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VOICE OF SCOTLAND; Soldier back-ups are low-paid too.

OUR firefighters will go on strike if they don't get the pay rise they want. Good on them, they do a great job, risking their own lives to save others, and are too often threatened and attacked by mindless thugs.

But if the firefighters do go on strike, our soldiers, who also have to risk their lives, will be sent in to do their jobs - and a corporal in the army earns less than a firefighter.

That sticks in my craw, but what is really disgusting is that someone who does no more than kick a ball up and down a park can earn more in a week than a firefighter and a soldier combined in a year. - Soldier's wife.

In an ideal world, everyone would be paid the same healthy salary. Sadly, it is not an ideal world and there are many injustices.

I CAN'T believe that pounds 120 million in British taxpayers' money and another pounds 170 million of Lotto funding is going towards the cost of the new Wembley Stadium.

I'd like to know how much of this combined pounds 290 million is coming from Scotland, when we won't benefit from England's national stadium.

England should pay for its own stadium and leave our money alone, so that we can spend it on more worthwhile causes such as the NHS, education and tackling homelessness and our ever-increasing drug problem. - Angry Scot, Dundee.

I AM angry that a total of pounds 750 million is being wasted on the new Wembley.

Surely it couldn't have been so bad that they had to knock it down and start again - and all that money could have been used to fund sports centres of excellence all over the country.

I fear Wembley will turn out to be just as big a white elephant as its city cousin, the Millennium Dome. - Susan Craig, Glasgow.

pounds 750 million does seem a high price to pay.

Stick to PFI

I AM one of the thousands of people in work because of PFI and we all need the new schools, houses, hospitals and transport it brings.

Tony Blair should stick to his guns and not let militant union bosses overturn the policy of an elected government, as they did in the winter of discontent.

PFI is better than a P45 . - T. P. McKay, Glasgow.

No-one could ever argue with your last point.

Punter pains

AS a punter who likes a small flutter on the horses, I wonder why whenever there is a handicap race with 16 runners, one is usually withdrawn, which means bookies don't have to pay out on fourth place.

There should be an inquiry into this kind of `race-fixing'. - M. Morgan, Dumbarton.

It is another rule that makes it harder for punters to win.

Driven mad

I WISH car owners who have driveways attached to their houses would use them.

Too often cars are left on the streets in residential areas by thoughtless drivers, increasing the dangers to our children. - M. Slavin, Stevenston, Ayrshire.

It does seem daft not to take advantage of a driveway.

School truth

CONTRARY to William Bennett's letter on September 20, the 1918 Education (Scot-land) Act was implemented by a coalition government under David Lloyd George. This government, which Churchill was a member of, was still in power in 1921.

This Act, which brought the Catholic schools under the control of the government and the local authorities, was largely due to the work of the then president of the Board of Education, H.A.L. Fisher. Glasgow was not a separate issue within this Act.

Prior to this Act, Catholics financed the building, maintenance and staffing of their own schools, as well as paying taxes which supported state schools.

As the ploy he refers to is obviously in his imagination, perhaps Mr Bennett will finally lay this matter to rest and find another applicable use for the word `faith'. - Name and address supplied.

Time to lose Lord tag

MANY people have slammed Jeffrey Archer for taking liberties while he was in a soft prison, but I would like to know why he is still referred to as `Lord' Archer.

When Lester Piggott was jailed for tax evasion, he was stripped of his OBE. He lied for financial gain, just as Archer did, and his sentence was only three years compared to Archer's four.

Piggott was a hero to millions, Archer has always been a joke figure. Sadly, though, it seems the latter still has friends in high places. - George Blair, Larbert.

LORD ARCHER seems to live by the premise that there is one law for the poor and another law for the rich.

When he was found guilty, his peerage should have been withdrawn and he should not have been sent to a holiday camp. It's time he was treated just like any other prisoner - and he should not be allowed to profit with his prison diary. - D. Graham, Cumbernauld.

Ian deserves success

AFTER years of football players and managers showing immense greed, it was refreshing to see Ian McCall, left, put loyalty before the cash on offer at Dundee United.

I sincerely hope his faith in Falkirk is repaid, in terms of the board delivering a new stadium, the fans continuing to turn out to support the team and the players winning the league. - Margaret Reid, Stirling.


I AM trying to contact Jeanette McKenzie, last known at Dunns Street, Bridgeton, Glasgow. We worked together 34 years ago in the Andross, at St George's Cross. I believe she moved to Irvine when she married. - Maureen McDermott. Tel: 0141-941-0757.

I AM looking for a music book, Seventy Six Left Hand Studies For Piano Accordion, by Rupert Cowlin. I have been trying to find one for a very long time. If anyone has one, a copy would do. I will pay expenses. - E. R. Kneale, 16 Gleneagles Gardens, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow. Tel: 0141-563-0766.

I AM trying to get a handbook for a Motorola V2288e. Can anyone help? - A. J. Russell, `Treetops', Heatheryett Drive, Galashields TD1 2JL. Tel: 01896-756663.

DOES anyone have any information about my great-grandmother, Mary Campbell, who gave birth to my granddad, George, on May 6, 1935? I know she used to live in Pollok Street in Glasgow and worked as an engineer's clerkess. - Billy Clark, 39 Glebe Road, Whitburn, West Lothian EH47 0AZ. Tel: 07950-753108.

ALL Cameronians (SR) and family members are invited to attend the Service of Remembrance at the Cameronian Monument, Kelvingrove, Glasgow, at 10.30am on Sunday, November 10, and the Armistice Service at 10.30am in Central Station, Glasgow, on Monday, November 11.
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Oct 12, 2002
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