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VOICE OF SCOTLAND; Rail cash should be spent on saving lives.

WITH the Jubilee Line extension pounds 1.8billion over budget and the Heathrow-Paddington rail link pounds 300million over budget, the Government should take a serious look at how cash for rail links is being spent.

Using some of this money improving safety might help prevent a repeat of the Paddington rail disaster in the future. - Andrew Kerr, Jedburgh.

Hard lesson

CARDINAL Thomas Winning is preaching double standards in allowing a Catholic group to give financial assistance to a 12-year-old pregnant girl. Not so long ago, the Cardinal told us that Catholic children had higher moral standards than non-Catholic children.

Our schools should be integrated now. Perhaps then the moral standards that are taught in non-denominational schools can be available to all. - William Shaw, Fauldhouse, West Lothian.

Give families credit

WHY can't the CSA leave us second wives alone? They asked my husband for information about my earnings and, when I complained, they told me they would take my family allowance book unless I supplied the details.

My husband and I have two children of our own and he has paid maintenance to his ex-wife for 11 years. Why should the CSA make me suffer? - Rosemary Milne, Galashiels.

Blind fury

I HAVE just moved to Scotland from London and I am disappointed at the Scottish public's attitude to people who are blind like me. I was knocked to the ground in Princes Street, Edinburgh, without so much as an apology. What has happened to Scotland's values? - Dora Macdougall, Edinburgh.

Core of the issue

AS a representative of the Bramley Campaign, I was pleased to see chef Gordon Ramsay quoted in Bob Shields' article as saying "The Bramley thing was a mistake".

However, I would like to point out that the Bramley apples he was supplied with were not sub-standard. We did picket outside Mr Ramsay's restaurant to have our fee refunded, and the money was later repaid. But at no time did we put horse manure anywhere near his restaurant. - Jo Rimmer, Bramley Campaign.

Big is beautiful

HOW dare Joan Burnie say that any woman over a size 16 is not sexy. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and Ms Burnie is no oil painting herself. - G. Thomson, Fife.

Same dole story

I CAN'T believe reader Lance Cowdenbeath thinks that women are taking jobs from "real" working men.

The real reason for high unemployment is that too many unemployed people are lazy and prefer to "work the system" and live off benefits. - Alistair Kelly, Dunfermline.

You're note on

MY Turkish delight on landing at Dalaman Airport soon melted when I was told the tax, payable on entrance to the country, could not be paid with my Scottish pounds 10 note - it had to be English.

What would the Turks say if we insisted they had to bring Greek money to our country? - Helen McGuire, Edinburgh.

On the breadline

I RECENTLY turned 80 and my daughter collected my new pension book to find that I have been awarded an increase of 25p per week. What an insult - it won't even buy a loaf of bread. - Name and address supplied.


I AM looking for aircraft magazines and any back issues of Flypast Sami Airforce monthly. - Marek Krzeminski, UC Pstrowskiego 17/40, 10-601 Olsztyn, Poland.

CAN anyone tell me where to buy a stencil of Charles Rennie Mackintoch chairs? I'd also like a stencil of a weeping fig tree. I've seen these in a magazine, but didn't take a note of stockists. - Charlotte Stewart, 45 Arthurs Drive, Stenhousemuir FU5 4DR.

I WOULD like to thank the group of people who helped me on Dumbarton Road on Wednesday, September 29. You were all very kind. - Anne R. Ellis, 5 Pinkston Drive, Flat 1614, Sighthill, Glasgow G21 1PF.

I HAVE two tickets for the Gomez concert on Friday, October 15, at Glasgow's Barrowland and would like to swap them for the gig on Sunday, October 17. Can anyone help? - Susan Clark. Tel: 01360 313035.

ARE you a mother who shares clothes with her daughter? Call us today on 0141-242-3581.

ARE you divorced, but still friends with your ex? Call us today on 0141-242-3160. We'll call you straight back.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Oct 12, 1999
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