the right information to the right person at the right time throughout the entire product definition lifecycle."

The software is essential in the development of competitive infrastructure and facilitates instant access to valid information and supports consistent and efficient teamwork on multiple projects with multiple tools.

VPIdesignCenter integrates work conducted by research and development teams that prepare and evaluate new components; system designers advancing DWDM performance with the latest amplifier, transmission and filter techniques; and technical marketing teams presenting the new systems concepts to customers.

The software delivers a common format and common language to support design and simulation using in house simulations and commercial tools.

The VPIdesignCenter integrates VPIcomponentMaker(tm), VPItransmissionMaker(tm) and VPIparameterExtractor(tm) in an efficient product design environment. A flexible license structure delivers access to VPI tools, as and when required, without additional costs.

Moosburger added, "The design software also imports virtual prototypes of new components into VPItransmissionMaker(tm) in order to assess the impact of innovations on system performance. The primary benefit to the VPIdesignCenter is that customers are getting a platform for the price of a tool and can pay for what they need, as they need it."

VPI will be demonstrating the VPIdesignCenter at NFOEC in booth No. 5003.

About VPI

VPI makes design, planning, bid engineering and forecasting systems for network operators, system integrators and equipment manufacturers. Technical expertise and a formidable customer base are establishing VPI tools as the language for innovation and exchange across the bandwidth value chain.

VPI is a privately held company with headquarters in Holmdel, New Jersey. Development groups and service centers are located in New Jersey, Texas, California, Germany, Australia and Belarus.

For more information, contact Tricia Schafer-Petrecz at TMP Worldwide, +1-610-889-1116,
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jul 10, 2001
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