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Recursion ( Software, Inc., an innovative provider of next-generation platforms and intelligent middleware, has announced the release of Voyager 7.1 (, a pervasive software platform that now enables Smartphones and other small devices to access OSGi services remotely. OSGi-based architecture is predominantly used in embedded environments, yet the mobile and embedded software landscape continues to merge with products like Voyager and OSGi-enabled hardware, such as Sprint Titan OS-based phones, MIDP 3.0 phones, and internet and telco routers from companies such as Cisco and Eurotech. Voyager is a pervasive platform solution that enables an application to be developed once and be deployed across all of the aforementioned devices, as well as any mix of UMPCs, MIDs, laptops, workstations, servers and embedded devices. In keeping with Voyager's pervasive capabilities, this latest release also boasts a universal location API for Android, Symbian, <> Windows, and JEE devices, with the addition of others such as Skyhook and Ekahau forthcoming.

With the Voyager framework, nodes become both an intelligent client and server that can publish and subscribe to a decentralized ad hoc community over any wired or wireless network. Providing remote OSGi access strengthens Voyager's peer-to-peer capabilities by leveraging services across entire communities, whereas these services are typically isolated and only accessible within a single device. Voyager eliminates the need for a centralized server to process and share services by sharing peer-to-peer.

"Adding OSGi support is a great complement to Voyager's pervasive strategy", said Bob DeAnna, CTO Recursion Software. "Mobile developers are beginning to move beyond phones to reach advanced embedded, network and wearable computing devices, and they need tools that allow software developers to build applications and solutions that span them. Similarly, Voyager's newly released universal location engine eases fragmentation when designing applications for multiple operating devices since a single Voyager location API is required. For example, Android devices can now determine the location of a Windows device, and vice versa."

About Recursion Software

Recursion Software provides next-generation platforms and middleware designed for mobile communications and collaboration. The company is regarded for its Voyager platform that provides true peer-to-peer communications, real-time intelligence, and interoperability to a range of mobile, desktop and embedded devices, and multiple languages. Recursion has 47 patents issued and/or pending. The company is a privately held corporation with a worldwide customer base of government and commercial clients.

For more information, call 903/532-9714.
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Date:Feb 1, 2009

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