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VOICE OF THE SCOTTISH DAILY Mirror: Take guns off streets.

SINCE the Dunblane tragedy there has been a widely held view in Scotland that NOBODY needs to own a gun.

And after the senseless death of Glasgow toddler Andrew Morton, the same disgust was directed towards those who brandish airguns.

Now the sickening death of Rhys Jones in Liverpool has put firearms right back at the forefront of our minds.

That may be the reason why Alex Salmond has announced that he is stepping up efforts to get airguns banned.

He has held talks with Home Secretary Jacqui Smith about a wide-ranging ban on the weapons north of the border.

But he is not simply trying to jump on a bandwagon after the events of the last week. He is reflecting the views of most ordinary Scots, who just don't believe that deadly airguns should be widely available.

If it was up to the Scottish Parliament, airguns would already be banned.

Instead, our gun laws are decided in Westminster. The government in London must respond to our desire for a ban.

If they fail to take action it could cause uproar - and widen the rift between Holyrood and Downing Street.
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Title Annotation:Leaders
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:Aug 27, 2007
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