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Byline: Nathan Simpson

I WONDER how James Traynor would feel if he had a gay child who was being bullied at school on account of his sexuality, and all because of ignorance and intolerance?

Surely, it is a good thing that gay issues should have such an important place in education, especially if it is a step forward in stopping bigotry and homophobia in today's society.

Straight people do not need to ``come out of the closet and demand to be recognised and respected'' as Mr Traynor so glibly ended his column.

They haven't had to spend their lives fighting prejudice and intolerance as gay people have. Surely, in 2004, we should be beyond treating gay people as second-classcitizens. Ian Hughes, by email. * * * COLUMNIST Jim Traynor is a breath of fresh air. Blunt and to the point, we get none of this ridiculous politically correct nonsense which is perverting our natural Scottish nature.

He is correct it is high time we natural, i.e. straight people, came out of the cupboard and told these jumped-up, overpaid councillors and MSPs we didn't want rid of Section 28, nor do we want these people inschools. Nathan Simpson, Glasgow.


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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jan 8, 2004
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