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VOICE OF SCOTLAND; MPs think they are a cut above.

WORKING longer hours for more pay used to be described as overtime. Now that teachers have been offered more pay for longer hours, it is called a wage rise.

No such system seems to be in place for MPs who have just awarded themselves a 25 per cent rise on top of a salary that is already beyond the dreams of avarice. - A.R., Glasgow.

Oh, brother WHAT a hypocrite William Hague is. The Hinduja brothers threw a reception for him and the Shadow Cabinet.

We see photos of Hague's arms around the brothers and he had the cheek to criticise Tony Blair for having anything to do with them. This man Hague is a fool. Come on Tony, get your own back. - J. Hill, Edinburgh.

Short memory PETER MANDELSON'S statement "Arthur Scargill single-handedly closed the pits and destroyed the coal industry", is as false as Mandelson himself. Has he forgotten MacGregor and Thatcher, or does he still think he can rewrite history? - Mr A. Maguire, Edinburgh.

Cop-out AS police are one of our most hard-working services, they should get more money. Compared with what football players get for kicking a ball, their pay is ridiculous. The police are far more important. - Mrs F. O'Hara, Shotts.

Cruel practice I JUST wanted to voice my opinions on vivisection. If people knew the dreadful cruelty and endless suffering that takes place in laboratories, they would find it much harder to turn a blind eye.

It is totally arrogant of humans to assume that an animal's life is worth less than ours. - Angela McDonald, Glasgow.

Lost souls IT is time something was done to help so-called "beggars". They are not all druggies. My own brother recently almost became homeless, but didn't because of me, his sister. Don't mock the afflicted, sometimes circumstances can make you homeless. You don't think it could ever happen to you - but it can. - Mrs Farrel, Livingston.

Princely sum THIS idea of taxpayers money being used to pay thousands of pounds to guard Prince William at St Andrews University is a nonsense.

Our National Health Service is bursting at the seams with many more desperate cases needing and crying out for help. Our country is in dire distress, so let the taxpayers' money be used where needed most. - J. A. Bradley, Glasgow.

Catty remark I WAS quite taken aback at the vitriolic attack on the catwalk model Jodie Kidd by Joan Burnie. I have worked in the fashion industry and in the picture that accompanies the article I do not see something that "looks like death warmed up" or "scrawny".

I see a perfectly healthy young woman who obviously loves her job and, as for not being sexy, well, to descend to that level of cheap insult is not just crass, but sad to say the least. - Simon Joslin, Surrey.

Penny pinch SO the public service union UNISON will ballot members on a deal which could end the strike threat to Scotland's councils. Really?

Where is all this money coming from? Perhaps the mugs, who are the ones being fleeced, will have something to say about this by simply refusing to pay a penny more extra in tax. We'll see. - A. Swinbourne, Glasgow.

Road ahead THE anti-motorway dinosaurs strike again, trying to block progress. Do they not realise that a gridlocked car on a city street is pouring out more pollutants than the same vehicle on a motorway, where it can run at a speed that allows its engine to run almost pollution-free?

As an added bonus, there are no pedestrian accidents either. - James Cuthill, Glasgow.


WOULD the couple from Edinburgh, who met Shirley and her husband from Ludlow in Bournemouth on holiday a couple of years ago, please get in touch with Shirley? - Tel: 01584 872722.

I AM trying to trace my sister who lives somewhere in Glasgow. Her name is Sharon Wallace, daughter of Harry James Wallace and Amelia McLaren Wallace and also sister to Duncan. - Amanda and Duncan Wallace. Tel: 01642 801240.

CAN you help me obtain a British comedy released in the mid-80s called Restless Natives, pre-recorded or taped from TV. Big Country plays the soundtrack and it stars Mel Smith. It was filmed in and around Edinburgh. I'll pay extra postage and packing. - Mr D. McDonald, (exiled Scot) 'Llynos', Henblas Farm, Bryniau, Dyserth, Denbighshire, North Wales LL18 6BY. Tel: 01745 571 760 or 077198 11987.

I AM a fourth-year law with admin student at Glasgow Caledonian University and would like the views of people or families affected by the "not proven" verdict. - Leanne Lanigan, email: Tel: 07811 861117.
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Title Annotation:Voice of Scotland
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Feb 9, 2001
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