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VP Technologists (Shripal Parikh).


Technical certification (cdt) for dialysis technicians and technologists is now officially suspended by Ontario Association of Certified Technicians and Technologists (OACETT). The reason for cancellation was not enough candidates to write the certification exam and it was not feasible for OACETT to continue to support dialysis technical certification (cdt). OACETT certification committee members and other technologists from across Canada have decided to conduct a survey regarding certification and its necessity. The survey committee members will try to reach all dialysis centres and their techs to complete the survey. It is hoped that survey results will give ideas to OACETT certification committee members about the direction of the certification process. Certification committee members are also talking to the Biomedical Engineering Technologists (BMET) about the possibility of a merger to offer cdt certification under International Certification Commission (ICC)). BMET group is currently offering Certified Biomedical Engineering Technologist (CBET) certification under ICC.

Thunder Bay Regional Health Science Centre

Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre had an in-house demo of the new Gambro Artis dialysis machine, which showcased the future of hemodialysis equipment. Their home hemodialysis program is now in full swing and currently has five patients at home in the region with two more in training. This program has changed the lives of the patients who have gone home, as their quality of life has improved by not having to travel or relocate to Thunder Bay, customizing the treatments to their specific needs, and allowing them to have more normal lives. They anticipate 16 patients in the program by the end of 2009.

Eastern Health, St. John's, NL

Two techs from Eastern Health attended the Phoenix Dialysis machine training course from Gambro in November, and one tech attended the WRO HHWater System training course in December. They also have a person who is in the process of completing a Bachelor of Technology from Memorial University of Newfoundland. They currently have the Endosafe PTS Portable Test System from Charles River Laboratories on site for evaluation purposes for endotoxin testing in unit and at the home patient sites.
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Date:Jan 1, 2009
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