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VOORHEES A JOLLY GOOD FELON; It's been tweaked and refined... but Friday The 13th game's best feature is still its iconic bogeyman.

FRIDAY THE 13th: THE GAME ULTIMATE SLASHER EDITION PS4, XBoxOne, PC THERE'S still more than a month to go until we reach the delights of Halloween, but that doesn't mean we can't indulge our dark side. While Friday the 13th as a superstition has been around for centuries, it took a decidedly bloody turn in 1980 with the arrival of Jason Voorhees and his hockey mask.

Since then, Jason has become a horror movie legend, spawning several films - of varying quality - and a few games.

Friday the 13th: The Game is the latest of those releases, starting life as a kickstarter project called Slasher Vol. 1: Summer Camp in 2015.

This third-person horror, survival adventure is an asymmetrical multiplayer game, which allows you and up to six other players to take their chances down at Camp Crystal Lake.

While six of you play as camp counsellors, the seventh plays as masked maniac Voorhees, whose job it is to hunt down and dispatch the rest.

There's a solid enough game here, that's been tweaked and refined quite a bit since its release last year.

Its semi-open world map lovingly recreates a variety of locations in and around Camp Crystal Lake down to the tiniest detail.

How you choose to play the game dictates how much fun you have. You can choose to valiantly take on Voorhees all by yourself, although in my experience the gung-ho approach only ever ends in tears.

You can team up to try and take the monster down, and hope that your teammate doesn't throw you under the bus so that they survive the encounter, or you can hide in a dark corner and wait out the timer - a cowardly, and frankly boring approach.

It's amazing quite how creepy this game can be, literal goosebumps rising on my arms when I saw Jason emerge from the treeline and make a beeline for me.

The most fun I had playing this was with six friends, because while it's fun to play online with strangers, there's nothing like the fun you have when your best friend is gruesomely offed, and she spends the rest of the night trying to get you back.

All that being said, the enjoyment of this game can wear thin pretty quickly. It can be exceedingly glitchy, and bugs mean that you are intermittently pulled out of the experience - which is pretty frustrating.

That being said, this new Ultimate Slasher Edition is a Voorhees fan dream.

It comes packed with extras including single player challenges, Virtual Cabin 2.0, new maps, new counsellors, new playable matches between Jason and AI Bots, all clothing packs and more. There's even a limited edition poster.

Don't expect to see any new material here however, as due to the franchise's pending legal issues, developers Gun Media legally cannot add any new content to the game.

That's a real shame as, with the wealth of lore written about Voorhees over the years, this is a game which could really have grown and evolved - just like its monster.

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It's amazing how creepy this game can be... literal goosebumps rising on my arms when I saw Jason emerge from the treeline...


Computer hacker: Jason catches up with another unfortunate camper

The game is most fun when you stop hiding and decide to take on Jason

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Date:Sep 29, 2018
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